Yes, It’s a Global War and Trump is Representing us well, Mike DeWine is not: The Power of Panic

Looks like I hurt that lady’s feelings in the above Tweet.  That won’t be the last time.

In the context of war is how we must view this shutdown of the American economy over this relatively docile little virus that President Trump is calling, the China Virus otherwise known as corona. There are a lot of baked in elements that all came undone at the same time, on queue as a matter of fact almost like a demolition squad bringing down a giant skyscraper. Many want to know why I am not so angry with President Trump as I am the Ohio governor, Mike DeWine, whom I have been calling for an impeachment. The difference is in how they have handled the crises, DeWine let the power go to his head and put a lefty chick in charge of the Ohio economy all in the name of safety whereas Trump has taken a much more CEO approach to the radicals at the CDC. He has given them a little rope to shut down the criticism that was part of the baked in attack, but he never let them out of control. There is quite a difference between how DeWine and Trump have handled this crises, a manufactured one to say the least. But a crisis that was an act of war that must be dealt with. This really isn’t an article on conspiracy theory because there is plenty to unpack without that analysis, so let’s look at what we know and why I still support President Trump.

I am not for bailouts; I am not for giving everyone a big check for doing nothing. Although, it is our money and we can do more with it than the government can. In the context of this war like mentality, I’d rather have the money to buy a new gun instead of letting the government squander it off for a big nothing wrapped in more panic. I am not for adding more to the national debt, but I think I know Trump pretty well and can see how he is playing the cards. And in this election year, he’s playing it just right so that we can get to that next term with the Democrats left completely out of the argument.

They were the ones pushing for panic and he gave them what they wanted and now that price tag is around their heads which will be crushing. Its not the way we expect a Republican form of government to act, and we talked about this before Trump was elected. President Trump is not a true conservative, he used to be a Democrat and has only become more conservative over the years, mostly the longer he has been married to Melania. She has certainly made him a better man. But when pressed into a corner, Trump will do anything to win, and the way they backed him into a corner, Trump is not going to rely on Constitutional concepts and remain a puritan the way Ted Cruz or Rand Paul might. And for this fight, that’s probably a good idea. Trump has elected to go to the nuclear option because that’s the only thing the enemies of America understand and what comes out of the other end will put America in a very strong financial position. The state governors were never supposed to go overboard, as they have, but really it has only built the case better for Trump.

As a result, Trump was able to get the Fed to play ball on the interest rate. Some of his biggest critics both politically, and in the big tech companies are now fighting for their own survival. Everyone is in a state of panic, it kind of reminds me of the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where at the end the bridge was cut leaving everyone on the bridge falling into a river full of alligators hungry for flesh. Once the smoke of the virus clears there will be a lot of bad characters getting eaten by alligators and worse in a swamp draining as we speak. The toxic relationship that many in the Beltway have all the way into Ukraine, Iran, China and even North Korea is getting severed in this economic stoppage because it is putting a light on the very engine of the world that nobody has been talking about. It is essentially the strike in Atlas Shrugged, where the engine stopped, and the world perished. They got what they wanted, they forced communism and socialism out into the front where everyone could see it and they have had a taste of what life under a socialist government would look like in America. It has shown Americans what Venezuela would be like. Unfortunately, some of the worst to come out of it were governors like Mike DeWine. But if China thought they had problems after they lost the trade war with Trump, they are in a whole lot of trouble now. American companies are going to hedge their bets and relocate back to North America after taking this hit, which is what Trump was after all along. And the money flowing endlessly into China has now been stopped and they have no idea what to do.

From a perspective of war, this is all very brilliant. The debt we are taking is a good bet that in the end, it will be the American economy calling all the shots and that will take everyone by surprise. That certainly wasn’t the plan when all these big government leftists around the world came up with this coronavirus scheme. The plan was to paint Trump in a corner and pressure him into mistakes that they could burn him with in the election. If Trump had been a principled Rand Paul type, he wouldn’t have been able to make the adjustment. But being something of a poker player, Trump just put on the face and put the government CDC people on the stage and let them show their colors taking the edge of the attack while using the crises to get what he had been wanting to get out of both houses and the Fed from the beginning of his term.

When you play by the rules you can be controlled by the rules. And there is power in panic which was what this China Virus attack was meant to instill. It has been a coup attempt of another kind, where the governments of the world put themselves between a virus and the people and literally took away all the things people like about life. The shock has been revealing and it turned that slow boil of the frog up to the point where the frog has now jumped out of the water and it wants toilet paper and bread. And for the good of winning the fight, Trump put on whatever face he needed to win and has put us internationally in a position we never otherwise would have been able to go. For this kind of war, that is far more important than staying within the rules and fighting the fight the way they expect you to fight. That is why Trump is still good in my book but governors like DeWine need to be replaced. Because DeWine let the situation control him and he reacted like a pansy. But Trump has remained in control of the situation from the outset and has a clear plan to attack the attackers, and that is what makes him so different, and worth our support.

Rich Hoffman