Matthew 5:5 is True: The meek have inherited the earth and they are running our government

The most common mistake that I have heard in relation to the China Virus outbreak is the weakness in philosophy that it has exposed in our culture. As I heard governor after governor declare as they instituted essentially martial law throughout the week using the state to take over the means of capital was the Bible verse from Matthew 5:5 where Jesus said from his famous Sermon on the Mount that the “meek will inherit the earth” is that the term had been weaponized by the governments of the east to destroy the capitalism of the west. Socialism is a very eastern idea, the concept of the “greater good” and that “we’re all in this together” are concepts that were formalized by Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital and spread into academic institutions to collide with the religions of Europe to prepare the mind of the modern human being a mixed bag of emotions on the topic. There is a lot of communism and socialism spawned straight from Karl Marx that is emerging violently from the fear of the China Virus and ultimately, that is the fact behind the multitude of conspiracy theories. If you want to destroy America, exploit the massive hole that is right in the middle of their entire thought process, their love of capitalism mixed with the strong belief in the Bible teachings, particularly that of Matthew 5:5.

It was quite clear by Friday of last week that the governors, Republicans and Democrats had been exposed. In their church services was their teachings of Jesus that was calling on them to put lives over livelihoods, or otherwise home arrest over production. Capitalism would have to take a back seat to the danger of this virus because lives needed to be saved. So why don’t conservatives use that same argument when it comes to abortion? How can we let liberal governors declare martial law to save lives and to destroy the entire economy yet allow them to support the killing of babies through abortion? See what I mean, the hypocrisy is quite obvious? And what right do governors, especially Republican ones in Ohio have to tell us that they define every life, elderly to infent and must choose between the economy and a life pent up and afraid in their homes trying to buy toilet paper. We’re not talking about quality of life as a measurement, we’re just talking about being alive, even if it is government that keeps those lives on life support because people grow to become so meek and helpless that they are always looking for a savior in government to pacify their ambitions for Jesus to lead them to the next place in their lives. When challenged, meek people resort to their natural desire to be led by a savior and when your politicians are meek, they of course are easy to exploit if they are seen as an enemy by foreign and domestic enemies. The way to beat such people is not with a surge against a castle wall, but through their minds and imaginations. The Covid-19 virus has been just such a weapon, no matter how valid of a virus it is, the perception of it being a killer has brought to the surface a lot of meekness in our personal American philosophies that have shown a vulnerability that our enemies have found beneficial to them.

However, it has been a while since Karl Marx sought to exploit the meekness of Roman Catholic Europe by repackaging the Christian doctrine of Jesus into the terms socialism and communism. Jesus and his teachings were very much concepts that came from Buddhism flowing out of India and the ancient texts of Enoch, the foundation for the Bible many thousands of years before it was written in the first centuries AD. Yet the religion of Christianity was designed to overtake the pagan religions of Rome and the Greeks which were still very much a part of western civilization and we still yearn for them today, as a free people looking for higher concepts. So when we are free to think, free to make money, and free of tyrannical authority, we can explore such concepts, but in times of trouble we instantly resort to what we were taught in college and in our churches, that the meek are the way to go, union membership is where the meek go for protection, and that we are all one big happy collectivist family where altruism is the saving grace of mankind. After all, Jesus died for our sins and so can you. This world is crummy, ratty, and evil, except for our collective summation. As individuals, we are all sinners, but together we can be redeemed if only we follow Jesus.

To rid ourselves of this obvious quandary in America we invented capitalism to the level that it has given us freedom from all these philosophic nightmares and allowed us to define morality through worth—the things that people do with their lives as individuals and therefore collectively increase the lives of everyone else. In such a society it’s not the meek who own the earth but those who work 100 hours a week to improve their lives, which then puts pressure on the meek to match those efforts, which of course they don’t like. So for the Chinese to topple the American economy they have discovered that the way to do it is to exploit this deficient belief system that we have where on one hand we believe that the meek deserve to inherit the earth and that there is some kind of honor in it. What was it that DeWine’s administration was trying to say in Ohio about all those people who were suddenly unemployed because big daddy Jesus government came in and took over the means of production, which would have a modern day Karl Marx orgasmic with delight—“its not shameful to get on unemployment.” Otherwise saying, government is here for you, be meek and join us all.

I would argue that Americans invented capitalism to determine true value for things without needing a savior, whether its Jesus or government to guide us through life. Our invention of a free market system was to shake off the title of meekness and to strive for greatness, which is a divorce from the collectivism of the east. But not everyone in America can quite wrap their minds around the idea. They enjoy the culture of sports, food, and employment that is only present in America at all hours of the day and night, but when presented with a life or death situation, even if it’s a made up perception such as Covid-19, they quickly resort to their Matthew 5:5 default mode which has been taught every Sunday in every church since the Roman Empire. With a crises looming, these so-called leaders in government went to their default modes and abandoned the free market, the solution of western civilization and clung to the runs of a ladder into Hell with eastern concepts of collectivism, altruism and sacrifice to the greater good, just as some ancient Mesopotamian civilization might have sacrificed a virgin to the gods to grow crops, or to hope that the gods might help them win an upcoming battle. The meekness of the truly weak has been exploited, weaponized and used to destroy western civilization as we know it with the fear of a tiny little virus of little real consequence called Covid-19—the China Virus. And guess what, every person calling out for sacrifice, collective salvation and understanding are wrong. They are just trying to take the world back to the past, before America divorced those ancient religions and hoaky practices in favor of something far better. We should never have to choose between lives or livelihoods, because both are important and feed each other. Those who say otherwise want to put the church or the state back in control which is what all this has always been about, and for a global power like China that wants to crush the American markets, and American ideas in favor of global communism run by an all powerful state, the China Virus has been their weapon of war to attack our mindful foundations, and it’s been working.

Rich Hoffman

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