A Look Behind the Democrat Veil: There is nothing but smoke, not even a mirror

My history with lunatics, sword swallowers, and magicians helps me more often than all the people I know with doctorates and master’s degrees in understanding the truly life ending behavior of the Democrats, which might not be covered by anybody else in the entire world, even Rush Limbaugh. And so it went that the strategy of the entire DNC was on full display Thursday, December 5th as Nancy Pelosi announced that her congress would move forward with impeachment of President Trump. The less observed truth to their entire strategy was revealed by a fight at a rally for Mayor Pete, Joe Biden called a guy “fat” as he sparred with him over his own corruption scandal in Ukraine, and Hillary Clinton attempted to reset her dismal personality on the Howard Stern Show, almost simultaneously. In short, the objective is to get rid of Trump with impeachment so that one of the DNC candidates can make some ground, then try to create their own Trump moments to capture the attention of voters. The only problem is, they have no idea what they are doing or why people voted for Trump in the first place.

Democrats are trying to be Trump without having the authenticity of character that made so many people vote for him for president in 2016. They think they can play act some of his character traits, like going onto Howard Stern and “winging” it with flamboyance and bravado and that suddenly it might catapult them into the hearts and minds of America. But the crowds tell the whole story, what was astonishing in both Joe Biden’s townhall where he fought with the old man at that event challenging him to a push up contest and calling him names, or at the Mayor Pete event that sounded like it only had about four people there including the old lady who tried to hit a protestor with her walker. There just isn’t any excitement for these people yet the media who are fully in on the act, are trying to make them appear legitimate, but its not working.

In Biden’s case, the entire impeachment premise that the Democrats have put forth assume that Joe Biden was Donald Trump’s rival for the 2020 seat. But that guy isn’t in the running, he’s certainly not in first place. After watching him over these last several weeks, the polls that show him as the front runner must be phony, because if that is the best that the DNC have, (which I think he is) then they are in real trouble. Talk about a gaffe driven loser, between his comments about kids jumping in his lap and wanting to rub his hairy legs, then this mess with calling this guy at his townhall fat, Biden will never survive the one on one debates with Trump. And apparently everyone knows it, which is why they are trying to at least tarnish Trump with some impeachment scandal that is completely phony, so they can hope to have a shit shots chance in Hell at getting some votes in the next election. But I say it’s over for them before they can even get started because what they are trying to do is way too obvious. They don’t have any original ideas of their own, or personalities that inspire leadership, so they are copying elements of Trump without understanding why it worked in the first place. It’s one of the most pathetic things that I’ve ever seen, especially taken not individually, but rather in the context of the DNC presidential strategy for which they are all trying to play some part.

Hillary was right about some parts of Trump’s success, he did do interviews with anybody anywhere, even in his pajamas. His access to the media was explosive, but even if she had done the same, she still wouldn’t have won, and here’s why. Nobody cared about what she had to say. Nobody wanted to hear about her stupid glass ceiling of victimization womanhood, nobody wanted to hear her cough every five seconds. And nobody wanted to hear the way she really screws up saying “R’s.” She’s the crazy working mom that nobody wants to play at her house, because she’s so overbearing, stiff, and unimaginative. And she’s what the Democrats thought of as their best.

We’ve watched for a few years now the Democrats attempt put out on the market what they think voters want espousing issues that they hope people care about, like marijuana legalization, socialism for all, and open borders. Yet their people are really just used up pot heads who don’t have any pizzazz because they are cardboard cut-outs of what they think are real people. Trump is a complete person with a big personality who is where he is in life due to his wild life and many wins that have shaped him into an interesting character who can get things done. People want an achiever, not a copycat—they want authenticity. What’s insulting is that these people, Joe Biden, Clinton, Mayor Pete—and all the rest of them both in front of the camera and behind—and with all their educations, professional experience, and power in politics—they can’t come up with anything better. And that is the sad truth for them.

Then what’s worse is that while they feel they have to copy elements of Trump from 2016 to win some votes and get their base excited about something, they have conspired with a phony claim of corruption, for which Joe Biden is actually guilty of, to remove Trump from office before the election even happens because they have no other cards to play. If you think of things that way, the whole situation is entirely pathetic. That they think we are all that stupid is even worse. Because they do think that little of us.

You can tell a lot about people when the pressure is on, how they manage the stress. Biden folds like a piece of wet paper. He will never be able to go toe to toe with anybody in prime time, he can’t even do it when the media is rigged in his favor. Hillary already failed to match Trump in an election. She tried, but she was exhausted. In hindsight, she may want to do more interviews, and attend more campaign stops to match the Trump effort, but she just doesn’t have the health and stamina to do it. Talking about it is one thing, doing it is quite another. It takes a lot more than just going on Howard Stern, you must have something to say that people actually want to hear. And the rest of the DNC candidates aren’t any better off. Nancy Pelosi is even in on the game trying to copy elements of the Tea Party in her impeachment delivery sounding more like Butters from South Park than some historian evoking the sentiment of our founding documents. She misses the mark as bad if not worse than the rest of them because she thinks that by copying the Tea Party, which is where Donald Trump came from in the first place, that she will inspire action toward her Democrats. Which of course is the worst miscalculation in the history of politics. Taken all together the DNC is a disaster without a plan, character, or original ideas. And copying what does work won’t save them.

Rich Hoffman