Ding Dong Lee Wong: Prostitutes, collusion, and Chinese loyalty–you can go “wrong with Wong”

I’ve seen it a few times myself while dining at the very good Sushi Monk in West Chester, the liberal trustee Lee Wong posing as a Republican will knock at the back door if he finds the door is locked and come in to the restaurant making sure everyone knows that he’s friends with the owners and has special privileges. I’ve often wondered about the revelation that Lee has spent time in Hamilton’s East Avenue “talking” to prostitutes and why he would even do such a thing. But when pressed, Lee will always cite his military service then try to use it to get the upper hand on whomever he is speaking with as if that puts the entire issue to rest. But you can always tell a lot about a person in how they behave in public and his need to bum free meals off restaurant owners working hard to make a living, and coming to the back door to let everyone know that he’s special—or wants people to think he is—says everything you need to know about Ding Dong Lee Wong.

Lee is a natural moocher off the world around him. He looms in the background on everything that happens never taking the lead on anything. He votes as a trustee and has enjoyed riding on the coat tails of the great management that occurred in West Chester with trustees Mark Welch and George Lang formally, and currently Ann Becker. But he has done little himself to do anything to contribute instead looms in the background and mooches off every situation more as a complainer about fairness and advocating constantly for the rights of the Chinese that he baffles people who supposedly know him best. He’s friendly, because he has to be. He has nothing else to offer, certainly not leadership. And he is known as an advocate for policies that are very much related to Democrats rather than for Republicans. He is running as a Republican, but that is only because he knows there is no other path to an elected seat in Butler County than to put on the mask. But legislatively, he votes to the left, and sometimes to the far left. And if you happen to be in Sushi Monk on a night where he walks down from his house which is right behind the restaurant in Beckett Ridge, his manner of social content is obvious even to a political novice.

I am a big fan of Sushi Monk, its ran by nice people who are very good at what they do. What are they supposed to do when a trustee tries to befriend them in the hopes of getting a free meal? They aren’t dumb, they have been locking that back door so Lee has been walking around to the front where everyone else has to come in. But you can feel the arrogance from Lee wherever he is, a sense of entitlement that comes from people who are natural looters off the world around them. And without question that is Lee’s interest in the Ohio Senate seat for the 4th District. Lee will walk around the neighborhoods and shake hands, but what he wants is an easy seat in Columbus that makes him look like a big man, and give him more opportunities for more free meals as a big shot living off the efforts of others.

To validate what I’m saying just watch the countless videos published on the West Chester trustee meetings, he has stood in opposition to just about everything logical that either George or Mark has proposed and has stood in direct opposition with them behaving exactly as a Democrat would. The idea of someone like him even voting in the senate is a terrifying concept. If people think Mitt Romney is bad at the federal level, Lee isn’t even trying to hide it. Not that I think he will come anywhere close to being elected, but there are always some voters who don’t know the candidates who see Lee’s name on a ballot and might think “what the heck, what is there to lose?” Well, let me tell you, Ding Dong Wong is a long way from the right choice. You can go wrong, with Wong.

Knowing a Lee enough I think the only reason he wants the Senate job is for the opportunity at free meals and access to social spots he might not have otherwise. Before it was even Christmas he started putting out the signs for the March primary in his little eco car that no real conservative would be caught dead in, and hoped to get his name out to enough people to surprise the election results. Knowing him and how much he despises George Lang, I’m sure he has fantasies of upsetting him in the primary with a split vote. He dislikes Lang because he’s a pro-business capitalist and Lee is a Chinese anti-Trump sympathizer. He came to a recent Trump rally held in West Chester because he had to, but he has made lots of anti-Trump comments in his years as a trustee that are recorded on those videos to reveal how he really feels. And that is what’s really scary about someone like Ding Dong Wong, they are not what they say they are, but are something other


Every time I see Lee in different places I wonder about why he was on East Avenue asking known prostitutes if they were working. I have lived in the area for most of my life and I’m not even sure where East Avenue is. Why would Lee even be there asking such questions? The prostitute who reported him was Robin McDaniel who told Ding Dong Wong “no” because she thought it might be a sting. Lee has denied the allegation, but McDaniel didn’t have any reason to lie about it. Out of all the people in the world, she mentioned Ding Dong, and nobody else. When I think of it the situation sounds just like how Wong came in the back door at Sushi Monk, always a little sneaky, always a little empowered, hiding some dark personality of communist sentiment behind a mask of military service. A spiteful bootlicker as a trustee who takes some grand pleasure at pretending to be a Republican so he can hold office and ruin the plans of real Republicans like George Lang and Mark Welch. It is people like Ding Dong Wong who have always given politics a bad name, and like most Democrats do, they point at everyone else as the villains when it is they patrolling East Avenue looking for “working girls” and sneaking in the back doors of restaurants so that everyone can see that they are privileged because they have power.

I may not think these things about Ding Dong Wong if he didn’t get caught trying to funnel West Chester money into a sidewalk deal of Eagleridge Drive and Eaglet. In that deal Lee colluded with a neighbor of his, a Mr. Cho, to have a crosswalk built at taxpayer expense and he had a second vote for the motion in the long-time liberal Cathy Stoker. It was a simple matter of $4,690.00 dollars to put in the crosswalk, but that’s not the issue. The issue is that Lee has a history of using his office to make his friends happy, and he uses that happiness to gain benefits for himself. He is more in love with the power of an office than in the sacrifice of doing the work. And when questioned he always hides behind a military record that a lot of people have, yet he thinks of it as an immunity card. I think of Ding Dong Lee Wong as one of the most corrupt politicians running for any office in Ohio. And if voters aren’t careful, they’ll wake up one night to a ding dong at their back door, and what they’ll find there is Lee Wong singing a song of benefits for office access, and they’ll find themselves in a very uncomfortable position.

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Rich Hoffman

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