Tesla’s New Cybertruck: A Picasso design that reflects American lifestyles

Everyone is talking about the wrong things in regard to the new Cybertruck from Tesla. Elon Musk during the recent unveiling of the new electric vehicle from his line of products was demonstrating the impact resistant glass, and it shattered. But that didn’t matter to me, when I first saw the vehicle I instantly fell in love with it, and would buy one right now if I hadn’t just bought a new car, one of the big Chevy Traverses that they are making these days for the SUV market. For all the reasons I bought that car I would like to have a Tesla Truck, and then some. I thought the design was brilliant and way out of the box, and it is on my list to purchase the next time I’m buying a car. What’s not to like?

For me, a bullet proof car made out of stainless steel is a very attractive option. I do have a need for such things. It would also be good for ANTIFA protests where demonstrators attack capitalism with bats and sticks. The hard-pressed steel panels would hold up and still look good for dinner later that night. No scratched paint, no dents from parking lot foils. You could take it off road and through the brush without tree limbs and rocks kicking up and scratching your paint job. I can think of a million reasons to own a Tesla Cybertruck. Finally, someone is giving us a look into the kind of future that we should have had all along, and I like it.

I think I’m looking at the Tri Motor AWD option when I do get one, it goes 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and has a towing capacity of over 14,000 pounds. There are concepts for a Cybertrailer that goes with the truck that I think would fit my lifestyle in a very good way for the next decade so I’m excited about it. Very. The vehicle itself I think is much more American than even the traditional truck market has been, which to Musk’s point, hasn’t innovated much since its inception a hundred years ago. This vehicle is a bold new step into a world of out of the box lifestyles that are typical for most Americans and a perfect compliment. I can think of a lot of uses for a truck that goes that fast and can travel 500 miles on a single charge.

When people say something is “genius” which I would apply to this new Tesla Cybertruck, is that it breaks the mold of some status quo and is being disruptive toward previous assumptions. I think that is true in science, economics, and certainly vehicle transport. Something like this truck has been contemplated in science fiction for years, yet unimaginative designers at the big three automakers have just been lazy, and complacent to allow themselves to chase after the Japanese automakers, instead of really giving American truck drivers what they want. My son-in-law just bought his dream truck, a Ram which I think is wonderfully large and complete with a top tech approach to the big roads of American lifestyles. And as I said, we just bought in my household a very nice Traverse from Chevrolet. Big like a truck, but as maneuverable as a sports car in a lot of ways, with great power. Much better power than I would have expected. But always in these products is the feeling that they are just a bit better than other offerings. Why not be a lot better? What would be wrong with that? I feel like that is what Tesla is trying to give the market, especially in America.

I’m not a big electric car advocate, in fact that is the only drawback I see on this Cybertruck design is that it runs on batteries. I hate the idea of not being able to stop easily on a long trip to South Dakota and not get a ten-minute fill-up then be back on the road. But for the power that these new electric engines do give, I’d be willing to overlook some of those pitfalls. Without question, Tesla is getting more power out of its electric engines than traditional fuel combustion can, and that is exciting. Power for me is more important than practicality. And that is true of most truck buyers in America. I need something that has tremendous power, that can ride off road in some remote areas getting pelted with rocks, rammed by bears and elk, and still be ready for a night on the town with just a good rainstorm to clean away the mud. As much as I like my new Traverse I still park it a hundred yards from the nearest car in a parking lot because I worry about some runaway shopping cart hitting it from some distracted mother trying to buckle in her screaming kid from nearby, not tending to her business. With the Cybertruck, I wouldn’t worry nearly so much because its essentially a tank.

Watching the unveiling Elon Musk had outside on display the DeLorean from Back to the Future and the Lotus from the movie The Spy Who Loved Me, which were two of my favorite cars growing up as the inspiration of this Cybertruck. That obviously is part of the appeal for me, as people in my age group have been thinking about these kinds of things all of our lives. People have been critical of the angular shape of the Cybertruck, but I think its all extremely practical and American. Hard lines meeting at unique angles to tell a kind of Picasso story of American outdoor life, that is what this truck says to me and the design is actually very brilliant to my eyes. That’s what you get when you think that far outside the box of a very established truck market. Tesla continues to push the limits and it gives me great reason to root for them. This is one of their most exciting installments yet.

Innovation for me is far more important than protecting existing markets. If there is a way to make something better from what we’ve always assumed was a dead market, then why not. And if the electric engines turn out to be better, then why not use them. That is obviously the case with the emerging Skycar markets which is another consideration. If we use skycars more and more in the future for our casual transportation, then we will certainly want something like the new Cybertruck to fulfill our recreation needs. It all makes a lot more sense than in what we’ve been seeing over the last several decades and finally gives us a peak at the possibilities of tomorrow. I can see so many reasons that I’d want to use this truck over other offerings that the benefits far outweigh the draw backs. I have been thinking of getting a big RV for some of my needs for the upcoming decade, and that is still very much a need for me, but this new Tesla Truck has changed my thinking on the matter quite a lot. And that is a very good thing which I greatly appreciate. This is one of the most exciting vehicles I’ve ever seen and I think I need to find a way to put one in my driveway for many adventures to come.

Rich Hoffman

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