Yes, They have been Watching You: The truth behind China Virus panic

One of the most interesting things that we can learn from the whole meltdown of the China Virus not just around the world, but in the United States, and within each and every local community is what our weaknesses as a people are. Pundits like Sean Hannity and even Katie Puvlich who are thought of as conservative commentators particularly on Fox News have suddenly become increasingly supportive of “forced compliance,” if President Trump’s orders are not followed to the letter. Well, I’m a Trump supporter and I’ll be the first one to tell him, “no, you are outside your authority and I’m not going to listen to you.” What has become obvious is that when pressed, when bread, milk and toilet paper are hard to find, people are quick to abandon their beliefs and resort to survival mode, and their most basic instinct that was taught to them as babies has been to resort to authority for protection. Much the way a child might get burnt by the stove as a young person, they run to their mom and hide behind her leg for protection. But when things are going well, they may be rebellious teenagers defying authority at every turn, until their safety is in question. Then they turn into a baby again. That is much of what has been driving the panic of this nothing China Virus that has completely shut down our American economy when it shouldn’t have even caused a stir.

Its easy to see how this happened. I talk often about how much I love Microsoft Office, and even I use Gmail from Google for my email service, and I know that those giant companies track my every keystroke to sell to whomever in the world might want that information for statistical analysis. I don’t use Facebook for that very reason, because they are obvious violators of privacy, but in truth, the internet has given us great freedom, but it has also put anybody who wants to watch us to study our every move. And with AI coming along, we aren’t worried about big brother watching what we are doing, but Big AI who can process huge amounts of information acquired and make a determination about the contents, and what buyers of this information have learned who run big corporations and giant media companies know about mankind as a result is that we trust too much in professional opinion, because we have been taught from babies to accept such a concept, and that any attack against mankind should expose that weakness. And by the reaction of even the staunchest Republicans under the coronavirus outbreak, most of them were quick to abandon all conservative principle and seek the shelter of mommy’s leg.

As we grow from our mothers into society at large we attend government schools and there we learn to trust the people at the front of the room, and their bosses, the administrators. We learn about policemen and firemen, and doctors, and politicians as well as all kinds of authority positions who specialize in some thought process and advise us what to do as we move through life. 99.9999999999% of us live and die by the opinions of others and shape our lives around what those authority figures tell us. We trust them and surrender often our thoughts to them. We might be bold and push back when we are comfortable, when we have food in our bellies and toilet paper in the bathroom. But the moment we fear not having those things, we surrender our freedom to authority figures and let them have the stage without retribution and we do what they say.

What Facebook, Microsoft and Google have studied all these years about us is that the way to beat the human race is not through armed conflict, its simply to slap down the rebellious teenagers into compliance and reward them for their surrender. Once that is done the rebel becomes a timid child again, and the governments of the world can then regain control. I’ve watched Katie Puvlich for a long time, and she has made me cringe at times. But I see her often as a well-intentioned young person who thinks of herself as a conservative. But what she has been saying about yielding to the Trump administration or to face the consequences has been very concerning. She represents what a lot of people have been saying who would normally not think of themselves as the leader of a communist revolution in the Soviet Union. But the content of the conversation is all the same.

Through this crises I have watched very smart people turn into compliance addicts, almost like some crack addict looking for a fix, trying to show the governor of Ohio that they are the good kids in the class by trying to please the teacher (government) with the highest grade on a test by proving their compliance to every stupid mandate issued by Amy Acton. Logic was totally thrown out the window because government has the studies and know the nature of the desire for compliance, just as every parent knows that a scolding of the child will result in some crying but ultimately a need for consolation by the child from the parent for much needed approval. And that emotion lasts for most people all their lives. I can name off 20 people I know right now who are still worried about their parents approval of them as 60 and 70 year olds as those parents who are still living at 90 are sick and dying and have obviously lost their minds. The kids—grown up and elderly themselves—are sick with worry over their parent’s approval at such a fundamental level. Any logical person would say to themselves, “who cares, these cats are going to be dead in about 15 minutes, who cares what they think?” But in practice worry over this topic will keep them up at night, give them serious cases of erectile dysfunction, and put 40 pounds of fat on them because of overeating.

Those worries about pleasing parents and other authority figures in our lives are things we normally keep to ourselves. But Microsoft knows because we have written about them somewhere in their software, and Google knows from our emails, and Facebook knows everyone we know and what are relationship is with them and why. We actually vote our opinions with the like button everyday and yes, that information is being used against us, right this very minute. The China Virus is the first time in history that such a mass collection of data has been used to exploit our natures to fulfill a political agenda. And its been so effective that normally diligent stalwarts of a conservative truth have fallen to its spell. But those of us who live off the grid to whatever aspect and don’t care about such things and have no reverence for authority whatsoever can see all this for what it is, because we are not prisoners to such emotions.

The trick is very obvious to me, and this has all been extremely fascinating, and a great learning experience. It has confirmed many things that I have thought about for a long time. And when the pressure is on, we can see how even leaders behave, and it has not been pretty. It’s something that our species is going to have to overcome, otherwise our enemies will continue to use this trait against our society for the effects we see today. And in the coming times, it will be a lot worse because they will push things even further, and when people run for mom’s leg to hide behind, even as 40 and 50 year old people lined up outside of Kroger at 6 AM to get bread as they live in $400,000 houses, they’ll find that mom isn’t there—only an incompetent government. And if that government is run by Trump, we will still need to fight against it.

Rich Hoffman

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