The King Makers of Ur: Why the CIA and Democrats in general want to impeach President Trump

Most of the readers here understand what’s going on, however for the next several months and even years, people will Google this topic looking for context and they’ll find this article, as they often do, and they’ll want to know. The only thing that the impeachment inquiry is for the Democrat Party against President Trump is that they don’t have an answer for him. Their presidential candidates on their side are terrible and they are looking for an equal playing field, so they are opening every box of Pandora to get a chance. Its not that Donald Trump did anything wrong to deserve impeachment, its that the long history of the city state and their creation of gods and kings has, and that journey is coming to an end in the United States and people who have been enriched by that system are upset about it. Particularly in the American intelligence community, which is overwhelmingly trying to point the direction of the United States back to the crusty start-up civilization of Ur in the Mesopotamian Valley dating 3500 BC.

It was along that small band of land that we know of thus so discovered that city states first rose to power starting around Ur and extending east and west into India and north Africa, then up around the northern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Suddenly mankind went from a hunting species to an organized state led by a king then managed by various degrees of bureaucracy. Over time institutions, such as education facilities and various governments plotted for ways to best fit the formula of people management devices in these first attempts which persist to this day. Even in modern Washington D.C. the symbols of reverence for this period of human development is unmistakable. And it is to that history that modern Democrats and the various intelligence agencies are loyal, even if terribly outdated.

In America was born something new in relation to the city state and with its birth came the destruction of that old way of thinking. Of course, we can still see the hangers on from that long past, but as we speak it is dying. Even if they did manage to remove Trump from office, which they won’t, but if they did, people have had a taste of the kind of life that can come from divorcing the city state but maintaining the benefit, and they won’t be going back. People in America have no desire to move toward a Hong Kong type of society to win back freedoms we already have. And for them, Trump is the ticket to that level of peace and prosperity.

The “deep state” knows this, those members of the FBI and CIA who desire to overthrow the 2016 American election in the same way that they pick and choose winners and losers around the world for America to deal with. They want to remain the king makers of Ur, because in making or breaking people, that is where the real power is. They want to keep that power but in looking at Trump’s re-election chances for 2020, they must do something to protect themselves from the inevitable reality of their own existence. The city state of Ur was always a failure even if it did bring forth advances in human thought. The idea of a king or a centralized government ruling over the masses is for the feeble minded the ultimate fantasy, and they want it more than life itself.

That is why the CIA has become involved in yet another plot to dislodge President Trump from the office we elected him into. And they think they have history on their side, that people will pick a king over their own self-rule, and that they’ll be happy with it. Unfortunately for them, their understanding of the psychology of history is entirely too shallow, and they are in for some sad realizations. Mankind has been running from Ur since its inception, and America was founded as an ultimate escape from the city states of London, Paris and ultimately Ur. People want freedom, not more managers of their lives, and the gamble that the CIA and FBI have made in revealing their true natures is that they anticipate people will fall back within the city walls for which they are most comfortable. And they’ll behead their President out of self-preservation and fear.

This is the reason I have never really trusted the CIA or the FBI or any of the American intelligence agencies. I trust them even less now, because their understanding of the world is anchored back to those ancient biblical cities of primordial origins which rose up mysteriously from the tents of migrant hunters and thus accepted no further evolutions of thought and philosophy. The most creative of the human species have pondered these mysteries for millennia, but it was only when the United States was founded within the last several hundred years that a new reality of self-government under the miracles of capitalism became known. Then Donald Trump, the ultimate capitalist and free spirit was elected and those dreaming of a return to the city-state of Ur have since boiled in fear and frustration. This was not the world their education institutions instructed them would be coming. They had been lied to and now the very foundations of their entire belief system were now in jeopardy.

That is what is going on with the Trump impeachment, it has nothing to do with him. But everything to do with the previous power structure that has been trying to undo the American experiment since Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson worked out the details in the attic of a small home in New England under the bright sun of a summer day with no air conditioning. It was philosophy which guided their thoughts and a new form of economic theory devised by Adam Smith. Even John Adams was there to refine the thoughts in the context of intelligentsia. But for everyone else it was a slow go and over the many years since, out of a perceived safety of protecting our country, the FBI and CIA have thought of themselves as the king makers which gave them power over everyone. And they liked that power and in so doing had no inspiration to learn what was really on people’s minds, which is why they find themselves in 2020 looking at a second term of Donald Trump. They feel they must do something.

It is that something that we should all be concerned about, because its obvious that the deep state power that we are all witnessing will do anything to keep us all within the city walls of Ur and under their control. A wild and wooly world that is not under the control of the city state is more terrifying to them than death itself, so they will do anything to hold that power, including try to impeach President Trump, and to hell with how it looks. A world without those city walls is far more terrifying to them than the reality of what’s truly in the hearts of the electorate. Ultimately its not Trump they fear, it’s the people who voted for him. And they don’t know how to control that without just taking him away as an option only to limit our voting options to another modern update to Nebuchadnezzar. Yet, what they are learning as we speak and beyond, is that we don’t want a Nebuchadnezzar, we want self-rule and the benefits of a capitalist economy not just within the United States, but around the world. And the trajectory of history shows us that, that is the way the world is heading, in spite of the best efforts of the CIA to take those options away.

Rich Hoffman
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