The Purple Headed Loser: Anti-gun activists attack the Kentucky Academy of Sports

In general, I’m a live and let die kind of guy. If you want to be a loser, I leave that decision to you to make unless you’ve injected yourself into my life in some way. People are free to do and think what they want, until they try to impose themselves on me. And that is exactly what Sydney Cooper has done with her purple hair and a body that is taking up way too much real estate is doing by protesting the Kentucky Academy of Sports for a raffle they had for the Holidays distributing guns to participants. The entire event was voluntary and the business of the people active with the raffle yet this anti-gun activist decided that it was within her right to impose her views on the rest of us with an anti-Second Amendment message, and she presented herself in a way that I consider insulting. I don’t like people who alter themselves especially with changing the color of their hair to purple. I think she looks disgusting and she is in all of our faces showing her desire to protest conformity with her appearance, yet thinks she has the right to lecture the rest of us. Not a smart thing to do young lady.

This purple haired kid apparently is the state director for Kentucky March for our Lives, which is one of these student groups moved to activism against our society of guns by the teacher’s unions and their progressive platform. The notion as she stated in her Channel 5 interview is that somehow, she believes that the raffle for guns is “tone deaf” to the sentiments of modern life. What’s tone deaf is that leftists like this girl think we care what she thinks, especially when she presents herself as such a disgusting reprobate. If she was going to do television, you’d think she might have at least worn something nice and respectable instead of presenting herself like a slob. I was embarrassed for her parents that the kid put herself on television looking like she should be marching for a gay pride parade. What’s tone deaf is that these leftist activist fail to understand that the gun culture we do have is essential to our freedoms. And their tone deafness is a choice because they want to attack us, and change it.

I personally didn’t ask to see her cake inflated face on my television lecturing us on gun violence aimed at children when the raffle itself was designed to raise money for children when it is well known that one of the best things you can do for a child is teach them to shoot and to be respectful of guns. It’s a great tool for teaching responsibility to children and a wonderful bonding agent from generation to generation. Perhaps if her parents had taught her to shoot guns and were active NRA members, maybe she wouldn’t have that ridiculous purple hair and be such a lost leftist sucking up to her teachers and their union talking points. As I’ve pointed out countless times these mass shootings are not caused by NRA members who hate losers like this girl, they are often affiliated by marijuana users who have a diabolical psychedelic reaction to the ingredients of pot smoking and the use of other depressants and anti-depressants. Why does anybody think that pot legalization has taken such a back seat this year—because the studies show that likely all the mass shooters over the last few years were active pot heads, and came from broken families.

The people of the Kentucky Academy of Sports are likely not much different than the typical NRA member, or the members of clubs I belong to such as the Cowboy Fast Draw Association where good hearted American values are promoted through teaching the next generation about responsible gun use, and the need to maintain the constitutions of the United States, at the federal and state levels, with guns. Even as I write this, diabolical politicians in Virginia are using their newfound Democrat majorities to contemplate a mandatory confiscation of firearms using the National Guard to do it. It’s all the talk at dinner parties in Democrat holiday gatherings. That’s where activist like this loser purple haired girl want to take our nation and to attack us like that during the sentiments of Christmas is insulting, and preposterous. I’m sure Channel 5 knew it would get such a reaction; it certainly got my attention. But the effort was insulting to say the least.

The most disrespectful aspect of this news report was the realization that we have lots of evidence to show just how bad and corrupt our present government is, and why they are very eager to disarm a public that might very well take up arms against them in a pursuit of much needed justice. Manipulating things the way that the establishment does—such as these teacher’s unions using kids to advocate for their progressive plot points—and the teacher’s unions are connected to politicians—and activist donors such as the George Soros types—they send out people like this purple headed freak to implore us to give up our guns and our essential love of freedom in exchange for what? This is the best spokesperson they could find, a gay rights looking advocate that certainly doesn’t look like the nice girl next door that we might want to protect a future for. She is what we don’t want, a society of tattooed freaks and dyed hair losers complaining about capitalism and advocating socialism. No thanks.

We’ll keep our guns, but Sydney Cooper and all her crazy haired friends from the March for our Lives movement are free to leave the country if they don’t like guns or the people who own them. They don’t have a right to change our America into their nightmare of drag queens, gay sex addicts, and drug users who are the real cause of gun violence in schools. Its not the guns that are the problems, it’s the kind of thinking that our schools are producing that is, those same anonymous figures that prop up the purple haired girl that are putting all these dumb ideas into these innocent little kids away from their parents. We know that our government is dangerous, that’s why we have the guns. And we know that the corruption of our government is so deep that it flows into every one of our public schools through the unions that the teacher’s bow to, and many of them are the voices behind this purple headed anti-gun activist. They are happy to use our young people as soldiers for the cause, and they don’t care who they hurt to achieve their objective.

Those who are “tone deaf” are those behind this girl, who want to do to this Kentucky Academy of Sports group just as they have with the Boy Scouts and many other traditional organizations. They attack and do not expect retaliation. They expect people to put down their guns for a complete government takeover of our way of life, which has been revealed in the attacks against the Trump administration, and they think we are so stupid that we’ll fall for the pleas from this purple headed loser who obviously doesn’t know much about life, and doesn’t respect our opinions enough to even dress up a bit for a big opportunity for television. Like most of the people in her age group she just showed up, said what people told her to, and expected success. When all she really did was piss off all the wrong people.

Rich Hoffman