The Fighter Donald J. Trump: He’s what I want as a president, impeachment is not an option

When people asked me why I was supporting Donald Trump way back even during the early days of the Tea Party, when he was just flirting with being president, it was because I knew two things had to happen in the Executive Branch, which would then cascade down into our overall government as a change agent, first whoever would run would need to be self-made and wealthy, to resist all the temptations that Washington dangles in front of people. The second is that they’d have to thrive off the chaos that was associated with Beltway culture and be essentially an overman, beyond the reach of peer pressure and the worm tongues that are associated with the Beltway culture of consultants which are as common as raindrops in a hurricane. My thoughts on this go way back into even the Reagan days of the 80s and have shown up in both of my published novels, The Symposium of Justice and The Tail of the Dragon. I knew it had to happen and Donald Trump seemed perfect for the job, so I supported him very early in the process for all the reasons we are now seeing. Very few people in the world could stand up to the bullies of Washington the way he is and enjoy it. We elected the right guy and I am very happy about it.

When you know you need to make a change, because things were not obviously working, then a change agent is essential. In all future elections due to this Trump presidency, more battle-hardened executives should find their way into school boards, trustee positions, and congressional seats which will change the nature of our political system for many years. As it has been it was largely washed up lawyers who couldn’t hack it in the private sector who ran to public office to pad their resume and perform law without the burdens of true competitive markets. And that is what’s wrong with most of what we have in politics, we elected the wrong people for all the wrong reasons because essentially, we didn’t have a choice. People like Donald Trump never really made it to a ballot, and if they did, they didn’t want the public pressure that usually comes with it. Trump did, in fact he thrived on it. And now that Democrats are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him with this impeachment attempt, I trust that he will throw back at them an entire house. I will back him on that 100% because they deserve everything he can and will throw back at them to win. Yes, winning means everything, even if it destroys an entire political party, which I suspect may very well happen.

This is why I picked supporting Ross Perot over George Bush way back in 1992. Perot was a self-made person and had all the battle-hardened sensibility that business tends to carve out in people. But he didn’t care much for the chaos and fights that were required. He had a lot of fight in him, but he didn’t thrive off it like Trump does. Ultimately, that’s why he only acquired 19% of the vote and we ended up with Bill Clinton. Even then what we ended up with was better as a change agency because it was starting to root out the soft Republicans from those who were truly conservative, so in that way, party politics was on a track to what ended up being the Tea Party. It took a few decades and people thinking about these things long and hard, but we ended up better than before. Not even the media sees that change because they have been in a bubble for that entire time marching to some viewpoints that started way back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. For example, due to Ross Perot shaking things up in the Republican Party we ended up with the Newt Gingrich Contract with America, which everyone generally thinks started moving things in the right direction. Gingrich was and still is considered a rough and tumble conservative by the standards of the Beltway culture. But to a lot of people he’s not nearly strong enough. A few years ago my wife had a chance to meet Gingrich and shake his hand. She embarrassingly refused because he wasn’t nearly conservative enough for her and she walked away leaving him uncomfortably standing there with his hand out with no reception. That’s how it really is in politics.

Many of Trump’s supporters are like my wife. I can wine and dine with people and find common ground with anybody in spite of my strong opinions on this literary exchange. I could make a friend out of the devil and have him wash my car while he was at it, so naturally I have no problem shaking the hand of people like Newt Gingrich. I’ll take an alley who wants to play tough in the Republican Party even if he does disappoint me from time to time. But not my wife. She’s either there or not and many people who pull the trigger for Trump at the ballot box are similar. They don’t care for politics, they want someone who will fight, and they don’t answer their cell phones for polls. If they don’t know the caller, they let it go to voice mail making modern polling nearly impossible. And now with a few years under his belt, Trump’s change agency is much more mathematically persuasive than anything Ross Perot did. The effects will be felt for years which is why Democrats are freaking out now. As bad as impeachment might end up looking for them, they simply have no other means of beating Trump in an election. They see the crowds, they know William Barr is sniffing around conspiracies they are in the middle of, and Trump has held his cards until this election year anticipating their moves. They are in deep doo doo, and I’m happy for Trump to go scorched earth on Washington D.C. which I suspect he is about to do because that’s his nature. Do anything to win, and he will which is just the kind of guy I voted for.

Even in 2012 when I wrote Tail of the Dragon reviewers and blurb contributors were pessimistic at my thoughts about government. But they can now see that it was every bit as bad and scandalous as I proposed. The coordination of the so-called “deep state” is scary. The way the media and the FBI have had their relationship exposed has been truly terrifying as its been unleashed to the public and that is just the tip of the iceberg. I always knew it was ugly and whoever was going to clean it up was going to have to do it from the Executive Branch and would need to be financially comfortable by other means besides what government provided, so that they were free of the levers of power that have corrupted Washington D.C. from its inception. President Trump is exactly what we needed when we needed it, and I am behind him completely hell or high water. We need him as a change agent, which is more important than any other factor if America is to survive for the next few hundred years. It will take the Democrats longer than that to pull themselves together after this upcoming election year, which is the best news of all.

Rich Hoffman
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One thought on “The Fighter Donald J. Trump: He’s what I want as a president, impeachment is not an option

  1. When is he going to fight to lower spending. I like Trump for the most part. I love that he is pulling us out of Syria. But we cannot continue to spend like this.


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