Democrats Can’t Live up to what they’ve Created: Over 60 million people voted for Trump and they’ll do it again

I’m not the biggest Steve Bannon fan but he has been making the rounds giving good interviews and perspectives on the impeachment attempts by Democrats, which looked at philosophically, as opposed to just legally, has some all-encompassing elements of a future state America that is very good. But if I required honor and good conduct from everyone before I dealt with them or listened to their opinions, I would never speak with anybody. So, I watched Bannon’s interviews with interest without thinking much of the many dubious schemes he was involved in himself. A lot of people make mistakes, especially when they get into the forges of Mordor where evil whispers into their ears often, and Bannon was certainly one of them. Trump on the other hand is used to power and he isn’t the stereotype that many would make of a rich man from Bible stories of opulence and a love of gold and beautiful women. Trump has remarkably been able to repeal evil even as it has surrounded him and shown great judgment while under fire from many enemies, which is something new, and what Democrats didn’t count on as they over played their hand.

As I have been saying about the end of the Democratic Party, this impeachment attempt on their part is the evidence that continues to grow. If Trump had been a conventional politician with lots of skeletons in his closet, afraid of his own shadow, these methods might have worked as they did in the past. However, he is far from conventional, and that is precisely why over 60 million people voted for him and continue to support him even with all the dirty tricks the Democrats have tried to play over the last three years. What’s really bad for them about the whole impeachment attempt is that they have now opened up a level of judgement of an American president for which they will never be able to live up to. For what they are trying to impeach Trump for, Obama could have been convicted a million times over, for which their only defense was that he was a man of color, and that any criticism of Obama’s administration was racist. Well, that might have worked in 2012, but we’re in a whole new world now folks. The Democrats have shown too much of their play book and now they are exposed, and that is the cost of overplaying their hands. They won’t be able to withstand future Republicans who control the House and their cries for rebuke won’t be listened to by a sympathetic public. Democrats have ruined that relationship now, and likely forever, which is why I said they will lose their party soon.

There are so many things we could have impeached Obama on. Just the IRS case for which I got drug into where the government tax collecting agency went after Tea Party leaders with an obvious attempt at harassment. That isn’t a conspiracy theory, its known fact. Fast and Furious is another, so is Benghazi. There are so many actions taken by the Obama administration that are far worse than this Ukrainian phone call they are accusing Trump of that under the same considerations that Trump is being held to, the Republican House could have impeached Obama many, many times over. And in the future, due to what the Democrats have done to Trump, there is now an open invitation to consider everything impeachable. The Democrats have made it for themselves impossible to ever have a Democrat president again who could withstand the scrutiny of the office. Much has been destroyed regarding respect in politics that what will remain is a bloodbath that many of them won’t be able to stand.

Bannon is right about Trump being the CEO that America put in office to solve these many problems, which is why no matter what has been brought up, that support for Trump has only increased. It says a lot about America that more than 60 million people understood the problems well enough in government to pick Trump over the other offerings. And that is precisely the problem with Democrats, they don’t have anybody in their party with that kind of appeal. Nobody. Not even close, and now that they have extended themselves legally with this impeachment attempt against a person that 60 million people voted to put into office to fix the dysfunction, then those people were called a “cult” by those same people in government seeking to hold their jobs just a bit longer, they have pretty much signed their own death warrant as a party. This trial in the Senate is going to be bloody for them. Very bloody.

Without question the House Democrats were so short sighted that they wanted to put a black mark next to Trump’s record. They don’t care if it sticks in the Senate, they just want to hurt Trump in some way for bringing change to their swamp culture. The cost of that is of course exposure for the future as the same rules will be applied to them, for which they won’t survive. It was one thing to go after Obama for all his crimes during office where the other side could call it “mean-spirited.” It’s quite another when the next time is founded with the roots of precedence. Even when Trump was critical of the Obama birth certificate issue, which was founded in much harder facts than this Ukrainian thing is. Democrats paid it no mind at all and felt compelled to push back on Trump for even bringing it up calling all those who followed such thoughts, “birthers.” Yet now that they other side has felt the sting of an even flimsier case and witnessed how far Democrats would commit themselves to it, context is now in place for many worse battles in the future. We are truly in a new age, and that is not good news for Democrats in any regard.

Bannon has always had good thoughts about strategy, and he’s right about this impeachment case. It will backfire on Democrats. Power is a funny thing, everyone wants it, but few people can deal with it. The stories of mythology are filled with characters who failed when power was granted to them and they became tyrants. Democrats for all their statements about the powerful are among the worst. However, few have been able to handle power so well as Trump has over the years, especially now. No matter what political sides try to make of the law, nothing can change the fact that over half of America voted for Trump recognizing the need before 2016 took place. And after three years of the Trump presidency, America is far better off, meaning people are going to vote for him again in larger numbers. And Democrats have nothing to offer and now they have screwed up their own future with a precedence they can’t live up to. If there was ever a “checkmate” in politics, this would be it. So, it doesn’t take a genius to see it. It is good to see that after all the smoke has settled, people like Steve Bannon and Glenn Beck are finding themselves on the right side of history.

Rich Hoffman

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