The Tattooed Loser Zachary Castaneda: Dealing with pure evil when prisons can’t hold them

It took over 24 hours for the mainstream media to begin to wrap their minds around the tattooed freak Zachary Castaneda who went on a stabbing rampage just a few blocks from Disneyland in California about 30 miles south of Los Angeles in Orange County. Four people were killed and two others were injured as the Hispanic gang member who should have been in prison unleashed havoc on the innocent and robbed businesses for no other reason apparently other than he felt like being a menace. He lived with his mom in the apartment complex where he killed two of his victims and had a wife who just filed a restraining order against him and divorce so she could get custody from this train wreck of a person. In all practicality Zachary should have never been on American streets. If there was ever a “red flag” he was it, yet there he was killing people not with a gun, but with a knife and the system had no idea what to do with him. While the politicians at state and federal levels were trying to make themselves feel good about the recent mass shootings in California, Texas, and Ohio here was this loser proving why nothing they could or would come up with would do a bit of good, and they just couldn’t get their minds around it. There was no wall to wall coverage of the violence the way that the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting was covered. I sent the story to several reporters and Fox did eventually cover it a bit, but only reluctantly.

Its not that Zachary Castaneda was an immigrant that was part of the gang culture that is exported out of Mexico and Central America with great abundance these days, it’s the grim reality that there are hundreds of thousands just like him roaming around in every American city now and all of them are potential nightmares for our legal system that clearly doesn’t know what to do with them. This particular gang member was released back into society off California bill AB109 which mandated that for some prisoners who committed crimes on or after July 1st of that year in 2011 when it passed, that a term of four days be deemed to have been served for every two days spent in actual custody. This of course was to take the relief off the prisons that were overcrowded putting a bunch of very bad people back on the streets mixing with the rest of society.

The same people who were clamoring for gun control after the recent mass shootings just didn’t know what to do with this Zachary Castaneda case. The criminal was smirking in his mug shots almost as if he was glad to go back to the prison system. For many people, freedom is just too much work, you have to work for your food, you have to be civil to other people—you have to do stuff, and doing stuff for the lazy, the evil, and the perpetual failures that they are can be too much. If they can just take from other people, they can get along for a while, but for people like Zachary Castaneda, prison is the only real place that he’ll ever feel at home. They bring your meals to you, you get free housing, and there are plenty of like-minded people to share time with. The problem is, there isn’t enough prison space to hold all these people, and its too expensive to care for them. And with our immigration issues that are coming out of the drug culture to the south, he’s just one of hundreds of thousands just like him, covered in gang tattoos who have the morality of roadkill and would just as soon kill someone as say hi to them. This is a major problem in our country, and it will be for a long time.

Authorities are still trying to figure out why the young 19-year-old gunman in the Gilroy Garlic festival had a clown mask in his car while promoting the book “Might is Right.” The kid was apparently distraught over Latinos and Silicon Valley whites moving into his neighborhood. It was on the same day as the Castaneda case that it was revealed that the Gilroy shooter had a far more complex set of motives, and intent than had been previously announced, and none of those considerations fit into a nice 15 second lead in to a television story. These events required context which nobody really had. This level of violence and nonchalance was completely foreign to everyone covering these stories leaving many more questions than answers.

However, what we have to understand is that we have now in America a large population of very evil people and we don’t have prisons to put them in. As a free society there will undoubtedly be interactions with them. There is no way to avoid them especially if they come to festivals or even places of businesses looking to kill us just for being there. We’re going to have to admit to ourselves that we have a big problem and that there aren’t any easy legislative fixes. The only fix that is possible is at the social level where we can begin to create proper parameters of conduct for how we live and treat each other. And when we see those parameters being breached by some evil person, then we’re going to have to deal with them appropriately right then and there. For all practical purposes, open carry and much more CCWs need to be utilized so more people are armed and can take down some criminal like Zachary Castaneda immediately instead of being stabbed to death with no defense. The only way these criminals of mass murder can commit these crimes is because they are armed where others are not, leaving the evil doers to conduct havoc on the innocent.

Obviously, the news reports understood the grander complexity of the Zachary case, but what they don’t understand is how to connect it to the Gilroy shooter. Everything doesn’t fit into a nicely wrapped package of ideological understanding. The Gilroy kid had elements of white supremacy in him, yet he complained about whites. His radicalization appeared to be similar to those who have joined ISIS looking for meaning in their lives. And like the Las Vegas shooter where nothing came together to tell the story the way authorities wanted it to, now there is this gang member in south LA going around stabbing people to death just as the political left thought they had everyone so scared of guns that they might support gun control. Even as these stories broke and reporters were scratching their heads as producers scrambled to find a narrative they could put on television, it was released that the Bruce Ohr 3025 was released which showed clearly that the entire Russian investigation into President Trump’s campaign and early presidency was a complete hoax ran by our own FBI. Our own government was trying to pick winners and losers in the election to shape our country not by representation, but by force. In effect, the FBI was acting no differently than the kind of evil shown by Zachary Castaneda or the Gilroy shooter. Yet we are supposed to deal with all that evil equally and for that, we must admit to ourselves that there is only one way out, and that is with a gun at our hips and an understanding of how to use them.

Rich Hoffman

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