The Communist “Red for Ed” Teachers of Indiana: Working against America and using children as a hostage

The only thing I could think of as I watched the teachers of Indiana conduct their “Red for Ed” march showing force and solidarity toward the state legislature demanding more money, was that they’d have a lot more money if they didn’t eat so much and weren’t so monstrously fat. I mean, wow, what a bunch of fat slobs. Just contemplating the average weight of the protestors was enough to give scales everywhere room to pause with mechanical anxiety. And I can hear you now dear reader, that’s not very nice to say about teachers. After all, most of us know someone who is in the teaching profession and we don’t think of them as enemies of the state. They are our babysitters while we are off working and we want to think of them as good people, to ease our own minds. But make no mistake about it, these people are not our friends. What they want to teach our kids is not good, or healthy. The red part of their march is for the communism behind the teacher’s union movement, their core philosophy for which they want to teach our children. And the rest of it, the money they are demanding is to feed their fat faces while they sit on their asses all summer spending it on desserts, mixed drinks, and lattés.

All these participants of “Red for Ed” are public employees out of control advocating communism, and they are enemies of American life. When they say they are marching for “the children” they are lying to you. They are marching to take more money from taxpayers so that they can feed themselves with abundance doing as little as possible to earn that money. And most of us are just as guilty, we have given them control over our children just to get access to the free babysitting service that public education gives people, while they busy themselves with other things in life, ruining the minds of children everywhere. Most of us are products of public education, so we are shy about being critical of it, because in so doing, we must be a little critical of ourselves. But the whole scam has been a mess, and these losers are exacerbating it in ways that look to me to be threatening, and actions against our nation as domestic enemies.

Of course, pay is one of their concerns, but testing is another. The teacher’s union is against measures of success for which they are judged. Its hard for many to believe but that nice, bubbly teacher who lives down the road is a communist and enemy of the state because we envision that such villains would have a thin mustache and some uniform of the Soviet Union to designate them as such menaces, but their red t-shirts tell the same story. Just not one that we have been so inclined to identify due to our own need to avoid conflict on the matter. We could after all say the same thing about one of the worsts socialists that we have ever witnessed, Adolph Hitler. I’m sure someone loved him, he had a mom and dad and friends. He had a woman who loved him, heck, most of Germany loved him for a period of time. But he was still an evil socialist just as these “Red for Ed” teachers are blatant communists. What makes them dangerous is their ideas, and these days they are not shy about admitting so much. Their choice of the color red tells the whole story.

Their march in Indiana was intended to be a show of force, to show how they could bring the state to their knees much the way they did in Kentucky recently. It was intended as a threat to show how many free baby-sitting services would be lost to voters if the teachers walked off the job. More money or the children would suffer was their message and to many panic driven parents, they believe it. When parents put their children’s lives in the hands of communists willing to extort money from the taxpayers for a silly job that lasts only 9 months out of the year, the danger of these people could not be underestimated. They are not likely to blatantly torcher their students on some rack of pain, but rather their intentions are to destroy the minds of the youth and rob them of their wings of free-thinking flight. How else to explain the terrible international comparisons for American education measured against the world. For what we spend on public education, we should be the top. Instead, we are nowhere close, in most cases everyone is better than the American education system, and these losers want less measures, less testing, and even less children and hours in the classroom.

And who says that if they want to make a certain amount of money that they shouldn’t work a second job. For as little as they do work, they have plenty of time to do it. Why should they get paid well to sit on their asses for most of a 24-hour day? That is what they are demanding, a level of pay that their jobs clearly don’t deserve, and they want less testing so that nobody will really know how little they really do. I have to point out that when I’ve said these things to my local school system they offered to let me teach a classroom for a day, which I accepted. I even said that I would be willing to teach four classes at once, and of course they turned me down, because the teaching profession is easy compared to other things out there. Teachers aren’t sacrificing anything for our children. Teaching is a profession for those who generally don’t want to “do” in society. Those who teach can’t do you might say, otherwise they’d do something that pays them the money they are looking for to feed their voracious diets and expectations for leisure hours.

If they were just lazy fat slobs, as most of them appear to be, it wouldn’t be so enraging. But to make matters worse, they are openly advocating for communism, not by naming it, but by color. They are not even hiding their motivations anymore, and when they put it in front of our face like that, they are taking hostile actions against a Constitution that I love and cherish. I’m a person who has copies of the Federalist Papers, the Anti Federalist Papers and the Ohio Constitution right next to my reading chair that I go through leisurely at least once or twice a week while watching television, after I’ve read them all many times thoroughly. In the context of the philosophies of American life, represented in those documents, the “Red for Ed” teachers are hostile agents of villainy that want to clip the wings of our children’s intellectual growth, and they want us to pay them more money to do it, which is sheer insanity. And to make it even worse, they give us these huge asses to look at and squeaky mouths with turkey necks of fat dangling from their faces and expect even more from the taxpayer. At some point we have to say, enough is enough. We need a choice, a better system of education that does not involve a communist inspired teachers union, and we need people who care enough not to take a day off to threaten state legislators who should be representing the Constitutions of the states and federal level of government instead of listening to a bunch of government paid insurgents.

Rich Hoffman

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