A Treasure out of Middletown, Ohio: Unlocking the past with E. A. Allen’s 1885 ‘Prehistoric Worlds or Vanished Races

It took over a week of trying to finally meet up with a book seller in Middletown who had a unique treasure I wanted badly. He had a rare book called Prehistoric Worlds or Vanished Races that was published in Cincinnati that chronicled the observations of the early field of archaeology around the world at the tender year of 1885. This particular body of work had survived a lot and spent much of its life in the care of a powerful figure in Middletown’s history which is partly why it was still intact, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and to start reading the massive volume from a time long forgotten. And after reading it only over a couple of days I found one of the key passages that I had been looking for that I hope leads to the repeal of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) so that proper investigations into the history of North America can take place. That passage states, “This country of ours, with its wide plains, its flowing rivers and great lakes, is said by scholars to have been the home of a people well advanced in the art of barbarian life. What connection, if any, existed between them and the Indians, is yet unsettled.” The key to that passage is that it admits in a time before the academic purge, that the Indians as Native Americans were not so “native” and that other people existed in North America historically that are much more important to who we are today, and thus, everything that is archaeologically discovered cannot fall under the criteria of NAGPRA, and should be studied properly without the sentiment of political convenience.

This NAGPRA mess really was the result of the 1988 book and then the movie that came out in November of 1990 called Dances with Wolves which was essentially an argument in favor of the Sioux Indian tribe against the White Man’s push for westward expansion. It was a political eraser to the impact of capitalism around the world and a direct way to solidify a political class of people into perpetual victimhood. It should be noticed that the NAGPRA law was enacted on November 16th by the Bush administration just a few days before the Kevin Costner movie was released just a few days later on November 21st. The buzz of the film adopted from the popular novel was on the mind of politicians in Washington and that law was their gift to the Sioux Indians because it was assumed that we all came to North America and took their land from them and now someone had to pay for that.

But that’s not quite the whole story, in fact, its not even the beginning. As the field of archaeology has evolved and much has been learned, it has become obvious that the observations of those who were in North America should have been studied much better, and with even more vigor than we study the ancient Egyptians because the people who were in North America were much more sophisticated and advanced as a culture with trigonometry that pre-dates the Greeks well in place, and the story of migration across the Bering Strait was obviously wrong. Diffusion across both oceans was happening well before Jesus Christ was ever born of Mary in the Middle East and that was not the story that had been told by countless scientists, many who had their hands out for decades to Federal funds who insisted that scientists “discover” the dialogue that suited the political class, that the brakes of capitalism could be applied so that the aristocracy of political class warfare could demonize the American Constitution for a silent coup that had been in place essentially up to the Trump election of 2016. That part of the history we have been watching unfold, but what remains is the century long cover-up that Christopher Columbus did not discover the New World, he only brought the latest of a series of inhabitants and that the Indians he had encountered were just as new to that new world as he was. Only a few hundred years separated their migrations, but what we are talking about is thousands of years of activity.

In the political theater the American government needed a victim and the Indians were it. They have used the Indians to pass all kinds of casino bills across the nation to “help them” recover some of their losses. In my area I think of the Shawnee people and their claims to land lost during the 1830 Indian Removal Act which many are claiming in hindsight to be an immoral action that should have never occurred and activists have since used it to hammer home the point of unfairness applied to the peaceful people thought of as the Indians. However, the Indians themselves had many wars with each other, some tribes lost, some won and they were as the great writer of that book said, “well advanced in the art of barbarian life.” These latest European settlers, for which America was established with philosophies that emerged out of western culture, Greek, Roman, and the Scottish Rites, wanted to bring culture with them for which the primitive hoards wished to reject, so there was a fight and the Indians lost. Yet as we have analyzed over quite a long period of time there are two kinds of people functioning in our modern day, those who revere the primitive and those who revere technical advancement. We saw this most notably when a month after the Moon landing in 1969 where Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the foreign landscape the musical festival of Woodstock showed the deep insecurities of the human races to cling to their primitive past and fight anything that might pull the covers off that security blanket for them. That is why we have a two-party political system because the human race has always had those types of people and the conflict that ensued in the wake.

The evidence is clear that the original inhabitants that E. A. Allen wrote about in that new book of mine was talking about the Beaker people, a group of Celts that came from the British Isles around the time that Stonehenge was in its advanced stages. At least that is where the evidence is pointing. The Celts are dating much earlier in England these days than previously thought which is why there was such a use of swastikas in so many relics found in that period on North American soil. The Nazi’s used swastikas as a reverence toward their old Germanic heritage before the Roman Catholic Church swept away their history of Celtic religions and lifestyles. It also looks like the people of the British Isles who migrated with the religions of the Celts had come out of the Bible lands well before the Noah stories and were part of that pre-deluge culture that is referenced in what’s left of the Bible. And that all these stories are very disconcerting to modern religion and the science that the political class want to use to erase it all from people’s minds using the Indians as the deterrent.

My problem with the Bible as a document pointing toward historical efforts was because as it was put together there were entire sections of it completely left out, such as the Book of Enoch which describes events that took place before the life of Noah, and that it is relevant to any religious analysis. I do not trust the Romans who printed the first Bibles at the fall of their empire to decide what history was relevant for a religious document and which weren’t. All this history of course was playing out in the New World before even the Roman Empire was even a thing so of course there is a lot of desire for the last culture that was relevant to protect itself from the effects of the culture that came before them. And that is what has been happening and is really what the spirit behind NAGPRA is all about. It wasn’t created to protect the idea of the Indians being the first inhabitants of North America, it is to protect the religions of the world from a truth they did not want to face, that it wasn’t the Greeks and Romans who started western civilization. Likely we wouldn’t even know about Greek society and the works of Aristotle if not for the Muslims who protected it from the great purge at Egypt’s great Library at Alexandria when the Romans burnt it to the ground.

Great books that make honest observations that predate the purges of a political class, no matter where in the world they occur are very valuable and that’s what E.A. Allen was doing in Cincinnati in 1885, was looking at the Mound Builder culture and asking the right questions, and we should have been seeking answers to those questions. Instead, we have used sentiment, religion, and a fake morality to hide history from ourselves and protect a modern ruling class from the judgments of the true record and that is something I personally can’t stand.

And to get to the real truth, beyond the modern speculation that arises out of asking questions where the evidence has been removed in most cases, you have to read from books that were around before modern academia put their spin on it to protect those forces all out of a need to get their hands on federal funding which has controlled the message for the curious, and resolute. Which is why this new book is such a treasure for me, and points to just how valuable some of those old books are in those obscure bookstores that you see here and there, and that come out of private libraries that have been hidden from the public for decades, even centuries. And I am absolutely delighted with this one, it’s a window to the world that I have been wanting to see, and what’s out of that window are great things to come.

Rich Hoffman

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