Vote For George Lang and Mark Welch for the March 17th Primary: Meet the candidates from the West Chester Tea Party Forum

If George Lang and Mark Welch had not started out in the West Chester Tea Party, they likely wouldn’t have accepted the invite to the Candidates Forum that was held recently for the March 17th Primary. That they did come helped the event tremendously, otherwise there would have been 4 unendorsed Republican candidates for a Republican primary up on the stage talking into an audience that had lost is luster over the years to a very small, and inconsequential group of people. In the video clip below are the introductions to most of them for the reader to decide for themselves the merit of the exchange. I thought it was a good event, it certainly showed why George and Mark are the endorsed candidates, they were clearly the best picks for the Republican ticket for the primary. For the convenience of the readers here I am also including the voter card for the upcoming vote. Just print it off and use that to pick the correct candidates. But out of the six shown on the debate stage only two are on the list and that list matters.

Out of the four not on the list clearly Candice Keller and Lee Wong are out of their element. That crowd was a Tea Party crowd, one that I know extremely well. As the night turned out, she was a mixed bag of disasters. As with most Tea Party groups there is a bit of libertarianism mixed into the soup with the spices of conservatism. Candice talks like a Republican but her views on EMS services were troubling for what should be a small government conservative. I went to the event firmly supporting George Lang and Mark Welch, but I was open to Candice for some other office in some future time, but after hearing her talk, I’m not sure I could ever do that. While I like her position on the Second Amendment, she is a big government type when it comes to social services and that was a huge red flag.

Ding Dong Lee Wong was playing to the audience and talking like he’s been a firm 2nd Amendment supporter all his life, and a Donald Trump fan. That guy is a ding dong because just like a pendulum on a clock he ding dongs back and forth depending on his audience. He is a chameleon of the ultimate type; he is whatever people want him to be which always leaves you wondering who he really is. Rather than explain away all his personal discrepancies, its just much more narrative to refer to him as a ding dong who was clearly not a conservative relative to the others. If we were in Hamilton County, Ding Dong would be running as a Democrat, and he struggled all evening to pander to what he thought was a conservative Tea Party crowd.

The truth about the Tea Party is that religion was never far from the movement. And while I have always considered myself a Tea Party type, I have not been a big church guy, because I see in church a lot of socialism that has always made me uncomfortable. I believe in the potential for mankind not the fall of it. I do not accept that I am a victim of original sin and owe anybody anything, which has always set me apart from the Christian conservative crowd. Although I am quite comfortable with the values of those people, that doesn’t mean I want them in government regulating our lifestyles. I may not mind a dinner with them, but that’s as far as I go on philosophic utterances. Clearly Candice and Ding Dong were playing to that type of crowd and so long as people thought of George Lang as some venomous establishment type that needed to be hung on a cross for sacrifice, the crowd responded as such. But by the end of the evening even though Candice took her shots in the dark at George and Ding Dong clapped like one of those windup toy monkeys to everything she said, the clear frontrunners of endorsed Republicans were clearly winners on their way to a solid primary victory.

But no voter should take anything for granted. Use the voter card to take out the noise of the election and make sure the right people come out victorious as a result of the primary. The vetting process is that a candidate needs to be able to show all the skills to get an endorsement and those who didn’t this year need to ask themselves the question why. Its good to challenge the status quo, but the politics where that can continue to introduce chaos and mayhem into the political system, are over for now. So long as there is a Trump in the White House, I would expect that I’ll feel this way. I want to see Republicans winning and I want Democrats to lose, and to lose so big that it completely destroys their party. While I considered the Tea Party movement needed, and I appreciate the prayers at the beginning of their meetings, they were for a long time the most conservative option in the field of politics. The Republicans of today, after Trump’s 2016 election are to the right of the Tea Party and those clinging to it are sounding more and more like a bunch of libertarian loons. They are conservative about this and that, but liberal about those things and them. I’m not happy with that settlement.

Mark Welch and George Lang are my kind of conservatives and were clearly the best options on that debate stage. But looking over that voter card, at names like Warren Davidson, Donald Trump, Nancy Nix, Mary Swain, TC Rogers, even Justice Sharon Kennedy, that is a pretty solid group of people. I could name a lot more, but for a party in Butler County, I know most of those people well, and that is a list I’d liked to see built upon with even more good, solid names that have shown they can work together as a fantastic management team. George Lang and Mark Welch are two of those names and are certainly heads and shoulders above all the other options.

You should always be cautious of candidates who claim to be fiscally conservative but socially liberal, like libertarians are, or conservative here and liberal there on anything. I like people who are conservative 24 hours a day 7 days a week and whether or not they think God is looking. And knowing many of these conservative Republicans on this voter card personally, I feel comfortable that none of them will end up in some scandal or send nude pictures of themselves to some kid in high school. These names are upright people who are in it for all the right reasons and they were vetted by that party which I trust, which is how their name ended up on that list to begin with. And it is clear that the Butler County Republicans know what they are doing because they picked George and Mark to endorse and given this small sampling of otherwise Tea Party options, we can all be thankful for it.

Rich Hoffman

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