FISA Court Says it can’t Trust the FBI or DOJ on Anything: Impeachment to hide crimes and other problems of democracy

As I have been saying about the Democrats impeachment attempt from the outset the desire comes more from self-protection than out of any sense of justice. Many of the Democrats in the House and Senate are themselves involved in the kind of mess that Joe Biden and his family have been, selling access to the office for cash. They need a distraction to not just save their jobs, but to keep from going to jail. To that exact point, Tom Fitton from the very aggressive, and orthodox Judicial Watch has been pulling documents into the light of day proving just that, and recently they have had several breakthroughs that paint the picture even grander than I have been saying. As Tom was saying recently all this impeachment stuff, and the entire nature of the Russian scandal was only about one thing, protecting Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden from their access selling schemes in the Clinton Foundation and other networks. Watching Adam Schiff talk all day this past week over impeachment prosecution it is obvious that he’s covering for fellow Democrats trying to keep the news cycle focused on everything but what they are guilty of.

Well, yesterday it broke that the DOJ disavowed two spy warrants that were targeting President Trump during the 2016 campaign and that they directly violated the constitutional rights of Carter Page with documents signed by James Comey, who is in a whole lot of trouble by Attorney General Barr. This is a whole heap of trouble for Democrats who were in on the overthrow of an American election and were trying to use a fake Russia story as their cover for the crime. Now that President Trump has put in place a real attorney general at the Department of Justice, the Democrats have lost their influence over that branch of government which it looks like they enjoyed since the first George Bush was in the White House. The fear they have now is that they can’t manipulate the DOJ as they have in the past to cover crimes they have been committing for a long time and now they are exposed, which is why they are pushing for some distraction now, hoping to do anything to change the game in their favor.

I suppose nothing surprises me, but I do spend much of my time in the company of pretty smart people, so when I run into “normal” people I have been confounded at how easily they are manipulated by their propensity for small thinking. Not to get to far into it, but I have been involved in discussions that involve President Trump and I continue to get the question, “but what if he is impeached? Will you still do this, or do that?” I can’t help but just to gaze at them for a minute. Why would they think such a thing? Is it because their only view to the outside world is Channel 5 in Cincinnati, and the Cincinnati Enquirer? Why would they think that President Trump would be impeached unless they are hopelessly gullible? And at those times I can’t help but think of one of my favorite books, Plato’s ‘Republic.’ The story of the shadow people broadcast against the cave wall from firelight within an underground sanctuary with prisoners of thought tied to poles only facing the wall and trying to guess what the shapes on the wall mean from the images cast from behind them. It is astonishing that so many people are willing to live in that state of existence, and obviously the Democrats count on that tendency. That is their whole point in impeachment, is to carry those types of minds toward a sense of hopelessness that might convince them that its not they who are the corrupt ones, but those who took power away from them and now run the Department of Justice.

I would tell anybody that the best guard against that behavior is to read a lot of books. People who practice that very simple thing are likely to be able to see through this criminal activity by the Democrats because they haven’t lost the ability to think. I read an average of two books a week, each over 65,000 words or more, and I find it very enjoyable. It’s a form of exercise for me and I’ve done that for more than 30 years. I get along best with people who read in those quantities. I know people who read even more than that, and their minds are very active. But I do feel somewhat sorry for people who allow their minds to become almost spongy soft due to a lack of exercised intellect, where they just plop down on a Saturday and watch sports programming on NBC and believe everything they hear against President Trump as that network obviously has major problems with the president. I’ve noticed it myself when I do watch it for a football game or some other event, the news is presented in a way that makes dumb people feel good. But people with exercised intellects won’t find much there beneficial. But that isn’t the target audience, it’s the people who are too lazy to think who they feel they can turn to their side of things with sheer quantity of information. If they present a lot of information, then people not so smart won’t have any excess capacity to think anything but what they have been told. And to a large degree, among normal people who don’t read very much, it works.

Because of this I have been thinking back to an old high school class I had called “Problems of Democracy” that was taught by a raging long haired hippie I couldn’t stand. He was an obvious communist sympathizer who would rather have smoked a lot of pot and had unprotected sex with a pile of human flesh no matter what their gender than to have any deep thoughts about the direction of existence and he always made me sick to listen to. But the essence of that class was his embodiment, people like him were the problem with Democracy. Democrats still believe that if they can make a lot of people stupid, or scared, that they can get by with crimes. And when they are guilty, they attack others for the crimes they are most guilty of and they count on the sheer numbers to acquit them. That is the problem with Democracy, and why we are a Republic as a nation, not a bunch of slack jawed anarchists winning elections with just sheer numbers. We need to have more thought that goes into these things. And for these advocates of impeachment, they are using this playbook to hide their own criminal misconduct—or trying to.

But it hasn’t worked, with this FISA Court ruling against the FBI and the Obama era DOJ there is a major problem that is much, much bigger and more problematic than this impeachment attempt. But the wall to wall coverage by the mainstream media is trying to overwhelm the not so smart with feelings of doubt and the crimes are placed on a scale that unintelligent people can’t even fathom. For those who watch NBC and worry that President Trump might have actually done something wrong the real problem is in their lack of intellect, not in the facts of the case. The facts of the case are sadly beyond their lazy minds, their willingness to look at the shadows of Plato’s cave walls. The real crime is unraveling right in front of us day by day, and this impeachment is designed to conceal the truth for as long as possible, perhaps to the election. It is the last hope of a guilty group who have committed major crimes as domestic enemies and justice is hungry. And in spite of what you hear on television and the kind of people who don’t read very much, we are about to see a feeding frenzy on a scale the world has never seen before. And it’s about time!

Rich Hoffman

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