When Government Sticks Their Nose in our Business: Its time for them to pay for their mistakes that cost us all dearly

It doesn’t matter to me what’s going on in the rest of the world. Not to say that out of a desire to not deal with unpleasant things, but to be honest, most of the world doesn’t manage themselves very well, so their problems are largely self-induced. They generally aren’t capitalist countries, they don’t have very good diets, and their lifestyles are not optimal. I have spent time overseas on a few occasions and each time after only a week I became stir crazy and couldn’t wait to get home to the bright lights of a perpetual economy of a multi-sport society bulging with ideas and imagination. Even in London, Paris and Tokyo, I have found those places to be lacking the imagination and vibrancy of America and it is always good to return. So it puzzles me why we would ever shut down our country and all its resources to hide like cowards in our homes over a silly virus. Its just not American to do those things. And the most insulting thing of all with all the shutdowns that have occurred due to the China Virus has been the closing of businesses over sheer fear. I know a lot of people that it has hurt including a friend of mine, Mark Welch who is running for the 52nd Congressional State seat whenever Governor DeWine’s girlfriend Amy Acton decides we get to have a primary election in Ohio again. Mark and his wife had to shut down their SoZo HAIR and Spa in West Chester and they have no idea when they will be able to open again. They join thousands and thousands of similar businesses all across Ohio and now the nation has many other states that followed DeWine’s example and they will lose in incalculable amount of opportunity cost that no bailout will ever be able to repair. So lets talk about this cost of government not only to interrupt a free market over some panicky little virus, but when they do by abusing emergency powers, how they need to pay people back for their losses.

As I have said many times, I am not for bailouts. That little $1000 check is a nothing burger, but after all, it is my money and yours dear reader. They shouldn’t even have it to give back to me the way I think about things. But who is going to pay Mark back for his losses from this shut down and who will ever be able to tell him how to plan to get back on his feet again. Usually when these kinds of emergency powers are enacted they involve some regional area, like a city hit by a hurricane or a town destroyed by a tornado. But this idea of shutting down an entire state or a series of states over a fear of getting sick is a ridiculous step in dangerous waters where a very small group of people become the sudden dictators of everyone’s lives. In the case of Ohio, Mike DeWine used his emergency powers to sidestep the legislature which is designed to slow down the emotions of a crises and make good decisions—other wise to protect the people of a state from a mad scientist insanity of becoming some crazed radical who thinks they know better than the rest of us how we should be living our lives. As I’ve said, I’ve traveled around the world and I deal with many time zones every day but they lack the kind of freedom that I always end up missing, and relish upon returning to the good ol’ USA. DeWine and many other governors across the nation have destroyed that freedom with a few simple press conferences and the cost incurred is incredibly high. So who should pay for that, certainly not the business owner who has stuck their neck out to offer jobs to employees and contribute to the great American economy. It certainly isn’t the role of government to take all those employees away and pay them to stay home damaging our workpool forever with more government dependents. There is nothing that can wipe away the cost of a lunatic like Amy Acton from becoming the latest Captain Nemo on a quest for some vision only she can see that ends up destroying everyone around her. Does anybody remember the Jim Jones massacre? Jim thought he was saving everyone by killing them.

Government should never stick its nose in our business. People shouldn’t be able to call government and cry for compliance and turn the role of the governors office into a overcharged Attorney General role that basically is using this crises to become a mini emperor then to say “Trump told us to do it.” The cost for the closures of businesses like Mark’s SoZo needs to come out of somebody’s ass. The talk of the bailouts, someone must pay. These companies aren’t failing by their own missteps, they are happening because of the over-reactions of government and the government owes us all the cost of those mistakes. It’s not Mark’s job to pay for the costs that government has cost him. How are we supposed to know how dangerous Coronavirus is going to be? We’re not going to just take Amy’s word on it, or Doctor Doom at the CDC. When the hospitals aren’t overrun and the deaths aren’t in the millions, or even the thousands, they don’t get to say “well, we saved you, now we can all go to Starbucks.” Most likely, if they had done nothing we’d be exactly where we are now with the death toll—but we’d still have our economy.

I’ve been quite open about the Boeing situation before this ever happened. Sure, they had a few pilots in very poor countries who crashed their planes and there has been an investigation that has gone on now for well over a year, which has cost Boeing many billions of dollars. Government is slow, why should Boeing have to pay so much money when government steps in to do an investigation that shuts them down for such a long period of time losing massive market share and harming lots of companies downstream? What role do they play in that cost, and why isn’t there any expectation on government to get their asses moving so that Boeing could get back to work. Why aren’t they concerned about Mark’s spa? Or any other business across the country. Usually on Saturdays my wife and I eat at the Cracker Barrel in Middletown. Not today. They are closed and can’t have any idea when they can reopen. Cedar Point the amusement park in Ohio has pushed their opening day into May, not knowing how to hire and bring in supplies for that event. And to listen to these disconnected idiots yack on about some deaths in Italy or China where they eat the eyes out of fish and compare some World Health Organization statistics to us and expect it to be an apples to apples analysis is insane. And because government has no skin in the game, they don’t care how long it takes or how much money it costs. They take the money from us and give it back as if it were a gift. Meanwhile, those who generate all that money are stuck and waiting and no amount of government bailout will cover the cost. And that’s what you get when you let government get too big, and they get too much power. They abuse it then give us the cost.

Rich Hoffman

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