The Outsider Don Lemon: This is what winning looks like

It has probably been noticed that much of what I have been writing has took a turn in tone from an outsider view of the world, to more to the insider. That is because Trump, whom I have supported from the very beginning, and the Tea Party movement which I was also a part of from the very first moments, are now in charge. When you win and capture the other players chess pieces you must accept that victory and not continue to act as a victim in throwing rocks at the castle walls. Once you enter and take over the occupants of that castle, and you sit on the throne, you must acknowledge that your role has changed, and you are now responsible for what happens next. So, my direction has been to prepare those victors for a proper philosophy to help them grasp that victory and not to lose it back to the heathens who have been cast out. And that is precisely what happened on CNN when Don Lemon had on a panel of people who openly mocked the intelligence of Trump supporters, they were speaking very ungraciously about their newly found view of the world outside of the castle walls—out of power and still yet unwilling to acknowledge their loss of privilege and respect in the world.

I have been writing material for those of us getting used to our winning positions so that when the other side tries to recapture their positions, these newfound winners will know how to maintain their positions and increase their winnings, and to not allow the pendulum to swing back in the other direction as it has for a few centuries now in American politics. When you gain power, you keep it, and you use it to improve the lives of people looking to you for support and leadership. And in that way of thinking I have been making the arguments that conservative views of the world are a superior philosophic vantage point concluded through experience and wisdom, quite the opposite kind of sentiment that Don Lemon was applying to Trump voters. I would argue the opposite, that Trump voters have the higher moral high ground and superior intelligence state of mind, and that is why victories are coming easily to them these days.

The political left had captured intelligentsia over a century ago and they maintained a stingy grip on it for all of our lives, to the point where they have attempted to lay claim to intelligence itself. The Progressive era as it made a political crawl for power in 1912, and ended up putting the extreme racist Woodrow Wilson into the White House with Franklin D. Roosevelt in place just over a decade later for four terms of White House occupation, claimed our education perspective with a very Marx like view of the world that people like Don Lemon still think exists. But they have not yet accepted that they lost that position not just in the 2016 election, but essentially during the entire decade that came before. The political left pushed George W. Bush further and further to the left, then gave us Obama after an embarrassing decade of Bill Clinton. People were tired of watching their republic continue to turn so far to the left on the political spectrum, so I clarified what that measurement has been in an article dedicated to the effort.

In 2008 and 2009 I was doing work with many contacts in Hollywood and was enjoying being a growing insider in entertainment media. My bullwhip act was catching on and I was getting a lot of invites to a career trajectory that was shaping up to lead to millions and millions of dollars. The networking connections that I was establishing with my talents was shaping up to be very lucrative. And it was on a film set in Glendale, California that I made a decision to lend my talents to this new conservative trend toward the Tea Party which many at that time thought was crazy—because of all the money that was on the table. I was engaged in a philosophic talk about politics with many popular stars at a lunch break while we were in line at the catering truck and I decided that I was going to have to use my abilities to help change the direction of the country. So, I became involved in the Tea Party movement helping where I could on issues local and national. I became heavily involved in talk radio and put my name next to many controversial issues because from the very beginning, I understood the political spectrum that I have now been conveying recently. What good is millions of dollars if liberalism was allowed to steal it all eventually anyway and we lose our society? In that way, I put off my insider status for a choice on the outside so that the right political philosophy could retake powers of position in our nation, so that we could all have a better society along that political spectrum.

Believe me, I felt the pain of going from an insider to an outsider. It was not a happy place, so I get the need to ridicule their betters that Don Lemon and his friends at CNN feel is necessary. And they should know that they are only digging their own hole deeper. Because unlike what I experienced in the early days of the Tea Party leading up to the Trump election of 2016, and everything that has happened since, I understood where the political spectrum was and why people started America to begin with. That the entire progressive era was a well-meaning swing way to the left of it, but that the heart of every American rested well to the right of that center and would under the needs of freedom, to continue moving to the right every chance it had. So, for Don Lemon and his supporters, and all those on the left politically, they do not have philosophy on their side. They will not be able to retake powers of position easily, unless we hand it back to them with unlocked doors and sheer neglect. That knowledge is terrifying to them, and they should be scared for how they behaved when they did have power. It is our task to give them many nightmares in the aftermath of their fall from power just as a warning to their further encroachments.

However, winning should always be the goal and we have won. Now the challenge is to stay hungry for more wins and to maintain a winning culture. To not relax and become ourselves corrupt, but to be vigilant and hungry for that winning culture at every opportunity. It is a new day and we don’t need to worry so much about being victims to the Don Lemons of the world. We have beaten them. Its ok to piss over the castle walls upon their spiteful faces, but we must never again give them political leverage over us. And that is the lesson of the day. When you get power, keep it and understand that our position is historic, and that the philosophy of mankind is on our side, and so long as we preserve the natural tendency of all human beings to function under freedom, that their movement to the political right will always guard that castle, and keep us all in the winning column for many centuries to come. We’ve all made sacrifices to get here, all battles are about such decisions. Now however that we have power, we need to keep it for the hopes of all who dream well into the history books that have not yet been written. And additionally, now that we have power, its time that we use it to do good, and bring justice to those hungry for it.

Rich Hoffman

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