George Lang: Donald Trump’s kind of senator in Ohio

Welcome to 2020, a decade that will forever be known for a certain swagger back toward capitalism and where Marxism will continue to erode from the face of the earth as it first arrived over 100 years ago to North America to attempt to beat down the original roaring 20s. Well, Trump and the people who have supported him are no longer outsiders. We may have been in the previous two or three decades, but not anymore. Trump in spite of all the scary stuff those falling out of power want you to think about him is the new norm and that standard will be around for a while. So, thinking about this upcoming election in Butler County for the 4th State Senate Seat in Ohio it was Trump who I was thinking about and how there is only one candidate out of all the wanna bes who can hold the seat. It’s not just because of his competency, but its because we are in the new 20s and it is the decade of Trump and people who are only a few phone calls away from the White House, like George Lang are right for the job.

What matters in a seat like the one in Ohio for senate is not just personal philosophy and accomplishments, but in being on the side of history and showing the kind of resolve that makes him the kind of person who fits in the Trump Republican Party. Out of the other candidates such as the socialist trustee from West Chester posing as a Republican like Lee Wong—when Trump comes to town, which he does often, Lee has shown that he is against President Trump on many issues. And the other Republican running for that same senate seat, Candace Keller is likely to be one of the people waiting in line for Trump holding a sign, but George Lang will be behind the curtain there to greet him. There are people who are wish they weres, and then there are people who are the real deal and that is George Lang. George is the kind of guy who can get in touch with Trump whereas people like Candace wave to him from the side of the road. And that is all the difference anybody needs to consider in this upcoming election.

After the Republican primaries are voted on in March a liberal lady by the name of Kathy Wyenandt, plans to run against George as a Democrat. I often say to her that she should run as a Republican, but she won’t listen. The trouble with her approach is that there are like two Democrats in Butler County. Actually, there are a few more, but that might as well be the number. The 4th District in Ohio is not a liberal one and as I pointed out, between Kathy, Candace, and Lee, only George is a Trump supporter to the level where he can say he’s a part of the Trump White House. The world has turned upside-down a bit, the insiders are now the outsiders and the outsiders are now the insiders. George is an insider and not in a bad way. Bad for those who want to challenge him for an elected seat, but not bad for those who share with Trump the kind of vision for America that we have wanted for many years. And now its time.

Kathy will try to beat George by killing with kindness and winning over what she thinks are moderates. She has befriended lots of flip flop Republicans trying to whittle away at a base that no longer exists, something the Democrats thought was the key to beating Republicans during the Bush administrations. Those Republican friends of hers would like to take George out for their own future shots at an office because they understand that Lang is now the establishment, as if perpetual rebellion was the only course for the future. When Democrats are in office, they are Tea Party people, when Republicans are in office, they pick at the structure hoping to make a name for themselves. And Kathy is happy to ride that wave hoping that the numbers of division will help her poultry Democrat Party of school levy supporters and other tax advocates gain a surprise in turnout in her favor. Even that strategy fails to understand that we elected Donald Trump to take over our government and now from the White House we are filling many new federal, state and local seats with the kind of people who put Trump in power. And Trump doesn’t forget those who supported him early on.

I remember meeting Trump with George Lang early in the primaries in 2016 when Trump was still being laughed at all across the country. Many area Republicans in Butler County were still supporting John Kasich, who at that time was the face of the party. Well, for me, Kasich was entirely too liberal, more like Kathy Wyenandt and Lee Wong. Trump was too much for them, too crazy from their moderate point of view. But Lang was always a pro-business guy who wanted to help businesses and individual people get all they could out of life and he shared with Trump a vision for America. In those early days, I was certainly there with Trump—on day one. And so was George Lang, with his heart and soul. And now, he gets to reap the benefits of that friendship. He’s an insider in the best way possible.

Now I would never say that Trump’s ideas are crazy, because I don’t think they are or ever were. The mainstream as it used to be for me was entirely too soft, and boring. I like this new world of Trump and I can see myself functioning happily within it. There is a difference when you are an outsider who thinks you can do better than the insider which gives that person a bad name easily. But at some point, you most of the time get a chance to be the insider and when you do, you should do the things that you think are better for the world. Most people never feel comfortable being anything but an outsider, so they perpetually complain and bitch and become do nothings. But that’s not George. He fought as an outsider to become an insider, and now he’s part of the Trump America and is the only one who is. The rest of his challengers are just complainers and perpetual outsiders because that’s all they want to know. They want the prestige but not the responsibility and Trump doesn’t respect people like that. And in the future, especially in Butler County, Trump will call on Republicans to help, and George will be one of them. Trump won’t call those other candidates. He may ask Candice for a campaign donation because she might have bought a t-shirt, but nothing else. At some point, we win and we get to pick good people like George Lang to be our representative. And instead of getting a do nothing loser, we can expect in George a real champion for people and their success. And to support businesses and personal freedom. He’s what we’ve always wanted in a powerful position under a Trump White House. And to his very heart, he’s an unapologetic Trump supporter that was there when it wasn’t cool, and that means everything in the world.

Rich Hoffman

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