Maurice: A creation of Democrats and a problem only guns can solve

Here’s another case, this Maurice Hill from Philadelphia where police were serving a warrant to him for multiple crimes, and he just opened fire on them injuring 6 officers. Nobody was killed, but that didn’t stop gun control advocates to use this shooting as yet another opportunity to alter the Second Amendment. Only what they ignore is that Hill was a hardened criminal with an extensive history of crimes on gun violations, drugs, DUIs, aggravated assaults and even launting a police animal. As many have said since his arrest including President Trump, this Maurice Hill loser should have never have been on the streets, yet he was. So how exactly would more gun control laws have helped with this situation? Hill was a criminal, was he just suddenly going to obey the law and turn in his guns that were not obtained legally—because he was a criminal.

Of course, the answer is no. The grab for guns by politicians is only for cosmetic reasons. Now that guns are invented, they will always be available to someone somewhere. The problem that the law-abiding public has is how do they defend themselves from such characters when they decide to wield their menace upon us all with malice and sheer evil at a moments notice. What are we supposed to do, retreat and give them our life and possessions, and hope that a simple police force can bring justice to our circumstances in overcrowded courts and a generally apathetic legal system that would rather not be bothered? No, that’s not a good way to live. It’s nice to have police to keep most of the crazies in line, but there will always be people like Maurice Hill who are beyond any kind of criminal reform, but weren’t considered bad enough to lock up in a jail for extended periods of time, because we just don’t have the room for them in jail. And so long as that condition exists there will always be dangers to us all as they roam the streets that no law can protect us from.

Maurice was very much a creation of Democrat policies, illegal drug sales, bad neighborhoods filled with fatherless homes, a prison system that considers drugs a minor offense so even when he was in jail, it was only for 2 and a half years. In a good world Maurice would have been locked up. Many from outside the United States slander our prison system because we have so many inmates, but that is also the cost of a free society, some people just can’t handle it, and when they act against the freedoms of other people, they have to be removed from society. You don’t see these problems as much in other places in the world because those societies are nowhere near as free as what occurs in North America. There aren’t as many cultural opportunities to be a criminal like Maurice was. In his little neighborhood of Philadelphia he was big stuff, a big fish in a small pond, and that fueled his criminal intent. And we could say that most American cities have lots of Maurice types who will try to kill us on a moment’s notice over a loaf of bread, and when they do, we have to have prisons to put them in, or guns to defend ourselves from. Because they aren’t going away.

What’s ironic is that the same people who built Maurice also are the ones calling for gun control, as if anything they suggest would actually work. They have the audacity to suggest that if only we gave up our guns and submitted to background checks that people like this criminal would not have been such a threat. Or that if we had massive gun buy backs in the inner cities that we might get guns off the streets of places like Chicago and Philadelphia. But they would be wrong. Guns, especially in the hands of the most aggressive members of our society is clout, and nobody is going to give up their clout in criminal circles. If they don’t buy the guns from a legitimate dealer with at least some traceability, they’ll simply get them on the black market. And the more laws there are, the more regulation and taxation that is instilled in the industry, the blacker the market gets. As I’ve pointed out many, many times, Defense Distributed makes a great milling machine that can make your garage into a perfectly good machine shop that can manufacture AR-15s without any serial numbers. Guns will be with us forever; they are part of our modern world. So when bad guys have guns, good people also need them to defend themselves from criminal activity.

Police are not fast enough. To be honest Maurice Hill shouldn’t have even been able to be served a warrant. The real justice that we can’t even discuss is that someone should have taken care of the drug dealer a long time ago, since the legal system we do have couldn’t touch the guy. But since the good guys around Philadelphia were following the rules, nobody was going to stand up to Maurice and his thugs in that particularly bad neighborhood in Philly where drug dealing, and other crimes were as common as traffic lights. Because we had an environment there that did not support shoot outs in the streets between good guys and bad guys, the bad guys ruled the hen house. And that is the reality that nobody is addressing, especially gun grabbing liberals who breed people like Maurice with their insufficient policies and scandalous behavior.

Do we want a society that has shootouts in the streets between bad people and good people? Well, yes we do, because the option is to surrender our freedoms over to a government that either makes people like Maurice or worse, makes people who just don’t think much for themselves at all. When people castigate the wild west thinking that does occur in Western Civilization where free ideas clash sometimes violently, we need to understand that this is better than the option of just giving it all up for a totalitarian state such as what we see in China, or Venezuela for that matter. Freedom does spawn violence, because not everyone is equipped to deal with self-government. But that doesn’t mean that everyone should lose such a concept. Only that those who can’t need to be either locked up in jail or eliminated in the competitive environment that is Western Civilization. But we can’t take guns off the streets legally so that only people like Maurice have them to tyrannize everyone they encounter.

The solution is the opposite of gun control, not just in the situation with the drug dealing Maurice, but in all these mass shootings. While it’s true, we do have a dangerous society and violence is increasing. I would contend that the situation will get worse, largely because of the failures of liberal policies, especially in the inner cities of all American cities. There are Maurice types everywhere, they are a dime a dozen and the prison system simply can’t handle them. Liberal society has made too many of them. When Democrats say we must do something about people like this, I would say to them, stop making them. Stop breaking down families, stop supporting radical political ideas, stop feeding the growth of evil in society. Then and only then can anything be done to stop the violence. But until then, we need guns so that when those shoot outs in the streets happen, the right people win. That is the world we are living in.

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “Maurice: A creation of Democrats and a problem only guns can solve

  1. Sadly, the left is using fear and gun control to have absolute control over all of us. Just listen to the rhetoric spewing out of the mouths of all of the Democratic candidates.


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