Questions Nobody has been Asking about Covid-19: Its an attack not by a virus, but the governments of the world

Here’s the thing about Covid-19 that literally nobody is talking about, it is being told to us that it is literally a death sentence, and that it deserves 24 hours a day 7 day a week news service. Ads for it are attached to every YouTube video, it is the top story on every internet news site and it is being driven with an hysteria that just has never been seen before globally. But why? What’s the point? Those are things that just have not been talked about. The hysteria has been built by the very mention of this new virus migrating out of China, but nobody has really stated but a bunch of panic driven healthcare types why the thing is even just a little dangerous. So some context needs to be presented before we can have a basic understanding of what and why Covid-19 has consumed our lives the way it has, and why we have a right to be upset that all this drama has suckered our politicians into abusing emergency powers and essentially torpedoing our economy. The effort is on such a scale that it is beyond the scope of most people because the intentions of malicious people just aren’t fathomable to simple, God-fearing people who have inherited the earth with meekness. You must understand that much of the world has been suffering (justifiably) under massive sanctions, China being one of them, but we must not forget about North Korea, Iran, Russia, and even the European Union as the United States has used financial leverage to win trade disputes and change behavior, so there is a lot of anger out there, and a whole lot of people who have wanted revenge against the relatively small 300 million people in the United States who have all that wealth. There are also a lot of domestic enemies who want to be ruled by the United Nations operating in America who quickly latched onto this Covid-19 as a ticket to salvation. For them the World Health Organization was their latest best ticket to make that happen and they have held on to every bit of bad news with great enthusiasm. They have driven the stories of Covid-19 with a vicious attempt to bring down our entire country from the inside out with a fever that we’ve never seen before. But nobody has asked the real questions as to why, or how Covid-19 is really anything to be concerned about—all they have said is that it is.

This is the first time in the history of the world that we have looked at a virus and its impact on people on a case by case basis. The interconnected nature of the internet has allowed us to talk to people all over the world in real time and track every single victim of the virus hour by hour. That has never been done before which makes this unique, and it sets a trend that has the potential to be incredibly harmful in the future. Anything that is looked at in this way is naturally going to look bad. The charts that the CDC are putting out which are driving all this panic is more a willful exchange of bad news to drive a pandemic agenda that the World Health Organization has been hoping for over quite a long time. If they can’t rule through the United Nations and get people’s attention on global warming, the need for universal health care as a right, the need for a universal wage—things that the leftists of the world really care about who also happen to work in these disease centers because that’s the kind of work that excites them, they certainly couldn’t get the attention of the Americans unless they stripped them away of their comforts and put them in a position to listen to their pleas. If people wouldn’t come to respond to the needs of Mother Earth on their own, then they would be made to by sending everyone into a panic and using emergency powers to strip away the constitutional rights of its citizens. Yes, these are the same people who promote abortion as a right and are happy to kill many millions of infant children who are telling us that we should change our lives completely to save one life of the elderly by keeping them from getting a respiratory cold.

You can tell they don’t have a case by the way they have presented it. They do not talk about all the people who have had Covid-19 and recovered, only that we need more tests to record the cases. They have been maniacal over getting the most number of people tested so that they could show every day on their charts a growth that would continue the panic, and to send American governors into a hysteria to outdo each other with over-reaction. Mike DeWine of Ohio started the chain reaction when he declared bars and restaurants closed over a week ago of this writing. By the second weekend Democrat governors of California, Illinois, and New York were going even further to declare martial law, without the actual name. But people are confined to their homes and all activity has been halted except for the acquisition of food. And while all this is happening we are supposed to turn to government for our money, through unemployment or a government handout, and we are supposed to be happy about it to avoid a virus that more than 99% of the people who get it will recover from on their own. Because there isn’t a cure, the only point of the testing is to chart the cases person by person to incite fear and change the behavior of all Americans forever.

Then of course we are told that the reason we have to slow the spread of this virus is because we won’t have enough hospital beds to deal with all the people who are going to need them. But what they never tell you is that there isn’t a reason for the hospital beds because there is no cure anyway. Why would people go to the hospital unless they have been terrified with virus like symptoms to quarantine themselves? Otherwise, why would they go unless they were told to go. If what they had was Covid-19, they would simply recover. Some might die due to complications, but that is the case with anything. If we looked at any statistical analysis under the kind of microscope that we have with Covid-19 we’d have a reason to be concerned about just about everything we do, which is kind of the point. If we gave doctors a microphone for every danger that is out there, they’d have us all wearing bicycle helmets just for going out to get our mail. They are generally timid people anyway, letting them decide policy isn’t a good idea, and once we did, we can see what they have done with it. The whole point of social distancing they say is to slow the spread of the virus, but nobody has really said why this virus is anything worse than anything else that has come to us by way of an ailment. We don’t track every case of diabetes, heart disease, lung cancer, and certainly not every flu. People’s imaginations have ran away from them and these CDC types are enjoying their time in the sun talking about all the things we should be afraid of so that behavioral changes away from capitalism can take place and they can save the earth from human interference. When we strip away the whys, wheres and whens, this is where the evidence takes us—to an attack on our lives in revenge for our economic successes these last few years, and we are being shoved into a global compliance where we are “all in this together” mentality led by the World Health Organization and its deep ties to China. And that is why we can’t get bread, and why we can’t find toilet paper. China has unleashed unto America a third world status and have tricked our politicians into overacting and falling for the scheme, and we have let them do it by being suckers to the ploy.

Rich Hoffman

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5 thoughts on “Questions Nobody has been Asking about Covid-19: Its an attack not by a virus, but the governments of the world

  1. Hi Overman,
    Look up Dr Paul Cottrell, a microbiologist on the “engineering” of the virus. Researchers all around the world in P4 Labs have been “experimenting” with the SARS virus since 2010. A couple of India Indians had a “white paper” up on the Institute of National Health as far back as Dec 2019 on Corona Virus and pasting in sequences of nucleotides from bats, HIV, and others. According to Dr Cottrell, this is “engineering” because viruses mutate one or maybe two times, NOT FOUR. However, it was “taken down” from the site almost immediately.
    Anyway, it “GOT OUT” probably from that Lab 4 near or next to the Wuhan wet, disgusting meat market.

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  2. Also, the Covid 19 scare is merely an excuse to expand our gov to an enormous Orwellian surveillance state, then on to totalitarian behemoth! We as citizens had better keep our guns and ammo!

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  3. The UN and the WHO need to be dismantled based on obvious corruption and evil intentions ☠️

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