Yes, Conservatives Need a Rush to Judgment, Before the Evidence is Destroyed: When Democrats get Trump to yield, there isn’t anything else to stop them but new media

I do feel some sympathy for those who were trying to usher in calm after the two mass shootings. Cries for letting the police do their work and not rushing to judgment are nice, but in the climate of our current condition, not realistic. People forget, we are in as much of a civil war as we ever have been. These are times of war, not peace and our ideological future is being shaped moment by moment. So, time is of an essence under those conditions, and calling for calm is pretty unrealistic. By experience, we know that the mechanisms of continued government expansion will do whatever they need to in order to erase the memory of the personalities of the mass shooters. We often don’t hear much about them after they’ve been captured or killed. Motive especially if it makes the political left look bad is often dropped a few days after the incident, and evidence is often destroyed. We saw that spectacularly in the San Bernardino case where the FBI allowed the media into the home of the killers to actually trash the crime scene, because of the political sensitivity of the case. And after over a year of investigation, the Vegas shooter never had a motive associated with his actions, because the revelation of it would have been embarrassing to Democrats, and when it comes to law enforcement and their unions, they do support government that continues to expand their services as opposed to Republicans who don’t. Those are facts of life. So when these mass shootings happen, good investigators, these days it has to be independent media, must rush to capture screen shots of social media, and gather witness testimony before the authorities get rid of it, because that is the world we are living in now.

To insist that the police be allowed to conduct investigations of these shootings is like insisting that a fire burn down a forest. In both cases the police were able to end the shooter’s threat, but when it comes to anything outside of talking about the victims, the motive of the killers becomes a federal matter, and there are the beginnings of the problem with acquiring and understanding evidence. Therefore, the mass shootings become prolonged funerals remembering those innocently harmed and cries for some government measure of gun control instead of ever understanding why people would ever want to mass murder anyone. That makes the evidence the most important part of the cases and we have learned that we cannot trust the centralized authorities to tell the truth about the evidence, so we must rush to get it, before it is destroyed.

In this weaponized culture where ideas instead of guns are used to advance whatever political apparatus can gain an advantage, time is of an essence. If one side sits on the fence and allows investigations to take place, the other will pounce on the situation and seek to advance some new law that will harm the other. So there is no way that anybody can just sit around and take being blamed for something that they didn’t do. Conservatives must defend themselves because before the smoke even left the barrels of both mass shootings Democrats were seeking to capitalize off the tragedy. When one side speaks and the other doesn’t, the victor will always go to the aggressor. And we just can’t allow that to happen. When an attack is made on the battlefield, they must be met with force otherwise victory will be lost and given to those who are most aggressive, in this case it’s the gun grabbing Democrats. Sadly, President Trump felt the pressure to give ground on this issue which is why we always worry when a tragedy happens, that we must rush out to defend our rights in practice rather than defend them later with blood. Nobody wants that.

What’s even worse is that all the actions of villainy are coming from the left, including the instigation of the violence to begin with. So yes, conservatives must rush to defend themselves from the cries for more gun legislation. You could almost see the drool dripping from Sherrod Brown’s mouth during the press conference of the Dayton mass shooting. He knew that it would be hard for the president to avoid signing at least a background check bill when the shooter in Ohio had already shown himself to be a menace with his history. Does anybody think the state wouldn’t have granted him a gun purchase? If he wasn’t a red flag, who would be? Perhaps the definition of mental instability will be changed from what it is now to someone who writes a blog against government expansion, or a person who defends a community from increased taxes? The background check issue becomes very thorny very fast and while the news is showing all the victims of these tragedies inspiring people to do something to advocate gun control, the real motives for the killings are buried behind emotion and suppressed from public consumption except for the most radical conspiracy theorists.

Given all that, any right-minded person could understand why urgency is needed in these matters because the violence or potential for it is always there. But the political left will use anything, even if they are the cause to begin with, to advance their agenda, so there is always a race to defend conservative positions. Even President Trump can cave to the pressure and when he goes down, the political pro government forces that drive many of these events go for the jugular every time. That is the nature of the civil war we are currently in.

The open border people always planned to inspire socialists from south of the border to flood into America and turn states from red to blue. And while doing so, when people seek to stand in the way to stop the threat, the plan was always to call them racists to put them back on their heels into a defensive posture rather than have the confidence to fight back. When Trump states the obvious about the border and some dope smoking kid goes off the edge a bit and turns what many of us could handle with a simple debate into an act of mass murder then the pressure from the attack can be said to have worked its strategy. Democrats win, Republicans lose—and they lose because they can’t morally defend the violence attached to their position for which they had nothing to do with. By implication the guilt is hung over their heads and they wear it gladly, as good Christians. That is how the left attacks and why we must rush to defend ourselves from them.

Yet we know more now than we have about these things in the past. As society is failing many of these shooters giving them more reasons to attack, we are seeing more often how the government covers up the evidence of the real motives and how the corporate media structure will actually run cover for them. Knowing all that, the finger pointing will continue, it must continue. And if our president can’t defend the Second Amendment from Democrats who want to change America by its very nature, then a bloodier war will be on the horizon, that is more than just finger pointing, blog posts, and Tweets. Once a group of people seeks to take something from another group of people, violence should be expected. The immigration issue is purposely out of control, and violence was always bound to spawn off it. And the moment it did, Democrats were ready.

Unfortunately, most of the time we can’t trust law enforcement to present all the facts. They may stop the shooters, but the court cases thereafter are often buried on the 7th page of a newspaper and they don’t even make the television news cycles anymore. The evidence and motives are lost to history. Only the pain of the deaths is remembered, and it is that which then drives future legislation which erodes the Second Amendment. That is why there needs to be a rush to judgment and why the enemy must be met on the battlefield. Because the enemy does not want to save lives—remember, this is the same party that supports abortion even after a baby is born. They want to destroy the Second Amendment so they can gain control of the First. And from that perspective, rule us all. Which of course we can’t allow to happen.

Rich Hoffman

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