Covid-19 is a Massive Failure of Government: What to do when you can’t trust them

At a bare minimum what we have learned not just in the United States, but around the world, is not just the various conspiracies surrounding the implementation of the Covid-19 virus for all kinds of reasons, but in the failure of government and why at best we can’t trust a word that comes out of their mouths. Obviously, we need government to manage things, but by default, the people it attracts are not very good at their jobs and we should keep them only focused on really dumb and silly things, because that’s all they can handle. We should never turn over complex issues to government because they have proven many times, they can’t handle the stress of real problems. And what was exposed under the Covid-19 outbreak was the blind leading the blind into Hell by overreaction and a quick surrender of constitutional liberties by thoughtless, unimaginative bureaucrats exposed of their weaknesses wanting to hide in public sector jobs because the private was too scary for them. And we should take this lesson and build our lives with the least amount of government in it for the rest of the time that humans occupy the earth and migrate out into space where those same lessons must be held very close to private liberty. Because it is within private liberty that all culture and aspects of goodness spring forth and that is what all of us as human beings must protect.

I woke up on the morning of April 9th to a world paralyzed by government hiding in their homes due to a social distancing rule that the governors of the United States had taken way too far. A series of storms had swept through southern Ohio creating a lot of damage and making matters worse on those people stuck in their homes with power outages and you could feel the strain of people suffering under this lunacy. On my street alone there have been three families who have spun out of control and moved into divorces. There are many others who have had to have the police come to break up domestic violence issues where the police have had to manage hot tempers ready to snap. It was on that same day that I had an appointment at the Butler County Sheriff’s office to do some CCW management which I was looking forward to more than ever. Unlike my feelings in the past maintaining my CCW license seemed like a last line of defense to help the police more than it ever had because the mismanagement of the Covid-19 crises had shown some ugly aspects of human behavior that makes a complete meltdown all too possible. Government had let down people who trusted it leaving people broken and without jobs and pushed up against each other needlessly causing damage to people and their families that will last decades. And the very fine line that keeps us all functioning in a civil society had revealed itself to be much thinner than anybody really thought.

Then to think what it would be like if the villains behind this Covid-19 outbreak had done such a thing when President Trump wasn’t in office? Such as a Barack Obama or a future version of that socialist leaning progressive activist. We would have witnessed a very fast decline of American culture and a complete suspension of our constitutional liberties all in the name of safety. That is in fact what the governors have done and they would have went much further if Trump had not been the president. Trump himself was rocked by the radicalism that surrounded him. The CDC doctors pulled him in and used him for a platform to advocate for their desired destruction of the American economy, consistent with the plans Bill Gates has advocated for years—openly. No conspiracy needed, the guy has not been shy about what he was up to and he had the CDC doctors wrapped around his finger and all Trump could do was play along until he could figure out where it has all been coming from. As it turns out, Trump is correct to go after the World Health Organization. For anybody who read Glenn Beck’s book Agenda 21 many years ago, which was a dystopian warning of what Agenda 21 coming out of the United Nations was intending for us all, we were witnessing that takeover in live time. Only it was coming from the WHO instead of the UN. And without question this Covid-19 was done when it was hoping to stress out the Trump administration and pull away his base during an election year. For the activists, their chance was 2020 or perhaps never, so they took their shot and now we are all paying for it.

The thing we all need to be concerned with is that government has these powers and these forces always at play. We can speculate on the validity of a two party system and what political beliefs are, but when that debate crosses over into our everyday lives and looks to alter our happiness, then we have some decisions to make about protecting ourselves from those diabolical schemes. For instance, Dr. Fauci, an unelected bureaucrat who advises President Trump on behalf of the CDC decided that he didn’t want to let natural herd immunity take place on the virus, he wanted to push the countries of the world toward a government managed vaccine approach which is a decision made by the CDC without legislation and to get the president to go along with it, and to destroy our economy they terrified him with huge, inflated “scientific” models that they said would equate to millions of body bags of dead Americans. Sounds like terrorism to me.

We will debate the whos, whats and wheres for years to come, but what we do know is that government failed us in a massive way and we must respond to it. For me I felt an enormous satisfaction in dealing with my CCW business on my birthday by visiting the Sheriff’s station and interacting with the police there. You might think they would think, “oh great, here’s another danger to society carrying around a gun.” But the officer working with me had the opposite reaction and we had a nice talk about being one of the few things open left in the world. Sheriff Jones has his office working well, and they are happy to get help from first responders with CCWs who can help maintain that very thin line in a crises when the world does fall apart as it was on the morning of April 9th 2020 which 1 out of every 10 jobs were being lost, the economy turning even further south moment by moment, divorces escalating, domestic violence erupting and no end in sight to the home lockdowns.

Then to make matters worse, many people in the Cincinnati area had lost power and couldn’t even turn on the television or cook their food. They were essentially tossed back to the days of the scavenger pioneer and for modern suburban dwellers, it was a death sentence. Government had failed no matter who was to blame for the start of the virus and that failure was destroying lives every hour by the hour 24 hours a day for as long as this whole thing went on. And the fault we can all agree on is the government response to it, the artificial restrictions that were created that we will see again. And its at that point that we must draw a line and tell them, “No.”

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “Covid-19 is a Massive Failure of Government: What to do when you can’t trust them

  1. Not while Trump is in office but if they can hold onto this thing and achieve vote by mail in November, all will be lost. They can taste it and like you said, they don’t even hide it.
    I don’t worry for us as we’ve had 50 years of freedom, but I will openly weep for the future of today’s youth.
    We are on the precipice of losing everything. We’ve known for years we are dangerously close and now you can feel it.

    “But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever.”

    John Adams


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