Rush Limbaugh and I: This attack on the American economy is bigger than Pearl Harbor, and Governor DeWine is playing right along

Today we received news that Governor of Ohio Mike DeWine is shutting down all restaurants and bars at 9 PM, which is just ridiculously stupid.  Obviously, the governor is showing his not so Republican roots, right now he looks just as liberal as John Kasich turned out to be and a cry baby that loves being in front of the camera too much.  This crises which I would say is mostly manufactured has fed people like DeWine, and the results are overactions like this ban on just about all social life in the State of Ohio.  I would just remind everyone, which I will get into more as the week matures and my temper calms down, this is why we have the Second Amendment.  When government gets it wrong, we must have recourse when they get power hungry and show up to our doors all in the name of safety and the “greater good.”

I often wonder if people say some of the things they do because they’ve read something I have written, and its been that way for many years. Way back when Glenn Beck was on Fox News with his 5 PM television show, I thought for sure that he was doing his daily show by reading the things I was publishing. But I’m not that conceited, rather I think the real answer is that answers present themselves to people willing to ask the question, and without speaking, people arrive at the same conclusions, or similar, because they asked the same questions and arrived at the same conclusions. Now the reader here who would like to be a pessimist will say, well why don’t I have my own radio show, or am doing this kind of thing on television. Or why isn’t he a best-selling author signing books at Barnes & Noble on Saturday afternoons? Well, the answer is that I’ve turned down a lot of media opportunities and stayed away from such offers to maintain my own independence and function from freedom. Look what Fox Business did to Trish Reagan for essentially saying the same things I have about the coronavirus. Not even Lou Dobbs was given enough rope to discuss the issue of coronavirus with the level of skepticism he normally would, because behind the news casts is a very conspiratorial corporate message. I don’t want that kind of restriction in my life. I have a lot of talents, I do what I do to make money and because of it, I don’t have to suppress this other talent of mine with the burden of making an income from it. But it stunned even me this past week that nobody but me was saying how phony this coronavirus pandemic was—except for Rush Limbaugh.

I was saying what I have been before Rush Limbaugh, but I don’t think his mind was changed from anything he read from my free blog service. I think he’s a smart guy who came to his conclusions independently, and millions of people tune into his radio show for just that very reason, to listen to his calming voice to articulate the patterns that he sees happening out there and to make sense of it. And over the years, he has done that many times on very complicated topics, and he’s been right. So have I for that matter, on topics way out from left field that a lot of people doubt when they first hear about them, but eventually, they come around. That is how this coronavirus will be remembered and I’m personally happy that Rush Limbaugh sees it too, that the virus was real sure enough, but nobody has said why we should all be so concerned about it. Many thousands of people have already recovered from it, and not many people have died, many fewer than any other common virus that people get during cold season. Nobody yet has really explained why coronavirus justified the complete shutdown of the global economy, why even the restaurants of France needed to close with movies and other entertainment forums. All anybody seems worried about is slowing down the spread and whether or not there are testing kits available to know if people are infected. But so what if people are infected. It’s not AIDs. Its not like everyone is going to die. Most people are going to recover from it shortly and get on with their lives. To date, nobody has been able to say why this virus is so “novel” from anything else, and that should concern everyone.

President Trump has tried to play things cool, I think he was where Rush and I were on this thing but with the political implications brewing, he has to find a way to turn it around on his attackers, and he has. I don’t blame him from going along with the warnings because they are literally coming from everywhere even though running around in crises mode is not a natural thing for him. Expanding his travel restrictions even to the island of Great Britain was a smart move because it attacks the true nature of the pandemic, the media coverage to drive politics, not the threat of the virus itself. Even with the American economy shut down, there is still much more GDP being produced than other places in the world and if they are going to recklessly behave in their interactions around the world, then they can be punished and sent to their rooms like everyone else. It’s the best move Trump could make, and he’s making the most out of a bad situation. But literally everyone else has surrendered to the panic including normally stable minds, like Sean Hannity. Fox News has been unwatchable all hours of the day because everyone has had to drink the corporate Kool Aid. Even Alex Jones was apocalyptic on this issue using it to sell his vitamins as if the world was coming to an end. The Drudge Report was on the same trajectory, driving panic and showing great fear of this virus for reasons that make no sense.

I guess its true that so many people are followers and are so busy in their lives that they can’t see very far over the horizon, which is why I do what I do every day. Its always very clear for me and I share that vision with people absolutely free because I want people to be happy. I don’t want a boss telling me what to think and write. Rush Limbaugh is the same kind of personality and it just so happens that he’s at a place in life where he doesn’t have any corporate pin heads worried about everything but the real problems telling him what to say and do. That has left him to literally be the only one out there saying that this overaction to the coronavirus has much more to it than what anybody is admitting to. People will get this virus; they’ll build up an immunity to it and get over it quickly. That will happen without any government in the world doing a thing about it. But this panic fanned on by virtually everyone has more to it than just concern over death. Its an attack on our economy that I think is more bold and audacious than the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. I certainly raised an eyebrow when at 3 PM Friday during Trump’s address to the nation, which sent the stock market way up word by word that Bill Gates stepped away from the board of Microsoft. Many people don’t know it but much of what is happening was a warning from Bill Gates himself a few years ago when he was trying to convince a lot of people that the next great challenge for the human race was a viral attack. As I have been saying, I think fellow billionaires trying to get control of the human population for all their own reasons, whether it is to address global warming, or in the case of Soros and his friends, to preserve socialism around the world by putting people’s minds back onto a centralized government that they can control with donations, it was obvious that the world was turning the corner and Gates literally stepped away during Trump’s speech. (Little things like that matter, and people should take notice.) Add up thousands of those things that happen every day and you’ll get your story of the truth.

Hmmmm……………… you see the smoke dear reader.

I stand by my contention that the coronavirus is an attack on not just America, but the world and it was meant to put Trump on his heels and give other people a chance to win the coming election. And Rush Limbaugh sees it too. The level of corporate advancement of the panic has been very concerning, but its good to see who we can trust and who we can’t in these kinds of things, so lots of valuable information has been revealed. Yet still, the panic is falling away because people are now recovering and people can see for themselves that this virus is nowhere near as dangerous as the media has been telling us and its good to see that there are free people still out there who can also see the obvious. And thank goodness there is.  Mike DeWine is not one of them.

Rich Hoffman

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