The Legal Problem with Ohio Abortion Radical Amy Acton’s Face Masks: It’s about activism, not action

So here’s the problem with Amy Acton’s face mask policy in Ohio, and in general the whole CDC recommendation from a position that has major legal problems. Aside from there being no science which states that a face mask will actually slow the spread of a virus from person to person as either a recipient, or provocateur, as Amy Acton stated in her 4.29.20 2 PM statement that Governor DeWine lets her pontificate her hippie chick view of the world daily, the purpose of the policy which has never seen the light of day of a legislature is purely rooted in sentiment, not fact. As stated by Acton herself, the purpose of the masks are to protect other people from you, not you from them and she arrived at this conclusion through her “world travels” and is essentially copying communist cultures and other Asian societies in their policy on masks. In essence, and she also said this in that same press conference shown below, the masks are about change agency culture here in the United States. It has nothing to do with coronavirus or anything else regarding the medical industry, but is everything about changing culture in America from one where people are concerned about their individual needs and shifting the focus to collective association. It is a preparation of thought evoked by our government paid health officials in the CDC to sell the American public on Chinese communism, which ironically is where this Covid-19 virus originated. On that grounds alone, there are many problems constitutionally, as I would offer that they have designated themselves domestic enemies as defined by the oath we all take to protect the legal documents and procedures of our constitution, state and federal. And the only reason they are getting away with it now is because we have a modern society that doesn’t read nearly as much as they should and they were all too trusting. That is why people like Amy Acton are taking advantage of so many people’s stupidity, including our elected officials like Jon Husted and Mike DeWine. We’ll get to them in a minute.

The legal problem with Amy Acton’s face mask policy is this, and I say its her policy because its obvious that Mike DeWine has surrendered thought and logic over to her, by wearing the mask it is an admission to the world that you recognize that you are a menace to others as defined not so much by the CDC, but these radical health department global citizens like Amy Acton specifically. As we said, there is no science to the face masks, just as there is no science to the social distancing or the shelter in place policies that have been destroying our economy. These global citizen types are everywhere these days, trained in our schools to put the world first instead of America. A country is just a series of ideas, the concept of a border that protects some ideas from other ideas is something that the global citizen movement has a real problem with because it takes away their goal of getting all people in all corners of the world to essentially think the same thing. But as we know, some ideas work better than others, and I don’t know about you dear reader, but I like the ideas in our Constitution and am willing to fight to keep it whole. I am not going to surrender it to Bill Gates, another global citizen type, or Amy Acton. I’ve traveled the world as they have and I’ve read many of the same books so I know their thoughts. Likely, I’ve read a lot more books then most of them combined, so I feel quite confident in understanding their position on this matter and in sounding the alarm as to their true intentions. This isn’t a conspiracy theory about face masks, its stated in their own words and actions. They just count on people being too gullible to see what they are up to.

By following Amy Acton’s “orders” about all employees in Ohio for instance to wear face coverings at their jobs every human being under the force of an unconstitutional directive by an unelected bureaucrat is admitting that they are a danger to others. Once a mind accepts such a proposal then the way to more extreme considerations is paved and things get very bad from there. Once you start living to the whims of other people’s fears, then you open the door to all types of problems that will eventually only be sorted out by a massive central government, such as the communist one in China, or Vietnam. A person may be scared of toxic masculinity for instance so that might provoke that a scary person not dress in clothing that looks overly masculine. Or a person may be afraid of blond hair making all people with blond hair to cut it off or change the color to something socially acceptable. Once you allow other people to determine individual behavior the door is open to anything so that makes this whole mask wearing policy a major danger to the American way of life, which of course is the goal of Amy “Activist.”

Tired old men like Mike DeWine are not up to this level of deceit. I would expect more out of Jon Husted who is talking out of both sides of his mouth, but is clearly playing along with Amy Acton’s activism for reasons that are obviously beyond his understanding. He thinks he can walk the tight rope between health directives and constitutional law, but what he’s finding is that the rope was cut before he ever started walking across it. These actions were well in place and openly challenge the premise of American sovereignty in favor of the global citizen movement, and that kind of thinking has not been part of their concern. They see and hear Amy Acton and think of a nice lady who seems genuinely concerned about the lives and welfare of all people. But so does communist propaganda coming out of China.

Now that it’s obvious to these global types, the world citizen movement, that the American economy is going to open in spite of their efforts. President Trump must get the economy back for his own election needs and he’s been suckered enough by his own versions of Amy Acton at the federal level. So there is a bit of panic from the global citizen movement to invoke whatever change agency they can as fast as they can which is what this face mask policy is all about. They are hoping that people will adopt the policy and that it might stick in America as it currently does in Asian cultures so that the door might be opened in our minds to think more like communists and not like individually based capitalists. And that process starts by them tricking us into taking the responsibilities for other people’s feelings and then building a brave new world around the orgy porgy of a massive central government. Yeah, go read that book and you’ll see what kind of world Amy Acton wants for America, (Brave New World) It’s the same world that Dr. Fauci wants, Bill Gates and his loony wife Malinda, Dr. Birx, the communist revolutionary running the World Health Organization—they are all in on this attack by sentiment of America and they are all thinking the same way as they were all trained in the same socialist places. The path to such communist societies starts by destroying the laws of a sovereign nation which is what all these Covid-19 directives were designed to implement, and then shifting the burden away from individual rights to collective ones. It’s in that subtle shift that so much evil has been done in the world, and clearly that is what is happening in Ohio under the lack of intellectual defense of our elected representatives who are petrified to have a thought about the matter for fear of the scrutiny that will follow them the rest of their lives. Wearing a face mask in public is an admission that you are a danger to the world, and once you provide that confession, they have you on the record for what comes next.

Rich Hoffman

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