George Lang Attracts Larger Crowd in West Chester than Democrat Presidential Candidates: The activism of media coverage and what they don’t tell you

Over the weekend I was able to catch up on some of the Democrat coverage of the presidential candidates while campaigning in Iowa head of their primary and it became very obvious that the Trump rally we had in West Chester last week where George Lang, Warren Davidson, Sheriff Jones and Steve Buckingham from the Trump campaign drew larger crowds. You can see those crowds in the following Twitter coverage from that event. I didn’t think about it much at the time because I was just enjoying the festivities. Everyone had a great time and it seemed to bring out the best in people Between the Butler County GOP and the Trump team they brought in Chick fil-a to feed everyone and the event was a top notch rally in so many respects. But the people coming didn’t know that and they showed up just to hear people just talking about Trump and in large numbers. Before the rally many of us talked to the press, Channel 5 came out and covered it, and so did WLW radio, but not many others. The response we received was that “you guys love Trump in Butler County, where’s the story?” After the rally once the pictures started going up from people who where there, it became obvious what the story was, the media didn’t want to cover more people coming to hear these guys talk than who are going to see the leading presidential candidate for the Democrats. For the proof of that I would like to point you dear reader to the following article by the Cincinnati Enquirer talking about an upcoming senate race between Kathy Wyenandt and Candice Keller for the 4th District of Ohio. Its very, very interesting.

I don’t like to point at media bias as some below the line reason for something, but to the average person who doesn’t know much about politics, the Cincinnati Enquirer attempted to paint the scandal ridden Republican whom the party is asking to step down from her office over several very misplaced comments to Kathy Wyenandt, the Democrat that they are trying to flip a seat to blue in the very conservative Butler County—a long held objective among the liberal news room directors and newspaper heads. Its not the news they care about, it’s the political objective which they quite openly these days advocate. The truth of that article was that there are two other candidates running for that Republican seat, George Lang and Ding Dong Wong. But the Enquirer left them out of the article and tried to paint the whole race for senate between the two women—one of which is as good as toast even within her own party.

That article was written back in August of 2019 while the news of Candace Keller’s latest scandal was hot on the press—so the intent was clear to the Enquirer’s readership, promote the Republican that is in trouble so people remember her name while promoting the Democrat woman who normally wouldn’t have a snow balls chance in Hell of making it to the freezer for preservation. Both must be artificially propped up to look like front runners in that upcoming election and the Cincinnati Enquirer was happy to play that role. So fast forward a few months to this rally for Trump in West Chester held on a night when he couldn’t even come, because he was in Iowa doing another rally ahead of the Democrats and their primary there drawing huge crowds as usual, and people showed up to see George Lang and Warren Davidson speak and the enthusiasm for those two was incredible. That was the news story that none of the outlets wanted to cover because it goes against their desires for the upcoming election for which they are desperate to shape the story.

The rally was held in very large space that none of us thought we’d come close to filling, yet the pit in front of the stage was at least double any event that Joe Biden was able to attract over the week leading up to the primary. If the news wanted to truly report the news, they’d be interested in that little fact. Instead however of reporting how many people in Butler County and specifically West Chester were interested in attending a rally where these local politicians were speaking, one of them being the frontrunner in that 4th Senate Seat race, they would have at least covered it from that perspective. “West Chester rally for local GOP candidates outdraw Democrats for presidential candidates in Iowa.” Because that was the truth of the matter. I mentioned that observation to a few people while at that rally but it wasn’t until later and listing to the speech by Sheriff Jones where he had the crowd chanting “USA, USA, USA” that it became apparent just how many people were there.

I think based on what I saw that George Lang could draw a bigger crowd within his district than any of the presidential candidates who are leading in the polls could anywhere in the country. There is more enthusiasm for George from the base of Republicans who support him than there are for any Democrat. I might have thought that before that West Chester rally, but after, there is no question. Knowing that Trump wasn’t going to be at that rally, people showed up to hear what they considered the next best thing, George Lang and Warren Davidson speak to an excited audience. And the Cincinnati Enquirer skipped out on the opportunity to cover it because they didn’t like the story. It went against their activism of trying to paint the disgraced Candace Keller as the leader who would go against the Democrat in Butler County. What they were really up to was attempting to convince the un-informed masses to clear the deck chairs for a conversion of a deep red district into a blue one by removing the biggest red piece in the puzzle from the board all together. And if they had covered the West Chester rally, it would undo the way they have poised the story to continue into the primary in March.

The Journal in Hamilton isn’t any different. The activism on their part is rampant as well, it’s the reason that all these newspapers have made themselves irrelevant. The news happens faster than they can report it, they have a bias that does not reflect the views of their readership, and they are uninteresting. I used to contribute many articles to the Western Star when I lived in Warren County for a number of years. Back then, it was the news of record locally. But now its out of business because when people want to read a news story about these things, they just open up their phone and are free to get whatever information they want. The Enquirer and The Journal never have properly adapted. If it wasn’t for the people over 60 years of age, they’d be out of business right now. All newspapers are headed over the cliff and this is the reason. But blogs like this one report these events and its much easier for a consumer of information to click here and retrieve the information months from now than it is to get a little 400 word article that is all about political activism on their part, into the mind of a busy consumer. So there you have it, since they didn’t report what a great event the West Chester rally was, now you can see it for yourself and also know that Candace Keller is not the face of the primary election, she’s the one that Republicans are trying to get out of the way due to her radicalized comments. And that is the truth of the matter that the Enquirer tried to promote in favor of their handpicked stooge, Kathy Wyenandt.

Rich Hoffman

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