George Lang: The Magnificent future Senator of Ohio

While the President of the United States was in Iowa getting in front of the Democrat primaries there, there was a rally in West Chester that had more people at it than the averages of all the Democrat presidential candidates have at any of their rallies. Joe Biden would have considered himself lucky to have so many people gather anywhere he is at, let alone people coming to gather in his honor even though he wasn’t even there. Yet that was what happened with Trump, the supporters of Butler County were willing to wait in line and give respect to the President even when he’s 500 miles away in a completely different state. And that includes politicians like George Lang who is currently a member of the Ohio House of Representatives running for the senate. George Lang has supported Donald Trump well before the Republican primaries of 2016 even had their first vote, so he certainly wasn’t going to miss a rally for the President taking place in his home district even while the House was locked in a procedural stalemate. Lang persuaded leadership to let him leave the chamber and drive from Columbus to West Chester in time to give this very energized speech. After the event was over, George headed back to Columbus to conclude his work with the House and it is people like this who have emerged in such a positive way in American politics with Trump leading the way in the White House.

George Lang has always been magnificent and full of abundant energy. However, he has never had the opportunity to be so effective as he has since Donald Trump has been elected. In the speech he gave at the Trump rally he was able to distinguish a bit why he was elected to the House and is such a front runner in the Senate, he used to be a trustee in West Chester which thrived under his leadership. West Chester under Lang’s pro-business policies has thrived into a wonderland of business, entertainment, and a residential paradise, one of the truly best places to live in all of America, and therefor the world. Given the energy he has for whatever job he plunges himself into, George Lang excels and everyone he touches benefits. In that way he is truly magnificent. He understands that its not government that gives people opportunity, but that it’s the job of the politician to get government out of the way of progress as much as possible so that the individual can think, create, and bring forth the wonders of their imaginations.

During Lang’s speech he spoke about the timeline of progress stating that society might have had many new inventions much sooner in life than with government always standing in the way. Of course he’s speaking about the very important journey from Aristotle to the Founding Fathers and how human intelligence had evolved away from kingship to the wonders of a Thomas Edison inventing new things every couple of days at the end of the 19th century. Not everyone is so inclined to be such a contributor, but any productive society wants to set up the conditions for uniqueness to spring forward and to thrive under the protection of a stable society. If government has a job it is to create that stability, but certainly not to micromanage people into bureaucratic compliance to out of touch politicians. George Lang has always understood what the true role of government should be and West Chester has thrived under his leadership and divine energy.

That same energy was on full display at the Trump rally with the events of his very busy day, starting out early with House business and an important vote to end at the Trump rally, only to finish off back in Columbus to resume business without complaint or any measure of apathy. George Lang is a tireless warrior for the innovative, the creative, and the diligent business leaders not just wanting to make money for their companies and employees, but to extend their personal risk into operations of a chance that wouldn’t be possible under any other form of government but the supporter who seeks to remove regulation and barriers giving more time and investment to new business creation. With that kind of approach West Chester has created a climate where new business investment has been willing to give new birth to strip malls like the ones that Kroger moves out of to make new, magnificent Marketplace stores only to leave behind shells of smaller buildings now vacant, like a crab leaving behind a smaller shell only to take on the form of a larger creature. In West Chester most of the time new business concepts move into those smaller shells to take advantage of the very friendly business climate, such as The Web near Lakota East, and The Antique Mall that moved into the old Biggs location. Other communities struggle to keep their real estate fresh and exciting, but due to Lang’s very friendly pro-business environment and his ability to help build the next generation of trustees in West Chester, this land of economic paradise continues to grow in positive ways, under the invisible hand of innovation and sheer creativity free of too much government intervention.

Many of us aren’t trained to think in such a way, that better results come from less government. Our education institutions teach us the opposite, but history has shown that the true path is the one that George Lang understands, less is more and unbridled energy is contagious. That is what separates Lang from the pack of ankle biters who constantly are trying to peck at him into slowing down long enough for them to catch up. But Lang is a tireless warrior of intellect and passion. The candidates running against him for the upcoming primary are either rock throwers who have no other pages in their playbook or they are social butterflies who think they can shake hands with enough people to get a free lunch. They are not at the caliber of George Lang and they are well aware of it. You didn’t see them speaking at a Trump rally, and you certainly don’t see them with backstage pictures with President Trump, essentially because like minds gravitate toward each other and George Lang and Donald Trump are essentially likeminded personalities who occasionally find each other in the chaos of government driven conformity as change agents seeking to reverse that trend. Trump has now been doing on a national scale what George Lang has been doing for decades in West Chester, promoting a pro-business climate, going against the bureaucrat class who simply want to tie everyone’s hands with more unthoughtful regulation, and inspiring individuals to take leadership positions in their own lives instead of waiting for someone who never comes to provide it for them. Empowerment is the theme of this new age of politics and like Donald Trump, George Lang is one of the original creators.

So for more reasons than just to give a speech, George Lang rushed to West Chester to be with fellow Trump supporters to rally for tomorrow’s new opportunities and to cast a wide net of optimism on the future itself. With all the hope for what’s best about people, George Lang enjoys empowering people to do what’s best for them, which then becomes what’s best for their community decided by market need, not some stuffy regulator afraid of their own shadows and in essence, that is a remarkable opportunity we all have, to have people like George Lang as options on a voter card, and Donald Trump who with such boyish optimism can put the world on their backs and carry them over mountains of red tape to a land of opportunity that was always there, only we could not see it for the mess presented to us. That is why George is so magnificent, its because he has never learned to fail, never accepted less than his dreams, and is in spite of many barriers given to him in his own life never yielded to them. And the result is this fantastic man who is willing to give to everyone who can vote for him the opportunities for unlimited fulfilment if only they would dare enough to say yes to it.

Rich Hoffman

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