Why Governments and the Media are Telling People to Stay Home for Coronavirus: Extortion and socialism are at the heart of the panic

There is a subtle attack that is going on with the coronavirus that is every bit as maniacal as the grandest conspiracy theory, and the people perpetrating that attack know full well what they are doing. By perpetuating that the virus is so dangerous and deadly that we must cancel sporting events, and to have the Olympics performed in front of no audience—that politicians should not have rallies and that we should all stay home and quarantine ourselves, is the plot to get to the heart of the matter behind the intent, and that is to harm the global economy by taking away workers to produce anything. If the attack against the economy by socialist minded activists in the press is the objective, then the reality is to physically take those workers away from productive output. We have already heard the push to impose on employers paid leave for coronavirus, to actually pay people for doing no work, or to push people out of the office and to work from their homes. The intent of the conspiracy in this case from the press who get their thoughts on matters from their bosses who have been trained to think to the beat of the liberal dog whistle, is to act as change agents in using this coronavirus to change the relationship between employees and their jobs.

It’s already a major problem across the world that has breeched into North America recently—over the last thirty years or so. This idea that people don’t have to work to make a living, and that if they don’t show up to do productive enterprises, that someone will give them a check anyway is fairly new to Americans. However, around the world where socialism has been spreading, it is quite common to take leave from a job for many weeks and months at a time, and expect to return to that job unhindered, as if the job were some kind of right and that it was created for the worker, not the worker for the job. If you listened carefully to the drumbeats behind the push to make coronavirus such a pandemic its not that the virus will kill people, its that the implication is that people should just stay home and not contact each other which is to disconnect people from productivity completely. This widespread nonsense about coronavirus danger is not out of safety, its out of anti-capitalist activism. A way to spit in the face of those evil corporations who provide jobs, and to coax out of them a paycheck anyway. And if as an employer you don’t like it, then you are putting the world at danger by going to work!

For supply chains that deal with global issues and must communicate across many time zones, coronavirus has given the incompetent an excuse for their failings. Suddenly its not that they can’t purchase steel, or organize shipping containers that are in hot demand with a great economy, its now that they fear the spread of coronavirus, or that many of their key people are in quarantine and can’t come to work that they have the excuse for failure. If you are an employer and an employee calls off for work, now they can blame fears over the coronavirus. And if you press them on coming to work anyway, now the system has been set up to work against the employer for inciting a dangerous work environment to others for insisting that employees show up to do the work they are being paid for. Now the employee has an excuse to stay home and play Call of Duty all day and the employer can’t say anything about it, because coronavirus has given the unproductive cover from judgment, and performance.

Its not hard to see how liberal activists have been given this much power. Most of us share the consumption of the media culture as part of our everyday life. When we see that sporting events are being cancelled, and that movie stars are concerned about something, it is only natural that we would trust what they are telling us, because we are conditioned to believe in the narrative of television, movies, and even news broadcasts. We don’t think of them as entertainment, but as trusted advisors. So, when we hear them in such a panic over a fake pandemic, with all kinds of political overtones to the need for a tragedy, we give pause to consider that it must be true. We see it, we hear it, and the sense of touching it has been removed because we experience all this through televisions, computers, and our smart phones. So, we have no way to verify the problem for ourselves and end up trusting only what we can see and hear. But going out to lunch, or to the shopping centers in America and to step away from the media world, we can touch things and see the truth, and that is that coronavirus is a minority experience that is only dangerous to the elderly, those with an average age of 80. And that is to say a group of people where everything is dangerous to them. A swinging door is dangerous to an 80-year-old, it could knock them over and kill them by just the fall. But it is this issue which has been overblown to wrestle away power from the employers of this world and give endless excuses for a lack of performance to employees looking for any way they can imagine to stay home.

If the liberal activists behind the spread of the coronavirus could change the pro work culture of the world and make a drastic impact on productivity itself, they would satisfy one of those long-desired goals of Marxism and that is a very real problem. They are using a manufactured fear of coronavirus to stop the engine of the world and force more corporations to lick their feet for a reprieve. Ultimately, it’s a power trip that empowers the lazy and unproductive by robbing productivity from the producers of the world. Its just another way that a centralized government, represented by a centralized media, is trying to manage the freedoms of people to pick and choose their levels of success in life. For those ambitious, they have opportunities to get rich in the world if they don’t mind the work. But for the lazy, they need government to feed them like baby birds in a nest they never get kicked out of. But for those who talk about equality, income based, gender based, race based, any kind of equality, the way to get it is to take away the incentives to do work to begin with and once that happens, a utopia of leftist thought might have a chance, where nobody works hard for anything and everyone gets a paycheck whether or not they did anything to earn it. The sense of ownership is taken away from them in exchange for a free week or two off their jobs where their employers can’t do anything to them over it, and in that way an alliance is built between the lazy and the leftist media to squeeze the evil corporations in the middle and bring them to their knees begging for a reprieve. If only they might donate a few million more dollars here, or buy advertising there, the extortion might stop. Otherwise, the coronavirus fears will continue to be spread until there are no workers left, all the stadiums of the world are empty, and the highways are saved from traffic, and thus the environment as well will be saved from the efforts of mankind, because everyone is locked in their homes for fear of a death that never comes.

Rich Hoffman