The Coastal Communists of Michael Bloomberg: Understanding what makes America and why we must defend it

I don’t watch normal television much. I still carry cable because I want the option, especially like it was over the Holidays where I had more time than usual to watch television, especially football games. And it was there that I saw Michael Bloomberg advertisements for President, and it had the feel of coming from some other country. If there is one thing, I learned from my hard motorcycle riding days which took up about a decade of my life, its that my measure of political validity is that if it doesn’t pass the smell test of Deadwood, South Dakota, then its not American. Back then I was thinking of doing a documentary about motorcycle riders and why they think the things they do, and why so many people were drawn to places like Sturgis Motorcycle rallies which Deadwood is certainly on the to-do list. That region of the world produced interesting American characters such as Wild Bill Hickock, Seth Bullock and Teddy Roosevelt, and it remains today an accurate measurement of political temperament. Viewed with the lenses of options, the communist attempts of the American left are obvious, and candidates like Michael Bloomberg are easy to understand as opposed to the coastal areas of North America that is easily consumed by unsophisticated concerns so long as they can go to the beach somewhere nearby.

The Bloomberg advertisement was a sharp reminder of just how divided we are as a country, where the coastal communists seek to impose themselves on the Deadwood lovers of the midlands, and their desire to ride free and die hard. The gap couldn’t be more pronounced. It also said a lot about how poorly the political left understands their position. Bloomberg thinks because he’s a billionaire that he will be able to duplicate Trump’s 2016 run, except from the vantagepoint of the communist left. The people who watch the network television stations are typically soft minded types open to other ideas because they have little firm convictions themselves, so he mistakenly measures that his ad time will boost him in the polls which I would think it won’t. Likely, not at all. The fact that he would think so and would pay the best in the business that money can buy to allow him to spend on such an ad says that nobody on the left really has a clue as to what is going on. They are still on point, for their leftist agenda. They don’t see or understand that the 2016 election was a rebellion, not just luck and money.

I agree, my views are hardline options that are scary to moderates. My thoughts were forged from experience, including many hours on motorcycles traveling the country and thinking about these things, and writing books about my opinions and gauging the reaction of the public. I wouldn’t consider myself a bestselling writer by any measure, but over the years I have developed a nice autograph signature that came as a result of book signings. I have sold enough books to develop an autograph signature and that was something I had to explain recently while signing Christmas cards professionally. And when you can say such a thing about yourself where a signature is actually sought, you earn the right to have opinions that are outside the norm as a change agent, which is what I would call my role. The trend is that more people think the way I do than they don’t which is reflected by the recent elections. Its also why you will never see someone like Michael Bloomberg campaigning in Deadwood, South Dakota where Trump would be carried around like a king on a throne. The communists in our country are trying to change opinions and most good people will give them a listen. But once they find out what they have been up to, they get mad. I feel I have a right to be very angry at communists like Michael Bloomberg, who is at the very least a sympathizer to Chinese communism. Or our school systems funded by tax money who wish to convert our children into future Michael Bloombergs. They are attacking our American lifestyle, and that earns the right to anger. So there is nothing wrong with coming out on one side of it, especially if you are like me and have made a point to draw attention to it using whatever platform one might have earned in life.

In the context of those motorcycle riding days where you see and taste this fine country from the back of an unprotected 1500cc beast through raging rain storms, hard snowstorms, and intense heat, when you find out the plans of the political left, you see it as an attack. Michael Bloomberg and his leftist New York friends want the kind of communism that China has for America or the kind of socialism that Scandinavia has presently. Both are born from the mind of Karl Marx which came about toward the end of the Victorian Era and is how that type of thinking entered New York under the name of progressivism, ultimately by the same Teddy Roosevelt I praised from hanging out in Deadwood during his pre-presidential days. It was always an attack on America and the minds that made it great. Roosevelt surrendered to it after his many days in the White House and his roots as an aristocrat in New York got the better of him eventually. Teddy traveled out to Deadwood to spend time with people like Seth Bullock to get his mind right. But at the turn of the century, not even that helped him, and he eventually ended his life thinking more like Michael Bloomberg.

Know that it is our minds and lifestyles that are under attack by these communist infiltrators, we all have a right to be a little pissed off. In fact, we have a right to be a lot pissed off! The kind of communism that runs China is exactly what Michael Bloomberg wants, and it is astonishing to see that the main networks of television have fallen lockstep into that effort, as most of them are based in New York where much of this thought movement entered our country like a Trojan horse ready for battle. As many think I’m too critical, too colorful in my hatred, and too resistant to the works of Marx as a philosophy, I would say otherwise. Based on the foundations of this country, which can still be seen in places like Deadwood, South Dakota, or Liberty Square in Disney World, I don’t think my opinions are too strong at all. And we were not wrong in voting for Trump. And the world that Bloomberg wants to go is one that we have already rejected, that his money won’t be able to buy. So, in a lot of ways, its good that he’s running. He will put a dagger through the heart of communism in America once and for all, without meaning to do it. But never forget what they intended to do, and still do even to this latest hour. Bloomberg doesn’t just want to take away your soda drinks, your straws, your money, and your guns, but the very nature of your American life. What he needs as a result is a good ass kicking at the polls and I think he’ll get it. But what a vision of the world it is to see it firsthand instead of just implied inuendo. That is when you realize just how close we all came in 2016 to the end of our country, because these relics still don’t realize they lost, and are still saying the same things that destroyed them in the first place.

Rich Hoffman