President Trump, Warren Davidson, and George Lang: ‘Nobody Does it Better’

It was good to hear my congressman’s name come up during President Trump’s March for Life speech on Friday. Warren Davidson has been doing such a great job representing me in Washington D.C. that it gave me a great moment of pride in hearing his name mentioned so prominently by the greatest president in American history. But that wasn’t all that Trump was up to that day, additionally he had a meeting of the nation’s mayors at the White House so to inspire them into better things. Also he released on Twitter the new logo for the sixth branch of military service, the Space Force which has come to be under his presidency. For most people any one of those things would have been the climax of their week, even for former presidents. They would have needed a nap after just the mayor’s event. But for Donald J. Trump and those rising to great success under his influence leadership, like Warren Davidson, its just another day at the office. Few people would have known it, even though every network had committed most all of their broadcasting effort toward the effort, but an impeachment trial was going on at Capital Hill by those seeking any way possible to slow this president down. And this coming on the heels of new trade deals with China, Mexico and Canada, and a very successful trip to the Davos economic forum of world leaders. This president is too big of a thinker to be encumbered by the small minded, and after a week of impeachment coverage, it was quite clear that President Trump had more of a personality of a James Bond theme song than the scandalous acceptance of political diatribes that brought down Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon. Trump is a winner and everything he touches improves just by his influence, leaving attempts to paint him as a lesser person weak and affectless.

This isn’t a new idea to me, that is why actually I have named this site for more than a decade now, Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom. As an individual I live my own life in such a way, something that is bigger than just the meager exploits of common human ambitions. That’s where the “overman” comes from, expecting more of yourself than just the primitive attempts at basic living, but to do everything in your life as if it were a legendary status. So it is great to see that those types of people are finding success these days instead of being held down by some pretense of social construct. Those cracks have been forming in every field of endeavor for well over 100 years, and it is very exciting to see what having one finally live and work in the White House can do for people, and that wonderful new politicians like Warren Davidson on the national level and George Lang at the Ohio level, are emerging under a flag of winning that people just haven’t experienced before.

A lot of people over the weekend tried to put their finger on the issue, really of what happened during the third week of January 2020 in America with a president who has a personality that is bigger than the news cycles and the top stars of Hollywood and within the networks. It obviously bothers them that they can’t match his efforts, but I would say that the fault is entirely theirs. They have simply set the goals for themselves too low, and their lives have been too meek to compete with President Trump, that even with all the vast resources of the federal government to utilize, they have not been able to hurt him at all politically. They may have kept his influence from spreading to those who have already voted otherwise. If not for their efforts, President Trump may have 90% of the country behind him currently. He may actually be the first president in American history who is truly a president to all people no matter what their political backgrounds. There were some bad mayors in the White House at that meeting, and Trump treats them all very fairly and always above the line, which is consistent with his business background. I think most successful business people are good at finding what’s best about people, even if those people don’t yet see it in themselves. Its not a bad thing to call them out and to try to push them into greatness, even if they insist on being sticks in the mud. Optimism is good for business, and now its also good for politics and the effects are now exploding onto the scene.

And to think how much President Trump has endured and yet stock prices on the Dow are hovering at 29,000. Trump was the first president in American history to speak at the famous March for Life that occurs every year. I mean how could anybody not be for life? Certainly, a positive person like President Trump wants to see every life have a chance at something great for themselves, especially those being born. How could any politician put their name next to a death cult of abortion and try to sell it to women as a right to be a murderer? Yet that is how it has been, and presidents were so terrified to be pushed under on the media cycle to even appear to challenge Roe v. Wade that they fear women may not vote for them in an upcoming election. President Trump however didn’t just make himself that first president to so publicly speak in favor of such a pro-life position, but its just one of the big things he did that day, and that is pretty much every day in his administration. He is an amazing character of significant achievement and like any overmanwarrior, he is not content with those efforts, but is always looking for the next win. Lesser people who don’t have such high goals for themselves simply can’t touch him. Look at how pathetic Adam Schiff was in the senate trying to use 24 hours of legal banter to make a case for impeachment only to look like a loser who farted in a corner and then tried to blame it on everyone else.

I know how hard Warren Davidson works in my district and I feel privileged to have him as an option for representation. Not that competency should be unjustly rewarded, its expected, but all too often we end up with hacks like Adam Schiff in federal positions, and those people are really struggling with the influence leadership of President Trump because they can’t keep up. All they can do is yell at the bus that has come and gone leaving them on a street corner of philosophy with all the rest of the garbage that has refused the call to be better than they were yesterday. In Trump’s America, everyone should strive to be more than they were even five minutes ago. He has lived his life that way and now as a President, he is showing what such a person looks like. Most of us, a majority, love it and will continue to support it well into the future. And that is unique to our times and is a growing movement that I relish. I have never enjoyed watching the news so much than I have from the day that this president was voted into office in November of 2016. He is simply too big to stop and the world knows it. And that big concept thinking is now giving a voice to other big thinkers, like Warren Davidson, and George Lang to become more than they ever could before, which is probably the most exciting thing that nobody is talking about. For a change its not the nobody’s who are shaping our lives. It’s the winners, and this is what it feels like, which is a great and welcomed condition. These times are for winners, and President Trump is the embodiment of the Carly Simon song, “Nobody Does it Better.” And we are all benefiting from it. Trump is the best, and the world is coming to understand it, even his enemies.

Rich Hoffman

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