Bill Gates and his plot to take over the World: He almost got away with it

While politicians all over the world are wiping the egg off their faces after these radical World Health Organization officials pulled off one of the biggest scams in the history of the world that literally robbed trillions of dollars from all of us, we must learn what we can from it so that it doesn’t happen again. As I have said from the beginning, long before The Drudge Report, Sean Hannity, and even Alex Jones, the coronavirus outbreak pandemic scare was all about manmade climate change, and little else. Except that Bill Gates and his friends at the WHO, they wanted something more which they thought would help control populations in the future and ultimately help the earth, which to their way of thinking, humans were the real virus. Of course, from their point of view, they think they are right about their thoughts of a mandatory vaccine, which has been a dream of Gates for a very long time. I’ve probably watched all the Ted Talks Gates has done over the last half of a decade and I saw his fingerprints on this coronavirus thing from the very first hour of the very first day. He has put a lot of money into the World Health Organization, but more than that, has built powerful relationships, largely with the communist Chinese and he has very specific needs for a global government that could pull all the nations of the world under a common threat, which would force them to cooperate together all to get mandatory vaccines in place to ultimately control the way humans interact with the earth.

Dr. Fauci from the CDC is one of those people who walked into President Trump’s office and told him that up to 2 million people were going to die if we didn’t shut down the economy, and the media ran away with the story from a fresh $100 million the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation had just committed to the World Health Organization to fight the Covid-19 outbreak that had just spawned in Wuhan, China. And a few weeks before that the top show on Netflix wasn’t Tiger King, it was Pandemic—which was about the next big viral outbreak that “might” strike an unprepared America. Shortly thereafter the World Health Organization designated Covid-19 a dangerous and deadly “pandemic” which the media ran with, fresh off the new Netflix series which many of them had watched and suddenly the world was on its heels so fast that nobody saw it coming. Well, I did. But nobody else. Rush Limbaugh was off for his cancer treatment and I am inclined to think he would have figured it out as fast as I did, but he wasn’t on the radio during this time and the virus hit everyone flat footed and before we knew it the governors of the United States were in a competition to the bottom shutting down more and more economic activity until there were fines issued for people leaving their homes. Every day was a new regulation and order from a police state that was spinning out of control and had frozen the Trump administration into action because of the fear of that death toll that Dr. Fauci had placed on Trump’s feet. Trump had to listen to them, once.

You might have noticed the little smile Bill Gates let out when Chris Wallace asked about the work Dr. Fauci had been doing as a member of the President’s Covid-19 Task Force. Gates was very happy; they have known each other for a long time, and they knew what the goals were. Dr. Amy Acton in Ohio was having the same kind of success with Governor Mike DeWine who was tricked into thinking that he was saving lives with his actions with a lot of phony math meant to make Covid-19 seem much scarier and more deadly than it turned out to be, which is why I have labeled the actions of the World Health Organization terrorism. It could easily be said that what Bill Gates did during the entire Covid-19 outbreak was terrorism. So was what Dr. Fauci did the day he walked into President Trump’s office and declared that millions of people were going to die of Covid-19. He had to know that the models wouldn’t be correct, he had bad data and he couldn’t be that stupid. Now from their point of view, specifically of Bill Gates and his desire to make vaccines for all people all over the world mandatory, everything done during this massive global shutdown was urgent. Only his goal was to attack the real virus as he sees it, mankind so to inoculate them from creating further harm from mother earth. A lot of people think Bill Gates is a genius, and he may be. I admire the work he did to create Microsoft. I personally love Microsoft; I use the products of that company probably more than most people do daily in the world. But Gates isn’t smarter than I am, I would gladly play chess with that guy any day of the week. His movements are not a mystery to me, as they apparently were to many very stupid politicians and media types who swallowed his hook not just to the sinker, but the pole and the fisherman itself.

Bill Gates is closer to a James Bond villain than he is a greasy haired geek who started one of the greatest companies in the world from his garage. Who he is today is a terrorist, a person who uses fear to invoke policy changes on a group of people, in this case, the entire world. His scheme was every bit as maniacal as any plot to take over the world from those James Bond movies ever were. Except people aren’t trained to think of evil as a doctor or the weapons of terrorism coming from fear of a lack of vaccinations instead of a nuclear bomb but its all the same game in this story. And this won’t be the last time. Bill Gates may not be the guy the next time they try this, it will likely come from a different direction by a whole new villain as Gates pouts in his corner of the world about how evil people are who don’t accept his crazy notions about man-made climate change, brought to us by the same losers at the World Health Organization that projected millions of people dead over a tiny virus that has turned out to be no deadlier than a common illness. It wasn’t social distancing that saved us all from doom. The Covid-19 virus just was never that threatening. The whole “flattening the curve” that the CDC was trying to sell us all on, which has destroyed our way of life in America and across the world did nothing but slow down the rate the virus spread to protect a healthcare system that was never in jeopardy. By now most people know somebody who had Covid-19 and they’ve watched them recover from it, and they are having their “what the hell” moments of questioning the government’s reaction to the whole thing, and that is the lesson for next time. We cannot surrender our constitution to villains like Bill Gates who are working against the intentions of mankind. They are not allowed to manipulate our elected representatives with false models that scare them with thousands of potential deaths to push them into suspending constitutional liberties so that people will accept that level of state control to pave the way for mandatory vaccinations all in the name of “safety.” There will be a lot of clean-up after this mess that will go on for a long time, but at least we’ve seen this game and we know the players. The next time won’t be so easy for them.

Rich Hoffman

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4 thoughts on “Bill Gates and his plot to take over the World: He almost got away with it

  1. Genocide. Pure and simple. Don’t need a public edumacation to see it. He wears it on his sleeve. Most solid philanthropists have an end game, his is permanent.


    1. I didn’t finish my thought.While I agree with you for the most part here, it’s far far deeper.
      My flag has been upside down for 2 weeks now. My neighbors are freaked out. They are group think and can’t see past their noses and what the talking heads tell them. Linear thinkers.
      The enemy is domestic.
      It’s been almost 11 years I’ve known you and been coming here, and I can’t count how many times we’ve said it.
      Bill has lots of company!


      1. It has been a while. : ) There are a lot of bad characters out there. The good thing is we’ve seen what cards they are playing. They are hiding less these days.


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