The Fight is On: Getting America back open before things get out of hand

They are watching us, the United Nations, the World Health Organization and communist dictators around the world, Democrats, they are measuring our behavior during the lockdowns over the Covid-19 outbreak of 2020. They are waiting to see if anybody grabs their guns and pushes back against some of the tyrannical governors who are banning travel between homes, the activity of stores, and in general how much we will take as Americans of an authoritarian government before somebody snaps and goes off the deep end. And without question they are happy that most Americans have not fallen apart during the lockdowns to their homes as many of their constitutional rights were stripped away overnight, their jobs were destroyed, and the very real threat to their lives made themselves known during an election year. What notes they have been able to take on American behavior has embolden them, if only they could get President Trump out of the way and get someone like Joe Biden, a puppet on the throne, then they could have their way with us. That is likely the scouting report going back around the world about how Americans managed the Covid-19 pandemic, we dealt with it surprisingly with a lot of patience and trust in what we call “leaders.” I don’t call elected officials’ leaders, but most people do. I call them representatives; I don’t need anybody to “lead” me anywhere. What I do need are people to represent my leadership in elected office, which is how our republic is supposed to work. But, that’s not what happened during the Covid lockdowns and now the enemies of America are very much in an empowered state.

Its good that Greg Abbott is looking at getting Texas open again. Hopefully, that starts a much-needed chain reaction with other Republican governors in reopening their economies, which should have never shut down to begin with off phony numbers provided by the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control. Since the lockdowns began, it has been a race to the bottom as governor after governor sought to take away more freedoms from the people of their states out of a fear of liability due to Covid-19 deaths. President Trump himself needs Abbott and other governors to take the bold step in getting people out of their homes and back to work, and to get away from the ridiculous steps of social distancing which only served the needs of the environmental wackos at the World Health Organization, not anything to do with saving a single life over the virus outbreak. Social distancing was about slowing the spread, only not for the reasons that the terrorists intended, it was not to keep the hospital system from becoming overwhelmed, which was never a real threat. The models showed them to be, but who can trust what a terrorist is giving you? I didn’t believe them, why did you?

Trump is also right to start going after the World Health Organization. As dire as this entire attack has been, and revelatory in showing our weaknesses to our global enemies, there are a lot of good things that will come out of all this, especially if we can manage to keep Trump in office. I say “if” because we have seen how deep the Deep State really is. The push to go to mail-in ballots for the next election to utilize social distancing will allow for massive opportunities for cheating in the election, so we must consider that as part of the enemy strategy. We are not all in this together. They are the enemy—those seeking to weaken American law and constitutional liberties for some global aim. Let’s make that quite clear. Many of us have come close to testing how far we would have to go to protect those liberties and its obvious to me that at some point, there will be a conflict. Especially if Trump is not elected or something happens that eliminates him from another four years in the Executive Branch. There are hostile forces at play and without a proper representative in the Executive Branch, we will likely have to fight physically for our rights. Based on our performance during the lockdowns, our global enemies are thinking it will be easy to get Americans to comply with their desires, so they will really pour it on now—they’ve seen a light at the end of the tunnel and their aggression has increased as they can smell the blood in the water.

The goal of social distancing was to ostracize us from our support networks. People are a touchy, feely species and they need to socialize, most people do anyway. So it was a small miracle to convince Americans to “think of others” by locking themselves in their homes to prevent the spread of a “deadly and out of control disease that was killing everyone in sight.” But to do that for over a month was a major victory for the World Health Organization and once Trump started questioning them on the matter they tossed out their original defense, “there will be body bags on your hands,” which is how all this started in the first place. They threatened Trump with lots of dead bodies which of course he was sworn to protect. That’s when they had him, and how they got away with all this. They paralyzed Trump with basically a gun to the head, pick either the economy or the people, because we are happy to kill them both. And that’s how the Agenda 21 crowd views things globally. They see population density as a threat to planet earth, so they want to reduce our numbers anyway. They don’t care if it’s a virus that kills people, or if they must be killed by a government maintaining quotas, they will do whatever they must to save planet earth from mankind. Then when it comes to money and economies, they want to collapse them all as part of their communist nature. What good is money when a one world government is the desire? Trump has been trying to walk the tightrope here, to have both. He picked the people and let the economy take the headshot because he thinks he can outsmart them. But so far they have just been empowered.

But to Trump’s way of thinking the hat is now on our heads, we can justify closed borders, we can weaken the dollar to make it more attractive to investors, and people have had a taste of full socialism and now know it can come to their doorsteps in a fraction of a second, that everything they trust can be taken from them quickly. We could go from the great United States to Venezuela in a matter of weeks. We’ve seen it, so now maybe people will defend it. There are good things that can come out of all this, but it starts with leadership, the state governors must take that step forward to reopen their economies and not to be afraid of this stupid Covid-19 virus. Once Abbot does it, hopefully more will follow him quickly. I get that all the administration officials in the Executive Branch and in each governorship got caught flatfooted and suckered into the whole social distancing scam to “slow the spread” which is to say, “to keep the news story alive for longer to satisfy Agenda 21 strategies,” so they are stuck having to walk back how all our efforts saved lives and did so much good, even if they see now that they were screwed over by radical global terrorists that have infected their staffs through academia. None of that matters now, what does is that we reopen our nation and never let anything like this happen again. The pressure will be worse now, because the enemy tasted that blood, so don’t expect things to go easy now that so many have tasted power and could see us struggle against the ropes. They will come after us harder and the real fight could get much worse, but the first step is to get America open again for business so that maybe we can keep Trump, and keep our guns in the gun safes unused.

Rich Hoffman

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