What You Need to Know about Coronavirus: Its no big deal, more people will die over media panic than the virus itself

To understand why the coronavirus is a hoax, you must look at the big picture of it, which a lot of people have a hard time doing. The virus is real sure enough, but the effects of it and the planned panic of unleashing the information in the way that corporate media has a motivation to do is what makes it a hoax. We are talking about a year that countries around the world want to make their own version of Donald Trump to run their countries, which is happening in England, Italy, Brazil, and even in Hong Kong.

Many of the scary players in the world like Iran and North Korea have been pacified and those aristocrats that run the corporate media culture need a new bad guy to scare people into purchasing their content. Those same corporate titans also don’t want world leaders like Donald Trump to continue to get elected because they solve problems. Corporate media wants problems to complain about because they are lazy as a culture to come up with content on their own, and from their perspective, its that simple. That is their part of the conspiracy, the need for negative press to fill their airtime and newspapers.

I have said that China started the virus to help cover their terrible economic news coming out of the Trump trade deal that made them look bad, and the revolution in Hong Kong. They may have developed the virus to help thin out their elderly population, but it is unlikely they wanted it to spread out of the country the way it is now, because that has just given them more bad press which they didn’t want. This is the problem with a centrally controlled communist government. When they make mistakes in judgment, they only have themselves to blame and if they can’t handle that, they will be inspired to engage in coverups, which seems to be why it took so long to admit to the world their part in unleashing the virus. But to the greater problem of why so many viruses come out of China and how they tend to be the origins of most infections, its their wet market food supplies which would be laughed at in America and other places. But since we have such an open world of trade, which that same corporate media wants to believe is so possible with different cultures, China’s bad practices with food is a danger to us all.

The unsanitary way that animals are handled within the communist government of China requires a brutal admission to the morality of it all. You don’t see PETA stripping down naked to protest the layers and layers of dead animals in those wet markets where the people eat every part of the animals in various states of preparation without being concerned about ethics in the least. Most people in China are not living in fancy apartments with a KFC a few blocks away, they eat what they can get their hands on. Over a billion people who need food, water, and electrical resources every minute of every day is not a simple thing to coordinate with just a few people at the top of the communist government making all the decisions. In a growth economy of over 7% GDP, they had money to work with. But after the past year of their trade deal fight with Trump, the real financial impact is likely much greater than they are willing to admit, and worse than that, they are finding it difficult to just throw money at this problem because for the first time in a long time, they just don’t have it.

Then of course there are the beat reporters both on television and in print who are Bernie Sanders socialists freshly graduated from their liberal studies at university, all around the world. From the BBC to CNN International, to Bloomberg, MSN, all the major networks, they all have a leftist bend to their economic theories, and they would love to slow down this hot economy any way possible. They like seeing school closings due to panic they have created, they love to see people fighting over toilet paper in Australia from panicky moms thinking that the world is coming to an end. They love the stories of the shortage of masks because people are buying them all up faster than they can be made. They love to see the stock markets around the world plunge, and people cancelling their cruise ship vacations. To fulfill their communist visions of utopia, they like to see people shutting up their doors and turning to a central government to make them safe, like the CDC. They want to put Trump on his heals with a problem that will take more than optimism to resolve because they hope this will be the killer of his administration since the Mueller Report didn’t work, or the weak attempts at impeachment. They need a new story that strengthens centralized government and weakens people running away from it, a health crises that can be overblown to strengthen their arguments for more government control around the world. Coronavirus is it for them.

But in reality, the virus isn’t that dangerous. Places that are poor and overcrowded are spreading the disease due to their bad sanitation. Italy is susceptible particularly due to their high tourism, but relatively poor living conditions. Italy is nice, but its pretty dirty, and its one of the best places in Europe. They don’t exactly have a Walgreens on every corner selling hand sanitizer. Iran is an armpit that has the same problems that China does, a strong central government that can’t handle the problems as fast as they are coming in. It takes time to create vaccines for these types of viruses, and there will be one for coronavirus. Its going to spread, people are going to have to overcome it with their immune systems and the real response to overcoming it will not come from centralized power, it will come out of individual effort. Individuals will have to overcome it like they do any other virus and some heroic individual under Trump’s urging will develop a vaccine that will shoot their stock through the roof overnight and a lot of people will make a lot of money off it. But under no circumstances should people hide in their homes or try to cancel life. The powers behind spreading the fear of this virus don’t care about the lives of the people effected, they want something much more sinister, an end to the economy of the west, no matter who gets hurt in the process. To call it a mass conspiracy is to do the information a mis-service. It’s a reality, nonetheless.

Its important to know that people do recover from coronavirus. Its not a death sentence the way that the media has purposely portrayed it. If you get it, you will get past it most likely as most people would most viruses. That people who die from it are typically suffering from other illnesses and that coronavirus is just the final nail that overwhelms their system is a point of consideration. But that doesn’t make it any worse than any other sickness trend that has challenged the human race at any point in history. Unfortunately, the news reports are much more interested in spreading panic about the virus than the facts and people are literally looking at it as a death sentence. Stopping the economy to quarantine the virus is not necessary, but its being done not for safety, but for an attack on the global economic system by people who want to see it brought down for many reasons listed here, and many more we don’t have time for. Coronavirus is not a death sentence. A vaccine will hit the market very soon, much sooner than people think, and this will all be over quickly. But the economic damage will be a real problem. Trump will still get re-elected, but there will be many harmed greatly by the economic downturn around the world, and that will kill a lot more people than this virus, which is what the news isn’t talking about.

Rich Hoffman