The Misleading Candice Keller: There is no stronger politician on the 2nd Amendment than George Lang

I kept wondering all during this campaign in Ohio for the 4th Senate District seat why disgraced Candice Keller would say so emphatically, and so often, that George Lang, her political rival was such a liar. I’ve known George Lang for a very long time, and through all kinds of times, good and bad, and I’ve never known him to be any kind of liar. So I was happy to hear Candice on stage at a debate with George at the Tea Party Candidate Forum that was held at the Life Church just outside of Mason, Ohio to get context to her thought process and she spilled it during a questioning session over support of the Second Amendment. Its hard to imagine a stronger pro Second Amendment candidate anywhere in the world than George Lang, even the cowboy hat wearing politicians from the northern plain states. Lang is very pro-gun, especially for what people like Crazy Candice Keller calls, “establishment types.” I was pretty surprised that Keller tried to sell in a church of all places that George Lang had supported red flag laws in Ohio, and that it was those kinds of statements she had been trying to paint on him to punch holes in his credibility and call him “Lyin’ Lang.” I was curious how she could even suggest such a thing and I received my answer during the clip shown below.

What Crazy Keller does with information that is long in the wake of a big time politician like George Lang who is involved in all types of discussions with literally hundreds if not thousands of people every week is take things out of context and try to shape them into something supportive to her world view. In the case of the red flag laws support that she says George had written down, she’s talking about a Toledo reporter who knew Lang was as pro-gun as anybody in the Ohio Statehouse and she tried to paint him in a corner shortly after the Dayton mass shooting, the way many in the media were trying to play “gotcha” with pro Second Amendment supporters as an act of liberal activism on their part. George first gave her a blow off scenario which she took and ran with, which was completely fake news, in the same way that the media treats the Trump Administration. George Lang would never support red flag laws, so I knew as soon as Crazy Candice Keller said what she did, she was manipulating information to try to cast doubt in voter’s minds about George. But taking that same assumption, Candice should know all about how the media plays that game because they essentially destroyed her with her response to the Dayton shooting. What she said has destroyed her within the Republican Party. It is literally “crazy” that she would expect people to understand her situation, but wants to use fake news media reports as the voice of record when it comes to George Lang. The liar certainly wasn’t Lang, it was Candice Keller and it shocked me that as she has sold herself as the “church lady” that she would from a stage in a church openly lie about Lang and expect it to stick.

When I bought my .50 Desert Eagle carry gun a few years ago George was the first person I called to go shoot it with me. As I have said, I’ve known George Lang for a very long time, well before he was running for senate. I called him because I knew he would appreciate the gun for the work of art that it is, and he understood why that was an exciting moment for me to have, so it was he whom I called. We went to Premier Shooting in West Chester which is a place we both enjoy and spent a lunch hour shooting the new gun and just enjoying the atmosphere. He is as pure of a Second Amendment supporter at a political level that anybody will ever find and as he shot that big gun he was as at home with it as any seasoned veteran. So, it was quite insulting to me to hear Candice Keller try to paint George Lang as some greasy politician in bed with lobbyists and was wishy washy on red flag laws. To suggest Lang was anything close was an open lie stated consciously which was reprehensible.

In fact, it pissed me off so much that I had to ask George about it after the debate. I was wondering if maybe he floated supporting red flag laws to the Governor in order to strengthen the stand your ground bill floating around Columbus and that maybe having such a conversation might lead to a misinterpretation. As it turned out, it was just fake news from another liberal reporter/activist trying to put media pressure on politicians to take a stand against gun ownership. When you talk to as many people as George does, its easy for a reporter to take pot shots and be forgotten, which was clearly the case in Toledo. Candice Keller during that same debate was proud to announce that she didn’t know the name of a single lobbyist which is to say that she really hasn’t put in enough time into her job as a congresswoman to really know anybody. She should know the names of lobbyists, not to get money from them, but to actually know who to look out for. What she has done was demonize everyone, so anybody actually doing work in Columbus is some kind of devil up to no good, at least that’s how she presents herself. But she should know the difference about what a radicalized reporter might do to a pro-gun politician, or even how negotiations over bills can be taken out of context. Anybody who really does political work at any level knows that negotiations are not beliefs. They are positions you take to get something you want in a strategic fashion. President Trump does it all the time, throws out a position he may not want or believe in at all to learn what the other side values so he can whittle away at that to bring the negotiations to where he wants them.

The good thing is that I was at least able to get context into how Crazy Candice thinks. When this whole senate race started, I thought I might like some of Keller’s positions, as a conservative. But I’m not so sure she’s a conservative after other things she said at that debate, which I’ll get into with more articles. Sure, she says she’s pro Second Amendment, she seems pretty pro-life, but she is strangely pro big government especially when it comes to what role the EMS and firefighters in general play in budgets. And the way she distorted the Toledo reporter who was obviously an anti-gun activist trying to paint George Lang in a corner to force red flag laws on weak Republicans in Columbus, Keller should be ashamed of herself. She should have joined George in that fight if she was really a pro Second Amendment supporter. But I think she is using it as a mask to hide some deep closet liberalism she is afraid of getting out to the public. That doesn’t give her a right to lie about people then to attempt to paint them as the liars when it was she all along doing the deed.

Rich Hoffman

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