The Withering Witch of Oz: If they want a fight, they’ll get one

Speaking for myself of course, but what did everyone think was going to happen, especially the way the Obama administration acted, and the massive corruption coming out of the Eric Holder Justice Department? Did they think everyone was just going to take it? Well, I stand with President Trump, completely. I think it says a lot about our “republic” (not a democracy) that we can have escalated conflicts like the one we are having now without too many people getting killed. One of the great miracles of the Bill of Rights of our Constitution is that free speech does take the edge off groups that might otherwise rise up to become separatist factions engaged in armed insurrection bringing war to our internal nation. But make no mistake about it, the stakes are just the same. There will be a winner, and there will be a loser in this fight, and we will not all live happily ever after. That is the state of our nation and I’ve been saying that for a long time. I love peace, and enjoy political debate, but yielding to socialism, communism and a giant centralized government obviously corrupted is not something I’m going to support. I’m not the safest guy in the world so I don’t find a government providing safety much of a benefit. I’d rather them just leave me alone, and since they can’t, they will get a fight from me.

I am one of those red dots on the great map of America that President Trump was Tweeting about. Even if those liberal forces did manage to remove Trump from office, they would then have a bigger problem, people like me who will make life very difficult for them. So long as we are all living under the rules of the Constitution, they have nothing to worry about. I’m happy to have Trump representing me in the White House. But if they take that away, they are stealing something from me and I’m not going to like that very much, and I’m not a victim type. I’ll do something about it.

The Obama White House was one of the most corrupt in our history, but they’ll claim otherwise because there is a lack of evidence. Well, that’s because that side of the political spectrum has a habit of destroying evidence, which is why they always point and say that nobody will ever find any. They’ve been caught on several occasions, so clearly there are many others that were well concealed that we’ll never know about that are very much a part of their operations. I had witnessed enough during the Obama years to know that something had to be done, and Trump was my pick to change it. Change had to happen to keep our republic alive, and change is what we are seeing. The violence threatened from the other side, and their attempts at impeachment are actions of violence to my eyes, and that intention needs to be met accordingly.

So, nobody should be surprised, I didn’t start this fight and neither did anybody else who was a Trump voter. These radicals brought socialist ideas into our country and tried to sneak them under the door and while they were at it have tried to change the nature of our Constitution and the basic American way of life from our religions to our family practices. They intruded on us, not us them. Of course, they are going to get an angry response and a lively defense of our liberties. If they did remove Trump, life gets much harder for them, not easier. By removing Trump, they would simply remove the rule of law for which our election of 2016 represented. Given that, what other choice would we have. Yielding isn’t one of them. If they are going to take over our government by taking away elections, then they will have to live with the consequences. I don’t think that makes me a radical for saying such a thing. Only honest. The radicalism is in assuming that they can impeach my president without trouble coming to their door with more than pitch forks. No wonder they want gun control, because they know what their intentions have always been for America.

Personally, I hope the debate can hold up without violence becoming part of the American story, but what is worse than violence is yielding to these terrible and corrupt forces. That’s not something I’m willing to put up with and I have a strong sense of things that I’m nowhere near alone. From my vantage point I still believe that the Democrat Party is ending and what we are seeing is their conclusion, and they are aware of it. Most of their schemes have not worked and they have lost their way philosophically. 100 years of progressive failure has brought us to this point in history and they are on the wrong side of it. They have penetrated the markets, captured the media just as they said they would in the 1950s, and taken over both political parties to a large degree only to be turned away at the election booth with Donald Trump. And they have no answer which is why they are trying to impeach him during an election year, because they have no candidates, and they have no way of beating him in 2020. So this is their last gasp and once the election is over, that will be the end of them as we have known them.

However, what is dangerous is to what extent they may go to live longer. In that form, they may be willing to have a violent insurrection of their own, and that is something to worry about. Moe of their ranks will likely become mass shooters to attempt to move the emotional needle for the “great cause of progressivism” and as their desperation becomes greater, there is no telling what they might do. They are that seriously corrupted for their need for power. It’s not people like me who are dangerous, its them. However, I’m not going to be moved by them either, so if they want a war, that’s what they’ll get.

Most of us just want to mind our own business, but these people can’t leave us to it. They want power and they need some way to get it from us, even if they must turn to violence and insurrection. And that is a decision they are making. It wasn’t some crazy radical conservatives. We had our little rebellion, a peaceful Tea Party based on educational understanding of the rules in the Constitution. We cleaned up our weak links within the Republican Party that Trump now heads. Democrats should do the same, but the problem is they never had a plan that didn’t involve intruding on the rights of the rest of us for their gains into power. And given that understanding, they are lost as to what to do next. Without the threat of violence, they have nothing left to attract people to their base, which is why they are withering away moment by moment like the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz. They are melting and its their own fault. But as they do, if they lash out, we will have to defend ourselves. It’s the only right thing that we can all do, and I plan to stand behind Trump no matter what, no matter how high the water gets. And then some.

Rich Hoffman
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