Don’t Worry about the 10-Year Treasury Bonds: There won’t be a recession during the Trump Presidency

There are lots of ways to control people, and the flow of information that they arrive at to make decisions. Advertisers do it all the time with product placement in movies and commercials which ultimately lead a consumer to a purchase. So it’s not a conspiracy theory to suggest that all the anti-Trump forces that are out there, which also means the “establishment” from both political parties have been planting seeds for the 20/20 election that would hurt Trump. One fine example is the so called “dog whistle” that Democrats are always talking about where “agents” of our law enforcement work the message boards of chat rooms where pot smoking losers are gathering to talk politics in the “other” category for violent video games where future terrorists are recruited by pushing them over the edge in a nick of time to change a national narrative on gun control, just as Trump may be gaining momentum on the aftereffects of the Mueller investigation. People can argue whether or not these things are organized behavior, or that they are the results of carefully placed “product placement” into our news cycles which a liberal media then keys off of to discuss on all broadcast networks, even down to the entertainment press like Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, and the various programs that still play on MTV. It would be ignorant to assume that the smart, and very manipulative people of the human race who are not quite smart enough to be Republicans, are out there in the world trying to make things hard for President Trump to win re-election. And if they could, they would love to wreck the economy in America so that Trump couldn’t use it to win in 20/20, which is of course the origin of the story that came out this past week regarding the first inverted yield curve on 10-year Treasury bonds.

Even the Federal Reserve is in on the action, their roots into international banking that would love to see an end to Trump are slow to adjust interest rates to the market needs of the red hot American economy as many of them hope with all hope that something will sink President Trump. The stock market has done nothing but rise like a rocket since the day he was elected, and it has stayed that way since. When he was elected Dow averages were in the 18,000 range. It was considered unheard of to be in the 25-27,000 range where it is now with all the market volatility that we are experiencing as a tariff war with China is in full swing. The sad truth there is that China had been running the world as a communist nation and their hooks were in our American media because they had bought up interest on our massive debts and purchased much of it. So nobody was talking about what a mess China really was, and the American economy was supposed to be overtaken by them by now, which of course stopped the moment we elected President Trump who did not play by the rules everyone expected of him, and is the root of all the Deep State activity, and so on. America was supposed to be economically torpedoed and we averted it by electing Trump and many people behind the torpedo attempt are furious about it and want one last crack.

With the same intention that authorities wanted to see mass shootings from their liberal base, such as that loser from Dayton who heard the dog whistle from liberals on the channel that drug users all listen to subconsciously, “economists” are doing the same with reports on the 10-year treasury bonds trying to get people to pull their money out of the markets out of fears of recession as stoked by those same people. If they can convince people that there is a recession on the horizon and that they can tank the economy, they think they can stop a Trump re-election. Essentially a group called FactSet stated that the 2-year yield had dropped 4.1 basis points at 1.628 percent. Such an inversion has preceded the last seven recessions. Further they have stated that the equity market is on borrowed time after the yield curve inverts where 2-year bonds are paying more than the longer term 10-year bonds. And for that, markets should panic and move their money into a holding pattern, so they don’t get burnt as they did in 2007 ahead of the 2008 collapse. The control here is in using fear in “what ifs” to actually manipulate market conditions that instigate a self-fulfilled prophesy. Did you get all that dear reader?

The great thing about President Trump which I think will likely stick deep into this new century is that he’s rich. He made a lot of money the old-fashioned way, through brick and mortar real estate, which isn’t easy, even with a head start from his father who had already been in the business. And like most rich people he knows how wealth is created and how it is discharged through the world. Often very rich people who want to buy up something will poo poo it to the gullible public so that their price will be lowered, or they will go somewhere else to put their money so that the rich person can acquire it without a lot of fanfare giving them leverage on the purchase. For instance, someone buying a new car might do the same to a sentimental owner that wants to be paid above market value due to their attachment to the property. So the smart investor will point out all the little dents and scratches in the paint, the torn seats and the sputter on the tachometer curve over 3000 to lower the owners impression of their own asset so that a lower price can be found. By pushing all the weak investors out of the market and having the potential of getting rid of President Trump, a lot of wealthy people stand to gain a lot by driving down values and then buying them back up once sold. It’s a win win for them and not much of a conspiracy, such as the FBI working with the Democrats to elect Hillary Clinton in the last election. The same forces are at work with this economic news. But its not true.

The reason that market inversions like this are even reported is because they do cause recessions as a panicked public often responds predictably by pulling their money out of markets so that the very wealthy can then buy up assets at a low price only to sell them later at a high price. That is how rich people get rich—by either capitalizing off of value or by creating it in the first place. Fortunately for all the rest of us we decided to elect our own rich person to finally run the country who understands all these games and suddenly they aren’t working. And that is the lesson here. This is a last-ditch effort by the deep state, whatever you want to call them, to stop President Trump before the 20/20 election. But China is on a downward spiral. The Hong Kong protests are signs of their sinking ship and a lot of American companies are pulling out of the communist nation. That growth is coming back into the United States just as the rest of the world is struggling due to the strings being cut from them into North America. And now America is once again the top energy producer in the world. The effects of that are just hitting, so no, we are not going to have a recession. The forces that cause panic and the aftereffects of recession are going to find that they are helpless in their efforts, and that everything is going to be just fine. And Trump will be re-elected not just easily, but dominantly. The head to head matchups in the early polling are of the same nature as these market watch forecasts, purely politically driven in hopes of eroding away hopes and dreams. Only this time, its not going to work. The game is over.

Rich Hoffman

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