Mike DeWine, the Marxist Governor from Ohio: Government taking over the means of production can be viewed only one way

I’m all for uniting the Republican Party but Mike DeWine has struck out three times now in a fairly short period of time. At this point, I’m not even sure he’s a Republican. I wasn’t crazy about voting for him, many people were, but we thought we’d give him a chance since he was the eventual Republican. Now we are learning that we might as well have had a Democrat, because the way DeWine has behaved while in office we’d never know otherwise. First, he proposed the gas tax, which many of us thought was just another stupid tax. But when he said we pay as we go, it was a reasonable concession in that context. But we were suspicious of him. It was a very un-Republican thing to do. Then he came out radically anti-gun in the wake of the Dayton mass shooting at a bar. The way DeWine spoke, he was more liberal than even the mayor of Dayton, who was fully committed to antigun legislation. Ironically the shooter was a gun control advocate and through the haze of drugs knew that his mass shooting might further erode the Second Amendment. The surprise there was just how much the Governor joined the spectacle. Then there is this, the shutting down of economic activity of any gatherings of 50 or more in Ohio all in the name of safety. Governor DeWine was one of the first in the country to do this extreme measure, which of course inspired the rest of the governors to follow him leading to a national shutdown of most commercial economic activity for an unforeseen period of time. Very much, not a Republican thing to do, in fact it has the same rational as when John Kasich expanded Medicaid as an act of God. There is something very bad about all this and its at the heart of the whole coronavirus problem at large, many forces are taking advantage of people who are functioning in the white on the Color Code of Mental Awareness.

One thing I noticed since the word pandemic started getting thrown around regarding coronavirus is that people started rushing out to their gun stores to buy up guns and ammunition. I was at Premier Shooting in West Chester over the weekend then at Cabela’s on Monday and people were very active in buying guns and buying up all the ammunition they could find. I even had to go to Bass Pro Shop to get my usually routine .50AE ammunition, because Cabela’s was out of it—which never happens. And my summation of it all was that gun owners, and ultimately the kind of people who voted most supportive of President Trump function by the Color Code of Mental Awareness that is taught in CCW classes all across the country, and that is that people who function in the white are those most prone to crazy news reports like this coronavirus because they are switched off most of the time in their lives. They are the people who have all their information tracked to use by those online terms of agreements that everyone signs without thinking about how your online activity will be tracked and used for “informational services.” For the purchasers of that tracked information on Facebook and other measurements coming from Google and others, its not hard to see how a malicious government or organization could use people’s fears to advance a topic of concern, because people functioning in the white have told their enemies exactly how they would behave in a crises, which is powerful information for malicious bureaucrats who want to stage a bloodless insurrection. Conspiracy theory, I think not.

People who function in the yellow and orange get that way because as gun owners they practice for the possibilities of heightened threats and engagements. People in the white don’t want to think about such things, because they are either lazy, or just not smart enough to be challenged with the task. This is why the Second Amendment is so important to our society, and one of the reasons that those who are very power hungry understand that the key to bringing down American society rests at the heart of the gun argument. People’s instinct who have accepted the yellow and orange states of awareness are the first to see that the government is up to something even if they can’t put their finger on it, and rush out to touch some sense of normalcy at the gun range. Buying ammunition made them feel safer. Buying a new gun made them happy as the governor was announcing that bars and restaurants were going to be forced to be closed until further notice. Of course, once he did that other governors felt legally obligated to follow and before anybody could blink a society of white awareness people had stopped the economic engine of the world all in the name of saving a few lives. Then to address all the people who might lose their jobs, or to compensate for all the many millions of dollars that would be economically lost, the government proposed a bailout on the same kind of scale that General Motors was bailed out just prior to 2010, which was an act that essentially started the Tea Party movement all by itself.

The violation by government, from Mike DeWine all the way up to the CDC is that they are not trusting market forces to solve this virus problem. The 12% fatality rate in China, which is what they have been saying it was in Wuhan has nothing to do with how the same virus in the United States would be, we have better diets, better housing, better everything than that area of the world, so why would anybody assume we’d have a catastrophic result in America? Again, its government getting in the way of something when they should be getting out of the way. Our entire economic system is supposed to yield to the needs of a vast minority because its safe? And safety is defined by inflated government statistics designed to justify their power grab? The massive imposition here is that government is assuming that everyone in America is functioning from the white color on the Mental Awareness Color Code, and they aren’t. Those who aren’t, instantly observed that it wasn’t the coronavirus that was the threat, it was the incompetence of government that was, the massive mishandling of a virus coming out of Asia where trust in the free market should have stopped the outbreak with sheer tenacity, as many outbreaks had been done before so long as the markets were allowed to function and people able to do what they do when they want to do it.

But there is more to this, the overreaction is to cover the what might have happened with the statistical out of what we’ll never know because government stepped in and took control of everything, and people let them do it. And those forces knew they could get by with it because the Facebook surveys and other data collections showed information specialists that the white awareness people would tolerate a totalitarian state if safety was the driver. Bill Gates from his Microsoft Board position had been talking about this very scenario for several years, so as soon as the nuts and bolts were in place, a chain reaction of panic ensued, inspired by a government test of people’s ability to follow orders, and the white awareness people were happy to comply and do whatever government told them to. And the people who know better, and understand that government should have stayed out of the free market, and that President Trump was painted into a corner of reacting to the surge just as every governor, especially the liberal ones, to inject themselves into all our lives and to torpedo the American economy with a terrorist act that was so scary that it wasn’t even dressed up as a foreigner in a black mask, but a disease that nobody can see from a land far, far away. And because people couldn’t see it and touch it, governments around the world have made their move and a totalitarian test is well underway. But what’s most disappointing is that it was a Republican in DeWine who led the way in the United States to mass panic and incalculable economic destruction, all in the name of safety. People who shoot guns can see it for the bull shit that it is. Those who don’t are blissfully unaware yet wonder why they can’t get milk. The state has made a move to control the means of production, and it was a Republican governor who paved the way for everyone else to follow. And that is something for us all to remember for the times that come.

Rich Hoffman

2 thoughts on “Mike DeWine, the Marxist Governor from Ohio: Government taking over the means of production can be viewed only one way

  1. This is (as The Don would say,) A Big beautiful wake-up call. The sheep are lucky. This is a nudge. I keep hearing how everyone (the kids) are starving! It hasn’t even been 6 days!!! Stop the crack addiction and take care of what is your responsibilities. And for the mid class…back should come the days of sitting down at the dining room table once a month and doing a budget. Everything in, everything out. And in that should ALWAYS be rainy day funds or SHTF monies. If you can’t do it then you skip the Starbucks, give less to hollyweird, quit smoking, etc. Every month is different and you factor in school levies and inflation such as gas prices. I don’t know how anyone is going to retire. I suppose I’ll have to fund that in a larger way that I already am even more so in the future.
    I am absoluetly loving the social distancing. Not a big fan of mankind, as you know.
    Keep it dry TKR!!


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