The Cause of the Mass Shootings in El Paso, Texas, California, and Dayton, Ohio

It is pot and our culture of marijuana use that we need to be looking at in relation to the two shootings that have occurred within hours of each other, one in El Paso at a Walmart that killed 20 people and wounded 26. The other in downtown Dayton that killed at least ten and injured 16. In the Texas case the shooter was captured, he was a 21-year-old kid filled with spewing hate and apparently left a manifesto behind very conveniently tying the case together for authorities. In Dayton, the shooter was shot and killed by police eliminating the threat. There are still a lot of unknowns about the cases that will come out in the coming days and weeks, but in essence what we do know is that young people are largely involved in perpetrating these shootings and that as I’ve said before, the likely culprits are the sudden use of marijuana now openly consumed, that is causing this spike in violence among our youth. Gun control of any kind will not stop the carnage, and neither will avoiding the radical shoving of people into typically conservative areas by immigrants from communist and socialist countries just so Democrats can get their voting numbers up.

Under no circumstances should anybody cowardly shoot other people in such a violent way, there are no reasons for it whatsoever. None. Yet in places like El Paso where illegal immigration is literally invading their city and trying to turn their red state purple, people are very angry about the push by Democrats to overflow the border with liberal voters who are trying to change their country. It has nothing to do with skin color, but in the values of the people. The illegal immigrants just want a chance in life and where they came from typically are very oppressive socialist governments. So any freedoms they can get in the United States are many times greater than where they came from so they have nothing to lose. But for Americans, they see an invasion which is actually what it is. The immigration is being driven by failed government policies that are actually supported by Democrats to inspire them to flood the border. The evils that drive that push are promoted, not stopped, so that immigration will actually happen. So let’s get all that into context right out of the gate.

Then to make matters worse, and to actually drive up the body counts when these terrible shootings occure, we still have gun free zones such as inside shopping complexes and in bar districts like the situation in Dayton where we have taught people to duck and run waiting for authorities to arrive minutes later when seconds are needed to eliminate the threat. If we had a policy of stand and fight, guns would be friendly to a positive resolution as opposed to aggressor. In both recent shooting situations, a good guy with a gun present could have killed the aggressors quickly and with much less carnage. Our political system will say that we can’t have shootouts in our public places, yet the case remains that police can’t get to these shootings fast enough to lower the body counts. The solution is more gun coverage and much more use of the CCW in public places than we have now, not less.

But it is the cause of these shootings that we should all be concerned about because what we have is a massive failure of Democrat policy that is removing hope from young people and causing them to turn to violence to get their point across, and as a culture we have failed them. That was certainly the case with the 21-year-old kid Santino Legan who killed three at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California. In spite of security at the event, Legan cut a slit in the security fence and stepped through to release carnage making reference to getting “high” left behind on his social media posts. In other shootings leading up to this event especially among young people they all had history of marijuana use, and we have to draw conclusions that Patrick Crusius who was also 21 years old and arrested near the shooting scene in El Paso also had some history with drugs and medication. The bars in Dayton certainly have with them an element of intoxication that is the root to most bad judgment. The cause of these evens is not the gun culture that is America, it is why there is a gun culture to begin with, as the desire for violence is ever present in the hearts of people.

Video games and movies are certainly contributing factors. I would say that it opens the mind up to such a violent situation even though most people don’t resort to violence to solve their problems. All it takes is a small percentage that will. Add to that the effects that depression drugs and actual psychedelic effects that something like marijuana can inspire in some people and we have a ripe condition for these mass shootings. Poor parental structures for young people to grow up in, liberalized educations, a bar toward adulthood that keeps getting pushed longer down the road to where age 21 isn’t considered old anymore. We keep these kids in a state of dependence for far too long and by the time they arrive into their 20s they have been treated as children too long. These are all very serious contributing circumstances that can’t be ignored considering that most of these mass shooters are all young people.

I have so little trust in our government that gun control isn’t on the table at all for me. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that there were agents of our own government sympathetic to the Democrat cause who worked chat rooms and other Facebook methods to push some of these disturbed kids toward violence to set the stage for upcoming elections and to try to throw a wet blanket on President Trump’s success at pulling the nation together toward America first goals. Yes, I think the agents of George Soros are that dirty and would do much like Charlie Manson did with his Helter Skelter murders. It wasn’t him who did the killings, he inspired others to do them instead. Obviously, these kids doing these mass shootings didn’t wake up one day and decide to throw their lives away with mass carnage. There were events that led up to such a radical decision and we simply can’t trust authorities to tell us what kind of internet activity led to the violence or if such evidence would ever make its way into court. The same bad Democrat radicalism that is pushing people from other countries to flood the American border for refuge is the same likely that is pushing these kids to act on their impulse to commit these violent acts. So let’s not get hung up on the poor people innocently shot. As tragic as that may be, there is a lot more violence and evil going on all over the world that is behind the push for the border, many rapes and economic conditions that are literally killing many thousands of people who will never have their names released on ABC News.

If people don’t want to see Wild West shootouts in front of bars in Dayton, or at festivals in California, or even shopping at Walmart in El Paso, Texas, then they should stop tampering with people’s lives to inspire political movement in their favor. They should outlaw intoxicants and promote strong family values and guidance. They should also make kids more responsible earlier, like at age 18 instead of forcing kids to be kids until they are 21 so they don’t get used to having adult bodies with the minds of children playing violent video games at all hours of the day with no consequences to their thoughts and actions. As I said before, with the condition of the youth what it is today, I would expect many more of these mass shootings. They are a failure of our society at the level of its foundation and the guilt for that falls squarely on Democrat policies that have created them. And until that is understood the only method for solving this problem is to have more people with more guns on the streets to protect innocent people when these things do happen. Because the number won’t go down. We are just getting started with this new generation and they are very disturbed and dangerous as a demographic group and its time we start dealing with that fact instead of avoiding it with cries for more gun control. Gun control only puts more power into the idiots who have caused this problem in the first place, and that would be a terrible injustice.

Rich Hoffman

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