Mike DeWine’s Administration Supports Pro Abortion Activism: On a call with WLW, the Governor lets out the truth

I had suspected it for a long time, even going so far to articulate the details, but it was this week where Mike DeWine himself spilled the beans without meaning to about his relationship with his Ohio Health Director and why he made a monster out of her to ruin Ohio’s economy. I doubt he’ll ever admit it, but I think he likes Amy Acton’s “ta tas” and she is the girlfriend he’s never had. After all, he’s been married to Frannie his entire life, they’ve known each other since their school days, and here is this younger woman who kisses up to him, flirts with him in all the ways a man likes to be talked to, and he’s into her. He thinks she’s brilliant because she flirts with him. And because of that he ignored her pro Barack Obama radicalism and very pro-abortion stance. Most of that went unsaid until April 30th where Bill Cunningham was talking about the article that came out in December of 2019 discussing Amy Acton’s history as a pro abortion supporter even going so far to use her position under the DeWine administration to help abortion clinics out with scandalous behavior. Fran, Mike’s wife was listening to the radio broadcast as she was driving around that day and reported to the Governor that his friend, Bill Cunningham was talking about Amy and that set him off to call into the station to set the record straight, only what he ended up doing was opening up a whole new list of questions. You can hear the very interesting discussion at the 12:45 minute mark of the April 30th podcast (Cunningham and DeWine back and forth) shown below.

Now, at the heart of the issue is why Mike DeWine is allowing Amy Acton to have so much power over the Ohio economy under the umbrella of safety. The kind of flirting that is going on between Acton and DeWine is something the Governor would deny until his dying breath, yet his actions tell another story and his wife Fran is in on the act. So much so that the DeWine family monitors WLW radio in Cincinnati to see what people are saying, and to control the message. After all, there are some noisy members of congress in Southern Ohio, Bill Seitz and George Lang who have the ear of Larry Householder, the Speaker of the House and the Governor knows he needs to keep them at bay in order to keep this fun little thing with Amy Acton alive. You have to remember, Mike DeWine is a little fella, he’s been in politics all his life, he’s made a lot of money, he’s very religious and has been a pretty uneventful figurehead doing as he was told to get where he is, and for him, its nice to be in the top job picking up the phone and calling the president, and to have a flirty cabinet member reporting to him licking his boots the way he has in the past. Only because she’s a girl, it feels better and makes him feel good. Those are all human emotions and it’s his business to keep them in check, except when he makes us all compliant to the enterprise by dragging us into it with the Covid-19 nonsense.

So Frannie calls the Governor, Mike DeWine then calls Bill Cunningham to defend his Health Director’s reputation from the scrutiny that 700 WLW was placing on her. DeWine insisted that Amy Acton was beholden to him and that the “buck stopped with him” as to the responsibility for what happened under the state lockdowns over the coronavirus. Only DeWine never answered the question that was asked of him by Cunningham, “did you know about her abortion background when you appointed her to the DeWine administration?” DeWine’s two major concerns he wanted to address by calling in was to throw the public outcry over Amy Acton’s tyrannically leftist activism in shutting down the state and to place that burden on himself just as a boyfriend would defend his girlfriend in a traditional way, then it was to defend his administration from any accusation that it had an abortion activist on its staff.  Of course, after the Governor called into the show, Cunningham does what he always does, and that is change direction and double speak. He after all doesn’t want to lose his friendship with the Governor over the matter. Cunningham went on to defend having Democrats on Republican administration positions so that other sides could be heard and that all parties should work together for Ohio’s future, and all that kind of nonsense. Yet the smoke that was still in the air that nobody addressed, which was critical to the entire exchange was the state of Amy Acton’s abortion activism and how she managed to end up in a very pro-life administration.

The controversy over Acton working under the DeWine administration is that she granted a license to a shut down abortion clinic in Dayton that used to be called the Women’s Med Center of Dayton. That center had gone through 4 years of litigation which culminated twice in the Ohio Supreme Court refusing to hear an appeal to deny the facility an abortion license for failing to meet the licensing requirements. What Amy Acton did was to step in and help the facility operator, Martin Haskell change the name of the facility to Women’s Med Dayton with a little paperwork shuffle and grant a new license under the changed name. So when Mike DeWine says that members of his administration serve his prolife agenda, he obviously must understand that this is what his Health Department Director is up to—under his watch. The question is why? I offered my opinion based on experience with these kinds of things, and normally it would be his issue to deal with. Relationships and friendships are between him, Amy, and his wife in whatever context they convince themselves has merit. But when a pro abortion activist, a registered Democrat and former Obama activist is in charge of the Ohio economy and all our lives essentially even down to how we dress are part of the story, well that’s a problem and DeWine knows it. By calling in to the station that day he was trying to get in front of the story before it took a life of its own. Yet the question remains, how much did he know about Amy Acton before he appointed her. I think he knew everything, including her abortion background. I think he picked her not for her brain, but because she might become the girlfriend he never had. And that’s a problem.

So long as Amy Acton is on the DeWine administration roster in any capacity, the Governor cannot be said to have a pro life approach to anything. If Acton is helping abortion clinics the way she did with Women’s Med Dayton, she is trying to undo prolife measures and is not serving the needs of DeWine’s administration. It takes more than going on prolife walks and talking about it to be considered prolife. You must live it, and so long as he has Amy Acton on his staff, he is empowering the pro-abortion movement with legitimacy and activism. And he’s putting up with it for all the reasons men put up with trophy wives, expensive girlfriends, or any type of scandalous relationship. Its not always about sex, most of the time its about power and it becomes our business when they inject their relationships into our lives directly, which they have done. Why else would DeWine call in to Cunningham to defend Acton when its obvious she’s destroying the state and he’s been letting her do it. Does he really think its all for our own good, or is it about what makes him feel good? The answer is obvious, but what isn’t is why DeWine is willing to put up with Acton’s pro-abortion activism, even under his watch, and look the other way if he is really so prolife? Well, if you listen to his voice, you will hear a man caught in a scandal and trying to put the lid back on it while he still can. And that is not the kind of person we should be listening to when billions of dollars are at stake and all our lives are in jeopardy.

And Mike, this First Amendment means of communication is a way to fight what you have done to our state.  You have personally cost my family hundreds of thousands of dollars and many people I know millions, and millions, and millions of dollars that you can’t pay back.  I’ll happily fight you in the front door, the back door, the side door, the door from another dimension.  I’ll fight you legally.  I’ll fight you in a cage match.  I’ll fight you and your administration anywhere you want because you are not acting as the Republican I elected, and you put us all in jeopardy with appointing an Obama activist into an important position.  What you do as a person isn’t my business, but when you inject yourself into my life, then you carry the responsibility for that imposition.

Rich Hoffman

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