Why the World Health Organization Should be Prosecuted for Terrorism: Agenda 21 is on our doorstep and its coming for us all

I suppose another reason that this Covid-19 thing has caught everyone so flat footed is because they likely haven’t read many books on this topic, and they surely haven’t read the very boring Agenda 21 sustainable development plan that was put together at the Rio summit a few decades ago. Books like The ‘Naked Communist’ which I did many radio episodes covering at WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan where they gave me a lot of airtime to cover the topic of communism in the media and in local government, started to tell that complex story of forgotten history. That was the same station that gave Steven Crowder a chance in his early days so it was a good place to start. Glenn Beck has done a few books on the topic of Agenda 21 and about a decade ago there was quite a scare about electronic smart meters and having “big brother” monitor everything we did including how many loads of laundry, because we were going to be watched to that detail. Since Trump has been running for president I suppose a lot of people forgot about the United Nations efforts at creating a one world government due to the President’s “America First” approach to everything, but I saw at the start of the Covid-19 outbreak the Agenda 21 plot hatched. It is after all 2020 and the United Nations meant to have Agenda 21 in place by, well………………………………..2021. It’s all about sustainable development as they term it and they have always planned to have a Cloward and Piven crash of world economies to reset the clock and put everyone on equal, manageable footing and they’ve been breeding American media for many years to be there for them when they made their move. Well, in 2020 as the viral outbreak of Covid-19 erupted out of China and the World Health Organization helped leak it out into the world Agenda 21 was in full bloom and they weren’t even hiding it.

For those who aren’t so aware, Agenda 21 has been building for a long time, its certainly in our local zoning everywhere in the country. It is taught in schools to specialists who then end up working in government and in large corporations and follow the blueprint of the leftist policies they learn in those places. They are leftist policies relative to life in the United States, but are pretty much the middle of the road in every other country on earth and ultimately Agenda 21 is to make the world more sustainable for our planet, not for the humans that live on it. That is why so many Democrats automatically follow the trend of Agenda 21 because its hard wired into everything they have learned as adults, and its why especially liberal governors have become so quickly totalitarian tyrants within a few weeks of the state lockdowns. There was quite a celebration in the media on Saturday April 11th when Wyoming was the last state in the United States to formally recognize a unified state of emergency over the coronavirus. The peer pressure to do so has been intense by the media using a death clock of Covid-19 deaths in the corner of their broadcasts to scare everyone into “social distancing” by literally convincing people they were going to die of the rapidly spreading virus.

Yet the footprints of the entire approach to Covid-19 go straight back to the United Nations through their management of the World Health Organization. It seems to be forgotten but it was the WHO that was calling Covid-19 a pandemic making it more than just another seasonal cold for purely strategic reasons. They put a lot of phony numbers in their “models” to project high death rates and to scare President Trump into playing along, which was always a plan as well, especially during an election year where he had to play nice with Agenda 21 moderates in his own administration or risk coming across as just a Obama Truther and 9/11 conspiracy theorist listening to Alex Jones all the time. Trump needed to show he could work in a bipartisan way during a run where Joe Biden was likely going to be the opposition, the Obama administration itself that needed to protect its role in the massive “deep state” conspiracy revealed by the FBI during Trump’s election—where it wasn’t Russian tampering with the election, it was our own intelligence agencies, and they broke many big laws to do it. The strategies at every level were pure Saul Alinsky, whom we haven’t talked about much because for the last three years its all been about Trump defending himself from the forces wanting to hide their crimes behind continuous investigations of him, even going so far to impeach him in Congress. Meanwhile, as all that was happening these foreign attackers hatched this plot to get a much more friendly president in power in the United States and they made their move with this Covid-19 outbreak.

It was they who came up with the approach for how the world would deal with this virus that leaked out of communist China. The World Health Organization laid cover fire in the media for China as its wet markets unleashed yet another virus, one we didn’t have a vaccine for. The virus started infecting people in the United States as far back as November of 2019, which looks to be why California’s death numbers are so low, because of herd immunity—people got the virus and got over it as opposed to the World Health Organization’s desire which were followed to the letter by Dr. Fauci in the CDC and a direct advisor to President Trump who likely didn’t know much about viruses before this “pandemic” than most of the rest of us. So, he’d have no inkling about the malicious intent of these Agenda 21 bureaucrats. I’d say he does now. It’s the first time the United States has been tricked into participating in a global reaction to a viral outbreak where we are doing exactly what people in Italy, France, England, India, and all of Asia are doing, locking ourselves in our homes, and maintaining the ridiculous social distancing to slow the spread and to keep the news cycle going longer—not to save lives but to change human behavior to implement Agenda 21 across the world all at the same time. It’s a plot that would be more appropriate in a James Bond movie by just another philanthropist villain, only this was real life. Bill Gates isn’t typically thought of as a villain, but he is just as guilty of this crime against the United States as the FBI is of tampering with the elections of 2016 to oust President Trump because he didn’t fit in the plans of the Deep State and people were not going to get in the way of those. Bill Gates should be charged as a domestic terrorist for the United Nations because he funded and used terror to inflict a massive change of life across the world all in the name of climate change. That was after all the plot of the last Godzilla movie King of the Monsters. Only instead of it being that crazy lady who was an environmental terrorist, its Bill Gates in real life.

I have been hearing about lots of people I have known who are in the hospital with Covid-19 and many who are getting sick from it. My response is that if coronavirus wasn’t in the news the way it has been, that many of these people would just chuck it off as a bad cold and wouldn’t think much of it. They might stay home a few days to recover and within a few months, Americans would develop a herd immunity to it and would get over it, the outbreak would end naturally on its own. So, I have not been in a panic over it the way the rest of the world has been. Since I read a lot and have read all this material over the last several decades about what the authors of Agenda 21 have always intended it wasn’t hard to see this virus as more of a strategy than a natural threat. It was only a threat because the World Health Organization developed a strategy to prolong it, and to make it appear more deadly so they could implement Agenda 21 to an unsuspecting audience that trusted them, and that is why they as well should be prosecuted for terrorism. Because that’s what they are. They are the cause of so much misery and economic destruction and are just as guilty of terrorism as the Saudi terrorists who took over those jet liners and crashed them into the World Trade Center in 2001. They all wanted to collapse the economy. The 9/11 terrorists wanted to do it for Allah, the World Health Organization wanted to do it for the United Nations and the plans for Agenda 21 that have been out there from the start. And those facts will come out in the years to come, but the first step is to rid ourselves of the World Health Organization forever, then proceed from there. They do not care about our lives in the United States. They would be happy to end them all to save the earth from their point of view, and Bill Gates has been their from the start of this act to help them, which makes his role that of a domestic enemy working against a constitution we are all sworn to protect. So, we better get to protecting it before it gets wiped away completely by Agenda 21.

Rich Hoffman

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3 thoughts on “Why the World Health Organization Should be Prosecuted for Terrorism: Agenda 21 is on our doorstep and its coming for us all

  1. God I LOVE watching Trump!!!! It is soooo satisfying. Lib heads are exploding by the hundreds every time he speaks!
    Every day I look forward to his pressers. And he’s so unfiltered, there is no better show on Earth! He just doesn’t give a shit about those people who are (supposed) to be defenders of the people.


    1. Its pretty good he can talk for two hours straight during prime time to a hostile audience scripted and unscripted and not even looked fazed. Very refreshing! I like his campaign ad getting Democrats to say so many things nice about him.


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