The Fourth Element: How the Wuhan Virus (coronavirus) was a desperate foreign invasion and the the 3 reasons they planned for it to work

Based on the comments of George Soros and some of his friends from the last couple of Devos Economic Summits, particularly the one from this year which can be found at the links below, I can almost hear the plot from them which I would bet has more than a grain of truth to it. The plan was almost Star Wars like in nature, to take the next big panic in the world and to fire a shot into the U.S. economy with market short selling—which billionaires like Soros can pull off to cause a mass panic in trading, and hope that the effects spiral out of control through the media to bring down President Trump, because nothing else was going to work before the election of 2020. And if people died, or were hurt, the action would be considered done for the “greater good,” as radical left-wing global activist billionaires view the world. I’m sure a few wine glasses were banged together and a dedication to World War III was made, not with bullets, but by economic ruin induced through a panic that the world had not seen in anybody’s lifetimes. It was worth a shot and that’s where we find ourselves today with this government inspired shutdown where government schools are closed, the NCAA tournament cancelled and even the great American game of baseball is going to have its season altered due to a panic started by those radical short sellers. It was a long shot, but they are obviously very happy to see Americans scrambling in panic due to their actions.!

They would have thought such an audacious plan would work based on three key elements that were baked into all people, even in America. The first is that we were all taught by the same schools, no matter if it be in China or in Ohio, the type of education that everyone received taught them not to think but to react to their surroundings making them particularly vulnerable to commands like this coronavirus given by a central authority all in the name of safety. From the time of the earliest days of grade school we are all told to stand in line for the drinking fountain, to stand in line to go to recess, to stand in line while going everywhere and to mind the commands of a teacher or administrator. So its not hard for grown adults to switch right back into that childlike mode when given a command, such as how ridiculous Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio sounded when he called a state of emergency in the state to force the closings of public schools and other mass gatherings. Within a few hours of that announcement the Cincinnati Reds had to call off their opening day ceremonies which are famous around the world, and the shock wave forced even Disney World to close out of peer pressure. Teachers and their network through their socialist unions could hear clearly the leftist dog whistle and played their part in the vast conspiracy without a single note passed between any of them. They were willing to play along with an obvious anti-American sentiment because they were getting essentially the rest of the summer off work, with pay.

The other element that is a direct spawn out of leftist type thinking is our deeply litigious society where lawyers rule everything ultimately. Knowing full well that once a few major organizations closed their doors due to coronavirus, that the pressure on the private sector would follow. After all, who wanted to be sued because some company stayed open which allowed for the spread of this new virus out of China. It didn’t matter that it was only killing the extreme elderly already on the edge with other ailments, the possibility of a “what if” scenario pushed even the most resolute organizations into having to follow. The chain reaction has been baked into our society through a modern civilization that uses litigation as the new weapon of war for the small minded to try to topple their targets of insurrection. When the schemers of Devos were thinking of using a great tragedy to bring down the American economy because they were just sick of hearing Donald Trump come there and brag to the world how great it was, they knew there were many thousands of lawyers sitting in their offices looking for the next ambulance to chase, and would join the fight in their interest as soon as it was beneficial to them. Organizations had to react the moment governors like DeWine were scared into declaring an emergency status. And to inspire that, the rest of the world started behaving that way weeks ago which put pressure on the United States to follow or suffer the litigious criticism from a carnivorous media as a result, and the possibility of being sued many millions of dollars for noncompliance.

The other baked in element that would make this type of scheme possible is the nature of our religious backgrounds to surrender thought to a higher authority. And often in our day to day lives we put that trust not only in our churches but also our doctors. Unfortunately like their counterparts in society, the lawyers, doctors are always looking to make a few dollars and if they can feed a panic of a soar throat or s runny nose with pharmaceuticals, then they are more than willing to overblow every illness, direct you to stay home and tell you when you can return to work and we have grown to accept this level of authority without question. And it all starts in our churches where we allow a 2-thousand-year-old collection of stories given to us in the first centuries A.D. to direct our lives and morality into a collectivist direction. It could be the religions of Islam, of Christianity, of the Hindu, the Buddha, all of them are caricatures of the East, the same place that the Wuhan Virus came from and act as a poison in a free society to self-direct.

Those are three of the things that any strategist wanting to bring down the modern “West” would consider in starting a chain reaction of desperate attempts to destroy the American economy to save the world from their perspective. But there is a fourth element to this story, the destruction of masculinity and the usual role it has played in world history to call bull shit on these types of things. If the manipulators of Devos were going to try their plan, now might be their best chance with testosterone levels being lower than in any time that science has recorded in modern men. I think we can all sympathize with the overly concerned mother who wants her babies to be safe at all cost and would throw herself in front of a train to save them from harm. We call that biology and understand it. But what the woman needs from a man in any kind of relationship is a stabilizing figure who thinks doing that kind of thing is stupid. We have always needed men to keep a woman from doing such a thing by seeing clearly what the dangers truly are, because the man is not so biologically inclined. Since the political left has spread the message that masculinity is toxic, and that is the movement of our times, the manliness that is needed for this kind of coronavirus is not present, and the panic drivers of our times have an unopposed field of opportunity essentially for the first time in known history. And they are enjoying the lack of defense, especially in the United States because of it.

Of course, that is not the end of the story. There is a part to this plan that continues to evade them which is a mystery to their minds. Even though the seeds for this attack were planted over many decades and it is now in 2020 in a desperate attempt to prevent the re-election of President Trump by his supporters, they have had to play this hand. But what they have not considered is what happens when the free people of America do not drive down the road and see mountains of dead body bags, and that within a few weeks, things do not bounce back to normal. Those Americans are going to be very pissed off that they have missed their Disney vacations, their much beloved sporting events, even their movie releases. They’ll go along for a while, but most of them have cars and the freedom to drive where they want, when they want to. Martial Law is not a possibility in America, not for any period of extended time, so this ruse will not last. They are going to want repayment and anger will fuel their thoughts. Which is what they weren’t talking about in Devos, because they didn’t have a plan for the day after and the revenge that Americans would seek once they found out they had been duped by foreign governments and influential investors who wanted to stop the Trump Train any way possible, in many cases, for their own survival. And that day won’t be pretty for them.

Rich Hoffman

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