The Alleged Whistleblower, Beta Boy Eric Ciaramella: It’s all about the ‘Structural Ambiguity in the Georgian Verbal Noun’

It’s not that the alleged whistleblower’s name is Eric Ciaramella, a CIA analyst specific to the Ukraine issue that we should all wonder about, but its his ridiculously presumptuous paper he wrote for Harvard University titled the ‘Structural Ambiguity in the Georgian Verbal Noun.’ Anybody who can make that much fuss over a “noun” in a “Georgian” context is a person who can make a mountain out of a mole hill on any topic, and shouldn’t be employed by any of us to defend our country from bad guys. If this little kid is the kind of people that our government is hiring to defend the world from turmoil, we’re all in a lot more trouble than his role along with his lawyer Mark Zaid, in performing an attempted coup of the American presidency. Ciarmella essentially is the ultimate metro sexual beta male that is so common these days who fight everything with a passive aggressive sissy slap from behind the biggest rock they can find. After reading that academic paper its no wonder he found Trump’s words so disturbing. He would have said the same thing about the way Trump orders food at McDonald’s. The problem isn’t Trump threatening any leadership of Ukraine over an investigation into the corruption of Joe Biden, a political rival. It’s that Trump exists as an alpha male that disrupted the sensibilities of this very soft natured little boy. At only 33 years of age, the kid has barely hatched, yet he is doomed to a life of betahood and lonely nights from women who don’t find such creatures very attractive or good bed mates.

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The name of Ciaramella has been floating around for weeks, and to me he wasn’t relevant, so I didn’t care enough to do an article on it. However, due to the attempts to keep his name covered for all kinds of mysterious reasons, the longer it has gone on, the angrier I have become over the issue. It always bothers me to see the sissified beta males that colleges are producing these days, especially at Harvard attempting to be tough guys in business and politics with passive aggressive games due to their timid natures which is certainly the case with Ciaramella. I would encourage anybody to look up his Harvard paper by the title indicated here and read for yourself the kind of people the CIA values, then it will become clear why they hire such losers, and why they hate Trump in the deep state so much. Why they show up in the early hours of the morning to arrest Roger Stone as CNN was tipped off and filming the whole incident. Or even why so many members of congress want to impeach Trump for doing nothing more than winning an election. Ciaramella is from the same age group as my children, and it is they who came up through the public education system of “everybody gets a trophy,” and the world will think you’re smart if you can have a debate about the use of a noun.

In any other time in the history of mankind the values of valor would have been in how much you could bench press, how far you could hit a golf ball, hit a target with a gun, or out punch the other guy in a fist fight. Ciaramella is from the age where all that kind of maleness was attacked by our public-school system, so the kid entered the world looking to succeed with those parameters of measure taken away, and replaced in stead with pencil pushers and bureaucrats. Without question this Ciaramella kid would be rattled by the sound of the booming Trump voice talking to a goldfish let alone a world leader. But that is precisely why Trump has been successful, because no matter what passive liberals from the far left education institutions like Harvard want to think, biology matters and the means of human interaction will always hold true. They can’t change the rules to fit their timid personalities, which is what the whole impeachment attempt truly is against Trump. It’s a coup against maleness, for which Trump is a fine representative for the human race. Those against him have been trying to change that trait and they are frustrated that it is making a comeback under his administration erasing years of progressive effort to the contrary.

I think we all feel a little sorry for such timid kids as this Eric Ciaramella fellow. Looking over his life it is obvious that he was a timid soul that the leftist educators wanted as their future. Most people like him, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that he had no strong male figure in his life, use the rules of academia to replace the traditional roles of manhood into a context that has all but destroyed that entire generation, and the Beltway politics along with the media are hell bent to preserve. They want to use this timid person to overthrow maleness and to eradicate it from the earth so that they can have their illusion of supremacy by hiding behind big words in overly complicated Harvard academic papers that only the worst leftist on earth would find valuable, or even enchanting. No wonder Ciaramella isn’t yet married. Who would want to?

But on a more serious note, these types of people are obviously what the CIA and FBI are hiring and find valuable, so its no wonder they are actively working to overthrow the elections the rest of us are engaged in. They don’t see their roles as protecting our nation from the bad guys, they see us as the bad guys, and they want to remake our nation into something that resembles their mode of thinking. It really comes down to what we define maleness as and how that translates to the kind of typical American that makes up our population and character. Do we judge maleness as the beta males do, as sissy slapping intellects who fuss over a latté the nature of a noun in human language, or some brawny men who have pumped up their biceps in their spare time to attract females who replace engines in their cars on the weekends and drive their monster trucks to the gun range to shoot a few rounds before capping off the night with a few beers. The deep state isn’t just attacking Trump because they hate his maleness, but those of us who elected him so that they don’t have to face the facts that the world they were taught would welcome them with open arms still thinks of them as wimps and speed bumps on the ways to the next sexual victory. Chicks aren’t going to be lining up to sleep with guys like Eric Ciaramella. They will always fall for the guy in the Lamborghini with the expensive suit and fat wallet, made that way from many conquests garnered in business.

The political left didn’t want to hide Ciaramella as the whistleblower for his own protection, but for their own. Once normal Americans, men and women learned that this kid was just another wimp produced by our public education system trying to be a big shot off the government dole, they knew their case would fly right out the window. The credibility for their attempts to impeach President Trump would fall flat, as is obviously happening as we speak. With the holidays coming up, the calendar isn’t working toward the favor of House Democrats. Soon they will be in their own primary season and any impeachment attempts will be very distracting to their own efforts. So they needed this kid to look meaner and tougher than he was. Once people learned that Ciaramella was just another metro sexual loser, they’d lose interest and move on. Which is where we find ourselves today. However, what should make all of us angry is that these types of people are trying to take over our system of government, and in a lot of ways already have. We just didn’t know what kind of people the CIA was hiring. But now we do, and its less than impressive.

Rich Hoffman