The Mad Moms of Biological Socialism: A changing world that is taking root in logic instead of chaos

One thing is for sure, this latest round of local elections around the I-275 loop in Cincinnati has reunited me with many old friends from the No Lakota days. I used to cover education topics all over the city, not just at Lakota. But for the last several years have been more concerned about Second Amendment issues and the presidency of Donald Trump. Honestly, the debates about public education are boring and I have grown to hate many of the people advocating for government schools because I determined long ago that they were up to no good not only in what they were teaching our children, but in what they expected from the community. The fight against them is a needed one and I am glad to see how many people are still out there fighting the good fight, because it is having an impact. The needle has moved, and that has been beneficial.

I was with family members over the weekend who like all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons at Lakota, essentially so that they can have busing and some thought of day care for their children. The whole issue sickens me every time I go through it with people, because they just don’t get it. Just as in Lakota when pro-business forces produced a letter showing proof of anti-business bias from Ohio schools, most people just didn’t make a connection to the story. People sending their kids to these monstrosities of government programming are young socialists themselves. When I listen to a young mother talk, they seem all too often to be little biological socialists by default, and they vote that way. Everything in the world is supposed to yield to the needs of their child and that includes the mother herself who will literally sacrifice every last essence of their lives to give their little child what they need. I call these types of people biological socialists because they behave the same way as political ones. Their child becomes the institution instead of some government entity. But the behavior is the same, which is why government schools constantly tap into that sentiment with rigor, because it matches their overall objective.

Young moms most of the time are enduring a ten year period of insanity because its written into their biological code to do so, and it is those types of people who vote like ravenous wolves every little safety endeavor, and school levy need in government schools, because they are functioning from that train of thought, of a young socialist not much different than the most radical communist supporter of yesteryear. As well meaning as those people are, they are not functioning from logic meaning that they must be met on the battlefield of ideas with resistance, and to that effect I am glad to see so many still out there fighting the good fight even after many years of tough trench warfare that has yielded very little benefit. The important thing to note is that there have been incremental benefits that are changing the dialogue in a positive direction.

What becomes clear is that many of these modern rebellions against the school systems are by the very same women who used to be mothers but are several decades removed from the practice and have regained their minds from the turmoil of the constant needs of a young one. Once their children have grown up and away from those demanding years of childhood, they see the story for what it was all along, and they are standing up to the vast evils that emerge from public education as renewed spirits. No longer are they worried about their child getting to school on a bus, or what the cafeteria is feeding their kid for lunch, but they start to see the big picture of how things work and they aren’t happy about it politically, and want to do something about it. I especially heard from old friends in the Lebanon school district who are fighting a good fight there, as well as Talawanda. Over this last election we have had something of a class reunion, and it has been encouraging.

There is a reason that modern politics put their focus on these young socialist moms who have the depth of knowledge of a fruitcake and the memory of a fly. Because they are up to know good and looking to exploit their depleted natures for the benefit of their party politics, which in the case of public schools is nearly always some form of socialism. You don’t see many of these mad, crazy moms out there advocating for Constitutional concepts, rather, they just want their kid safe from a dangerous world and they turn to these crazy leftist teachers to give them instruction as to what they should be thinking about, whether the issue is transgender bathrooms or the fictions of global warming. When you dig just a little bit into the motives of public education and its supporters it becomes clear quickly how vastly evil it is, and how it exploits the natural biological inclinations of motherhood, especially among young ones who are still babies themselves. I would say anybody under 40 is still a baby who has a lot to learn. Yet those babies are making decisions the rest of us who know better constantly must live with and we get tired of it.

Rather than just taking it, many have been fighting back and that is new. The fights have sustained themselves over the many years that we have all been doing this, and they have formed their own cells of leadership that have not required a lot of maintenance. For me, four or five years ago it was a drain to cover everything for everyone, but now that has not been required. A change agency in the culture of public education has taken its own flight and does not need so much input to sustain a drive. And that has been good for challenging the basic premise of public education in a way it has always deserved. To give it a false value just because it was the only thing, has been a disaster for several generations of young people and we should be angry about it. And for me, its good to see that many are and are doing something about it.

Of course, the elections of November 5th will have winners and losers, there always are. What matters is that the desire to fight back is very much alive and has put directly many issues on the ballots across the nation that are healthy, and different from the narratives from a decade ago. People who have been in the trenches fighting are still doing so and are far from conquered, and the cracks in the other side are showing. While the pro government school types every year replenish their troops with a new generation of mad mothers looking toward socialism to protect their little child from the world, the foundations they use to beat us all over the head with are crumbling, and its about time. We will never have real solutions as long as their screaming voices drown out logic, when they would sacrifice everything to have busing when the more philosophical elements of public education need to be re-invented from the foundation up. It was good to hear from real friends whom I’ve come to know over the years and to learn that their spirits are far from broken. Rather, they are poised to take the fight to the next level where it belongs and to finally wear out the system that has been so destructive to the minds of kids everywhere.

Rich Hoffman