The John Bolton Isssue Doesn’t Matter: What Democrats want is the “Minority Report”

First let me say that this leak coming out of John Bolton’s book is likely done by the publisher and may not have any hook into reality. Bolton himself may not even know about it. With the pre-orders for Bolton’s new book going up on Amazon on the same day, the coincidence is less than mysterious. Even more than that, the leaker is likely a political operative using impeachment to hide their own connections to the crimes of the Democrat Party attached to the Bidens and the Obama White House. They saw how well the Trump lawyers massacred the impeachment case on Saturday and Monday, and they needed some way to stall things out in the Senate to delay the eventual acquittal as long as they can, because in essence, they have no plan for beating President Trump in the fall. The longer the impeachment trial goes on, perhaps the more Rino Republicans they can get to at least play ball at preserving their last hope of getting some news coverage favorable to their party. A media culture bored out of their minds with the impeachment scandal jumped on this story like a drowning person grabs at a life raft, but the essence of the case didn’t change. Its not about the facts of anything related to the impeachment case, but rather a hopeful stall tactic to keep their last attempts as a Democrat Party alive with their “Hail Mary” pass for a hopeless touchdown.

The real humor in Bolton’s so-called leak is that it is so hopeless. Think about what they are suggesting that President Trump said to withhold money from Ukraine unless they investigate the crimes of the Biden family. First of all, the crimes were committed by the Bidens. Second, who says that Ukraine deserved any money from the American taxpayer to begin with. And third, in negotiations it is quite common to bolster a position to see how entrenched the other side is, or in Bolton’s case, how much you can trust them. There is a vast difference between saying something and doing something. This isn’t the “Minority Report” where we prosecute crimes without evidence just based on speculation or intentions to commit crimes as suggested by some third party. Trump can say anything he wants, especially among his confidants. If we might say, “I will kill that person” we might utter it to express our anger. Its not against the law to express yourself. It is against the law to actually do it, and in cases like this, we must always keep that in perspective. President Trump is the victim of a crime, not the advocate of one.

It really is a shame that Mitt Romney, for all that Trump did to support his Senate run would even consider pushing for John Bolton’s testimony. Not that President Trump would even need to evoke executive privilege the way that Obama and many others have over time, but such a move would surely keep the impeachment trial alive longer which feeds into the Democrat play book. He knows better and has clearly put his own political ambitions higher than the oath of the office he swore to protect. The actions by the Democrats are so vile that Romney should clearly understand what he’s suggesting. But then again, maybe he does. Maybe there are a lot of Senators in that chamber who did just as Biden did, sell access to corrupt governments for their personal enrichment, and perhaps that’s the strategy and has been from the outset. They don’t want to hear how good the Trump attorneys are at defending the President, they want to make sure that the focus stays on the Executive Branch, not on the crimes committed by their friends and partners in Congress.

But obviously nobody has thought past this case at the future case law they are all proposing, where just for what you say, or even think, could get you removed from office, and destroy you forever. Their vision is incredibly short-sighted, but what should we expect from such a group of low thinking animals. We are not talking about deep, intellectual thinkers here, but very didactic villains, Romney included who will do anything for a taste of power. Even if it goes against logic in every way, shape, and form. To suggest that Trump should be removed from office for even saying something, even though what happened in reality was not even close, is to ignite a very dangerous tomorrow. But when the real crime is that the perpetrators would otherwise be on trial and face jail time by Trump’s DOJ, what do they have to lose by trying to place their own guilt on an innocent party just because the behavior might indicate some shared guilt and diffuse attention from the true matter at hand—that Joe Biden was selling access to the White House and was getting rich off his office. And a few years ago, it was another Democrat presidential candidate doing that very same thing in Hillary Clinton. And that right now in that very Senate chamber many others are committing the very same crime in both parties. Let’s not forget that John McCain was at the center of the Russian Dossier and hand carried it to the FBI himself. So, we are not dealing with people who want to see the swamp drained, rather they are angry and willing to do anything to deflect guilt from them to the Trump administration using any rumor possible to conduct their task.

And the desperation is so great that they will stop at nothing, to Hell with what tomorrow brings. If just a rumor, or a leak from some disenchanted political activist can paint guilt on anybody, then so be it—that is the message here. The facts of the matter are in what Trump did, Ukraine got their money whether they deserved it or not, and any bolstering that was done for positioning wasn’t followed through, which is the end of the Bolton story. But in this case, maybe he sells a few books only to find out later that there is nothing to it, would not be a first in the business of marketing. Its quite common, only so much for one political party usually isn’t on the line. For the Democrats, their very existence is at stake, so to some extent we can sympathize with their frustration. They have no case, all they can hope to do at this point is run down the clock as close to the election as possible and hope that some Senators lose their footing from now until then and vote their way to keep scandal alive and focused on Trump instead of the true destination, the Bidens. At the end of all this it’s not just about politics but rather their own freedom from jail time that we are really talking about so that makes these people very desperate. And desperate people will do just about anything, and they have. They don’t care that Trump is an innocent man, let alone a president elected by Americans to solve a problem. They are part of that problem so of course they hate the American people and their representative in the White House. But even so, they can’t prosecute for crimes that never happened or that were just talked about. If that is the case, just about everyone everyday would be guilty of some life sentence in prison. And that is the door that Democrats are willing to open in hopes of saving themselves, which is why they are so dangerous.

Rich Hoffman