The Evolving Case of Giants in Ohio from Across the World: History as we know is changing forever

I’m not going to spend much time talking about it because I’m still negotiating to get a very rare book about lost races of people who have dropped out of our historic record, but I spent all weekend trying to get it. The book is considered a rare print which is something I feel a lot of passion about, and it was written during the 1800s before what I call the purge occurred. However, I can’t help but see some similarities to modern politics that are coming out of a movement that the rest of the world isn’t ready for. Its very much the same problem where establishment control over information is falling apart in this early new century where personal ambitions and hobbies are doing a better job than the traditional college institutions have, and that is what I would call the greatest mystery the world has been covering up for thousands of years, and its unraveling in front of our faces as we speak, which is why I was working so hard to secure that mysterious book all weekend long going from obscure brick and mortar bookstore to bookstore hidden in obscurity behind the chaos of a media culture that is extensive, and very noisy, most of the time quite on purpose.

I cover these issues from time to time as kind of a fun fill in to the politic discussions that normally are a majority of my work, but to me its all the same problem. Since I live in Southern Ohio I have grown up with an understanding about the mound builders that were traditionally associated with Indians and are tightly controlled by the government regarding research into who the mound builders were and why they built these things. Occasionally I have written very popular articles on the nature of the giant skeletons that were found coming out of these mounds which over time has opened up my mind to the obvious cover-up that has occurred, which the more I learn, has made me more and more angry. When we talk about the government getting involved in weaponizing the IRS or the FBI for political moves that benefit a more centralized government we find the same thing happening in the fields of the sciences. For instance, universities who do research into global warming find grants come easily to them from the government whereas those who are doing more independent research do not get money, so the university system has built their business model around liberalism for all those reasons, and it certainly does skew what research happens in the pursuit of truth and leaves much to be desired toward real inquiry.

However, we live in a time where information has been decentralized and people can talk and find each other much easier than in the past, making networking through the university system much less applicable to the endeavors of science. And more than ever, books published before the great purge of university institutionalism that started to really become a problem around 1915 have lost their power making it very important to go back to times before it and read what people were saying about archaeology and anthropology before money from the government became such a corrosive issue. And specifically, to that topic is the problem of who we are as a human species and what our true history is. I started asking those questions about 10 years ago when I ran across a map at the Mothman Festival in West Virginia that indicated in Ohio the burial locations of several giants, and I have written about them on occasion not as a conspiracy, but as an evolving topic. For instance, I know as I can see it from my front porch the very large Middletown Mound that used to be a near twin to the Miamisburg Mound just up the Great Miami River that within it are likely the skeletons of a giant race of people who lived in North America well before what we call the Indians ever inhabited the region. The evidence collected over the last ten years by many independent journalists has blown the lid off the case and we are in new territory that goes well beyond the skepticism of the television show Ancient Aliens. The government knows full well what’s in those mounds in Ohio, but it is using rules and regulations to hide the contents from society in general and for good reasons of their own. They were part of the purge and they want to keep the secrets that way for as long as possible. But like we see in politics where Donald Trump has become a great president by being unconventional, the establishment wants to maintain their power over history for as long as they can.

I wouldn’t say I have been a maniac about the topic, but I have gone around Ohio studying the various mounds and wondering if history was wrong about the makers and I have chronicled that journey on this blog site occasionally with some speculative analysis. But it was while traveling in England and visiting Stonehenge and the sites around the area where I become very convinced that it was the same people who were making monuments in the Ohio Valley, near my home, which meant that there was transatlantic diffusion by boat over three thousand years ago, well before the Vikings, well before even the Phoenicians, and certainly well before Christopher Columbus and they had an empire in place that extended all the way down to South America well before there were ever Mayans, Aztecs, and Incan people. To admit such a thing would have dire consequences to many forces who have justified their leadership to thousands of years of human civilization and to reveal that we have been living in another kind of Dark Ages, where information was controlled first by the Roman Empire, then by the Church which replaced it as a power in Europe, then by a government using secret societies to steer people’s minds away from the evidence until this present time where full disclosure is inevitable because of the free nature of our country in America and the desire to know things that have been obvious.

The more I have learned the angrier I have become due to the obvious misleading that has been going on for such a long time. I think the most important aspect of the wild fires in Brazil has been the revelation of the many lost cultures that were once established along the Amazon and we are not talking about primitive people but the same type of advanced culture that came straight out of Mesopotamia and migrated by ship across both oceans and settled in the Americas to launch just as complex cities states that have been now listed among the lost races of mankind, which is why I spent the weekend looking for that old book. I want to read it for myself and to start at that point at untangling the web of deceit that is being hidden behind the Native American façade that has paralyzed proper research in America through political correctness and a misguided assumption from the start. I will have a lot more on this in the future, but for the readers here I would direct their attention to the work of a guy who started sending me little messages almost a decade ago when I first published a list of giant skeleton locations, which surprised me when I learned about it. But since, Fritz Zimmerman has published several books on the subject and that has ignited L.A. Marzulli to start making films of their investigations and the evidence is quite overwhelming. I would suggest that it is the biggest cover-up of our civilization, and its something that deserves to be exposed because once it is well understood, it will change everything we know about history and our place within it.

Rich Hoffman