Trump’s Minnesota Speech: A new class of leaders only America could produce

Well of course it was OK to enjoy the Trump speech in Minnesota a few days ago. I certainly did, and most of the people I spoke with in the aftermath did. Trump is saying what we all have been feeling for a long time, and it feels good to hear someone else say it. I would go on to say that if you have the opportunity to support a business candidate on your upcoming ballot, like I do for our local school board in Jim Hahn. Its not that you’ll get someone like Trump, but the differences between a battle-hardened representative from the private sector and someone just looking to be part of the government employment network is quite clear at this point. And when I say that I’m not talking about a person who has learned to navigate corporate America as a mere employee, but a business owner or member of top management who has learned to work under pressure and great risk to be successful, and to bring that swagger to management in government. The real truth to the reason that so many in the Beltway culture hate Trump is not because of what he says or does, but its simply because they can’t compete with him due to life experiences. You can’t fake it until you make it at the level Trump is at as a person, and that drives people who do crazy, because they can’t hold up.

The wonderful thing about President Trump and all his independent wealth is that it has given him a freedom the rest of us have around our dinner tables and among our peers to vocalize his true passions where others who gained their status in life by licking the boots of someone higher on the steps of life then gaining access to new opportunities. Trump is and has been for all his life free of that behavior and it has given the world a unique personality to deal with these government problems and I think its just wonderful. Trump is a product of what kind of person can be produced in America. Running businesses certainly help mold that type of person, then gaining independent wealth is an attribute that is quite rare in the world.

The adage that we all answer to someone is one of those statements that was created to prevent people like President Trump from ever seeing the light of day and is a falsehood. The truth is, and most successful people know it, is that once you show that you have something special in the world, people don’t control you, you control the people who want what you have. That power can be hard to deal with and it can wear on you that everywhere you go that somebody want’s a piece of your time and energy. That is a byproduct of success. But it’s a truth about the way the world works that government bound politicians do not understand and are quite terrified of, the self-reliant person who does not fear their legal bureaucracies, the leverages over corporate America with more rules and regulations, and other shackles placed upon independence to prevent people from knowing that it is they who make the world tick, not the political class. When you are truly free and at the point of the spear the way Trump has been for all of his life, due to his family giving him an obvious leg up in life, then the understanding of how to manage circumstances where lesser people are involved becomes much easier. That is why Trump can go up on a stage like he did in Minnesota and throw back color to his accusers and have a lot of fun at their expense, because they don’t own him, and therefore, when he makes himself available to us, the voters, for representation, it’s a rare opportunity.

The roots of that adage about control is that really, until the United States emerged, no matter how successful you may have been in life, you had to bend the knee to someone somewhere, likely a king or queen. Perhaps even a religion. Nobody was self-reliant to the point Trump appears to be. But in American culture bending the knee to anybody isn’t a requirement. Having some special skill is what gives you that freedom, and once people know you have it, you find yourself in command of your circumstances. Circumstances don’t control you. Trump could have been another rich kid who just sagged his way through life jumping from one Lamborghini to another with beautiful women hanging on his arm, a different one every night looking to use their looks as capital to secure a better life for themselves using their assets while they could, before their flower wilted. But Trump took big chances and had won at life and he has emerged as a person forged from those risks, and that has given him the kind of freedom and confidence that it took to stand in that 20,000 person arena even as the House threated impeachment, and to stick it to all the lesser people quite spectacularly. Sure, he was saying what most of us have been thinking, but we often don’t get to say it from such a platform. And to hear such a thing to people who have spent their lives licking boots to get their promotions, their sexual partners, and their material assets is one of the most terrifying things they will ever hear. Because here was a person not afraid of what “others” might do to him, because he knew they were powerless to do it. And in the audience were people who felt the same way and wanted that level of freedom for themselves. What would become of those who did live that way, that is the root of their fears.

Particularly the way that Trump talked about the Joe Biden scandal and the FBI attempted coup against his administration was the difference between a person who truly had independence in life from their own personal wealth gained not through favors, but through honestly earning the money. Nobody else in Washington D.C. can claim such a benefit. They do owe somebody something everywhere they go. The politicians are always begging for money and trading favors, the attorneys are always trying to get a good case arranged through those connections, and the government employees on payroll learn to toe the line so that they don’t lose their cushy jobs that they know they wouldn’t get anywhere else. People who live their lives in such a way, which is most people, don’t have the kind of freedom Trump has to say what he thinks whenever he wants to say it. But America as a country is designed to produce people like Trump. And they are out there, some of them occasionally want to run for public office, perhaps more now than before Trump came along. But whatever their status, watching Trump give his speech under a lot of pressure, and to see him have so much fun as the heat of the pressure cooker was obviously being turned up, is something that only a seasoned veteran in business could relate to and it was obvious that due to that success we have a rare opportunity to get more Trump types in elected positions. Nothing would be better. Trump’s speech was more than just a defense of his positions and a strengthening of his base for a 2020 election. It was a spit in the eye for centuries of aristocratic controls that are coming to an end in our lifetimes for the chance at freedoms few have ever realized. And that is what the accusers of Trump are really afraid of. Their world is changing rapidly, and they know they won’t be able to hack it in the new one, for which we should all enjoy immensely.

Rich Hoffman

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