The Loser Law Professors of Trump Impeachment: Our colleges are more dangerious than guns and these people showed why

With astonishing uniformity, the interpretation of the so-called impeachment witnesses that were called into congress to provide testimony regarding President Trump were telling a story that clearly wasn’t true. Once I was able to get home and watch the hearings for myself it was quite clear that nearly every news outlet was missing the point in live time as law professors Pamela Karlan of Stanford, Noah Feldman of Harvard and Michael Gerhardt of the University of North Carolina made a mean spirited plea for a resumption of the social order they had spent their lives manipulating. A fourth witness, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley was much more accurate when he argued that the Democrats’ impeachment push was being rushed at the expense of fact-gathering and that the House Intelligence Committee’s end of the investigation had not produced clear and convincing evidence of impeachable offenses by Trump. But more to the point, if anybody tried to impeach President Trump for such a silly thing as a phone call then imagine what future presidents from either side would go through. It was dangerous to even be having the discussion.

I have not been a supporter of colleges, and of my family members going. I think you can learn more by doing real things in life than in going to the propaganda chambers of our American colleges. I would go so far to say that I see zero value in most of it. I went and I thought it was the dumbest thing in my life, worse than all the years I went to Sunday school. Studying the Bible was far more valuable than in studying the liberal points of view that colleges were pushing, and for the life of me, I don’t see why anybody would send their kids to colleges for free, let alone spending the fortunes that colleges cost to teach virtually nothing. And the sheer shortsightedness and stupidity of college opinions is mind-blowing when you think that the four people that were put up to testify against the President of these United States were considered some of the best and brightest that are produced, and they sounded like cheap idiots who belong selling blankets out of the back of their car at a flea market instead of the heads of our major education institutions. It’s been clear to me for a very long time, and it was obvious yesterday to many millions of others, our modern college system is not the one that Socrates and Plato would have envisioned. Rather the brain washing that the Nazis did is the only thing close. These people were losers not just in their political opinions, but in the content of their thoughts. Even I was embarrassed for them.

To have such hatred as three of the four college professors uttered and to have it shape their intellect, these people shouldn’t be anywhere near the minds of our children. Parents who send their kids to these losers to learn something would argue that they do so in order to provide their kids with a head-start in life, so they can get a good job. But at what expense? These people shouldn’t be teaching a dog to go outside to use the restroom, let alone anything professionally. And the danger was evident in the reporting of yesterday’s testimony. It’s not just that I support Trump that was the problem. But my take on the hearing was radically different than the recently trained college opinions of the media—many of them just a few years out of whatever college they came out of before getting jobs where they could then start reporting media events. It’s the thought process that they have learned that is the danger that runs against the notions of critical thinking they should be using. Instead of reporting what really happened at this testimony, they simply repeated like some tropical bird what their schools had told them to say with a cult-like voice that matched these liberal law professors. What we were seeing was a very dangerous trend where the minds of young people have been completely destroyed by professors like these, and we should all be angry about it.

The danger isn’t that the law professors have opinions different from the over 60 million people who voted for President Trump in the first place, but it’s in the obvious attempt to use these short-sighted nitwits as the best in the business to convince us that impeachment of a very popular president during an election year is anything but a frustrated gamble because the liberal side of politics doesn’t have any other way to beat the guy in an election. And they are trying to sell us some snake oil version of reality through our education system to tap into those old fears we all grow up with, of standing out of line for the water fountain, or marching down the halls in single file to go to recess, or a poor grade on a test because we didn’t follow instructions that the teacher’s gave us. A fine example of such a thing I can think of from kindergarten where a crazy, nasty bitch of an old woman teacher that I had gave us a class assignment to make a paper cut-out of a little bear and to complete him with some corduroy pants. I put jeans on my bear because it made more sense to me, and I got into a lot of trouble for it. In fact, that kind of thing went on for all 12 grades of my life in public school and I learned to like pissing off the teachers, because I always thought of them as idiots. I was right of course. Usually, those who teach can’t do and that has turned out to be a lot truer than these law professors’ opinions about the qualifications of impeaching Trump. And my thoughts certainly didn’t change at college. I thought of it then and still as a massive rip-off and a scam at best. It was never that I couldn’t do the work or wasn’t smart enough. Quite the opposite. I had a hard time being taught by people who weren’t as smart as me, which protected my mind from losers like these detriments to society that were presented yesterday to congress.

I’ve had those opinions about college all of my life but I don’t push my thoughts onto others unless they ask me. But yesterday’s ceremony was just too much to ignore. I voted for Trump so that the guy could fix the kind of world those idiots have been trying to create. I certainly don’t need them to tell me anything, yet they were paraded around as experts for all of us to listen to, and it honestly angered me quite a lot. It was a reminder of just how bad our education system is from top to bottom, and how destructive to young minds its been. Normally I can ignore the terrible impact education has had on our population, but this was in our face and aggressive politically. And the reporters reporting it were like zombies reporting the way their college professors told them to, to follow the directions, don’t question reality, and protect the status quo. And it was something to be sick about.

Rich Hoffman

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