Nobody Cares about Moderates: People want blood, and to step on the neck of a rival

It was a great example of what I have been talking about when President Trump gave a defiant speech at a rally in Colorado Springs to a fanatical audience. Michael Bloomberg had just had a disastrous debate and was getting really bad press, Roger Stone had just been sentenced to 3 years of prison as swirls of rumors that Trump would pardon him swelled, and the media in general was starting to really see that Trump was an unstoppable force. That’s when the calls for reaching out to more moderates from him to them became most audible, as it always does. I have been saying in elections and in all things in life really, that moderates are not the keys to success, but are only the late comers to something new. They are the last to see, and their sentiments usually go to whomever is winning. So when the calls to Trump were to reach out to them otherwise he wasn’t ever going to be considered a legitimate president were only attempts by the blind to listen to something that might slow down the political momentum of our times.

But Trump understood the game, as was clear at every speech he has given. People vote for a winner not some soft bellied tell all who puts their opinions to the wind and lets those moderates play king maker. That may have been how things were done, but that’s not the way things are supposed to be. Even in some of these local elections around my home in Cincinnati where the term “people over politics” is used, the sentiment is that politics had become so emotional and contentious, and that we need to get back to where we all love each other and can have a conversation. But those were also the days of the moderates, where the fence sitters decided the temperament because the belief had been that gradually politicians had to reach them in order to get decent fundraising, and decent press. However, that premise has always been wrong. People vote for those most impassioned, who will say and do anything to win, and those precious moderates will follow the winner. All someone needs to do is win, and they will find an army of followers waiting for them—moderates included.

The entire political approach to life has been wrong for a great number of years, people don’t vote so much on ideas, but on winners. For the same reasons that a fan of the NFL might buy a jersey late in the season of a team going to the playoffs, a political moderate will join one side or the other based on the ability to garner wins. That is a reality to voting patterns that losers obviously do not want to see revealed to the world. A lot of politicians join those ranks because they don’t want to have to compete with the real world, especially Democrats, so letting it out that winning elections is the key to success in politics and not some sentiment of reaching out to fence dwelling moderates is devastating. I’ve stated often that the keys that make Trump a great president are not some wisdom gained in books, or an understanding of strategy learned on the battlefield of the military, it was in his experience with sports, especially his work in the Hall of Fame of the WWE.

The falsehood that political moderates are so important came from those who are not very aggressive and tend to be losers in life, or soft-hearted timid types. Due to their limp natures they can play by no other rules, so that leaves them vulnerable to the true rules of politics which was on full display at the Democrat debate. Of course Trump had a right to be upset with A.B. Stoddard while on the Neil Cavuto show describing Michael Bloomberg’s debate performance with Donald Trump who spent a considerable amount of time at the Colorado rally explaining that he had won every debate during his own primary a few years before, and Bloomberg had a long way to go before winning his first. The true intentions of Stoddard and people like her is to keep the public focus on why politicians need to continue reaching out to moderates instead of digging in and becoming so divisive. But digging in and sticking to what you believe is what wins, and why people are willing to wait all night for a place in line just to hear President Trump talk. That might make people who like the old system, fence sitting moderates themselves unhappy, but that’s not the fault of reality. People like a winner, not a cry baby and they like people who believe firmly in something because so many people don’t. They wait for others to tell them that its OK.

When Trump defended his right to possibly pardon Roger Stone by saying that Comey had lied and so had many other FBI agents to congress, so why was anything Roger Stone had done different? Well, moderates have always told us that two wrongs don’t make a right. Religious figures tell us to turn the other cheek. Then everyone wonders why their rights get trampled on time and time again and they feel they never have representatives who believe anything in elected office. Of course, two wrongs can make a right. If they stick it to you, you have a right to stick it to them, and even more so. To hit them so hard that they can’t even show their face in this universe. People want to see the kill shot; they don’t want to see people shaking hands at the end of a debate. They want to see their guy or girl making a belt out of their opponent. That is what wins elections with a majority vote, passion realized through action.

Trump’s job is and never was to reach out to moderates. His job is to get his base so revved up that they will vote for him and other Republicans on election day and clearly Cavuto and Stoddard were thinking about that after that Democrat debate for president. They were trying to play that moderate game, but it wasn’t working, and its quite clear that if those are the rules, Democrats are going to lose big in this upcoming election. And that might hurt the feelings of moderates who are used to being the deciding factor in the politics of old. But today, they will be expected to join the party once the victory is obtained because what makes them moderates to begin with is a lack of passion for their own thoughts. So they will do as they always do and that is root for the team that wins, no matter what side they are on. Playing nice with the other side is not the way to win in politics but taking the kill shot is. And that reality is something that Democrats cannot escape, because they have built that system of moderates through the media and now, they have lost control. They don’t like it, but too bad. I certainly didn’t like the old system and clearly most Trump supporters feel about it just as I have. They’d rather see kill shots in politics than opposing forces shaking hands with some ridiculous show of sportsmanship. What people want is a winner and any politician that can give them one is the one who will win those precious office seats. And that trend isn’t new, just recently utilized.

Rich Hoffman

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