Lee Wong is Wrong for Ohio’s 4th Senate Seat: He’s only qualified to be “maybe” a Wal-Mart greeter

Alright, the primary isn’t until March where Ohio’s 4th State Senate District will pick their next candidate for that seat on the Republican side of the slate, yet going to Jags the other evening, and elsewhere around West Chester Lee Wong, has already put out his signs for the campaign, just as signs from the previous November campaign are still littered throughout the region. In that little act, which may appear to be inauspicious, Lee says a lot about why he is just the wrong Wong for any political office, especially a senate seat. He is not a good trustee in West Chester, and is an obvious liberal with his voting record and he believes that if he is the first to get his signs out, and that he puts on them that he’s a veteran, that it will get him enough coverage to win some votes in that primary.

Lee is a nice guy, but so are a lot of idiots, they have to be so they don’t get their butts kicked by people more capable. People like Lee know that they trend toward Democrat, but they live in hard Republican areas, so they must go along to get along, which is in itself dishonest. I’ve been at the Sushi Monk when Lee has tried to come in the back door looking for some free food using his position as a trustee to “make friends” and enjoy the benefits of being a big shot in the community imposing himself on the good spirit of the hosts, uncomfortably. At Trustee meetings Lee usually, if not always goes around the room and introduces himself to the public and makes them feel hospital to their local government. Visually he does a lot of things that look nice and seem sincere, but under the veil is a person who is always what he’s not showing and he governs in the ways of a Democrat and is a wolf clearly in sheep’s clothing. He uses his niceness and his willingness to engage the public early and often as that sheep’s clothing yet the true merit of his actions, such as him putting his signs out before any other candidates shows his true nature. As a West Chester trustee he knows the townships policy on liter and signage in general, and he’s ignoring the policy for his own gain, and that is precisely how he governs, and is the core reason why he would be bad for a senate seat—because he’s never who he says he is.

I’ve met and known Lee for a long time, and since clear Republicans—at least they used to be—were running the township, I didn’t pay much mind to Lee. They had two votes to his one for sidewalks, and every other Agenda 21 feel good zoning pitch, so it wasn’t necessary to expose Lee in a harsh campaign. But a fair warning to him. Since he is running for a senate seat, one that I am very concerned with due to the kind of pro Second Amendment legislation that needs to get done in 2020 and after the Trump win in November, the first quarter of 2021, the last thing I want to see is some Democrat posing as a Republican in a Senate seat causing the kind of trouble that he often does as a West Chester trustee, such as when he brought in a bunch of union radicals to sabotage Mark Welch not very long ago. I didn’t ask him to stick his head up out of the ground, especially this early, so the treatment of him is going to be ruthless. Let me just say that for his own benefit. I think he’s a nice neighbor, but the political seats are important and we can’t afford the wrong people in them.

I’ll also say the same about the Democrats who plan to run for that same seat after the primary is over. Being a nice person isn’t enough. Just as in the Lakota school board election from the last time, and coming up again when Brad Lovell’s seat will come open, ruthlessness should be expected, because it is a kind of war for the hearts and minds of voters, and to be properly vetted, and since our local newspapers are too weak to do the job themselves, I can assure everyone that every dirty little secret, every little tryst to a local hotel or prostitutes on East Avenue will be exposed. I want to see the right people in the right jobs, not people hiding behind a façade of goodness who intend to do all the wrong things based on the direction needed in our own state government. Mike DeWine is about as liberal as I’m personally willing to put up with. Even that I would say is too far, but he serves as an adequate warning and benchmark of what is expected.

Since Lee has already put out his signs to get a jump on his competition then he is opening himself up to analysis as well as to his behavior and voting record which points straight back to the kind of philosophy which governs his voting pattern which is critical to the senate position he is seeking, and invites all the criticism available to display why Wong is Wrong for the job. I think he’s a terrible trustee in West Chester, but he’s even worse for a state seat of any kind. I wouldn’t trust him to be a bus driver to take senators to Columbus for a vote, I think he is that incompetent. To understand why, you must know more than what he shows through a handshake, it’s in what he believes that is the problem. And when pinned down, how he reacts and manipulates things to his advantage.

I’m not going to say that politics is not a harsh business and that games are part of the chess game, such as what he played in West Chester with the union debate orchestrated so deceptively against his fellow trustees at the time, one of which he is running against for that same senate seat now. People like Lee sell their scandal by using niceness to disarm their opposition, and they believe that being early to the worm will get the meal of the day, and in times past, that might have worked. But not anymore, and certainly not in the Trump circles of Ohio politics. I would say that for any seat in Ohio, but especially this senate seat. There is a lot at stake and dirt, scandal and everything imaginable are targets worth their salt in this one, so he better be ready for the crushing effects of sticking his head up so early. Because in so doing he reveals a lot about himself, even as a trustee who should know better. He is littering up the countryside during Christmas with his early signs ignoring West Chester’s policy on such things because in the end Lee doesn’t care so long as what he does serves his political ambitions and he will do the same and more with a higher position. And that is precisely why Lee Wong, is wrong for not only the 4th State Senate District seat that is coming up in the primary, he’s wrong for everything that involves public trust. He may be qualified to be a Wal-Mart greeter with is good demeanor, but that’s about it, keep him away from money or anything of responsibility—because he can’t be trusted.

Rich Hoffman