We Should Never Legalize Marijuana in Any Way

Here’s the thing and I’ve been saying it for years. But don’t just take my word for it. Read the book by Alex Berenson, who is one of “those” people, a Yale graduate and former New York Times reporter, called Tell Your Children the Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence. There is nothing good about marijuana use or its legalization. Not even the supposed pain relief that can come from it. For such people, use something else, because there is nothing, and I mean nothing good about smoking pot, eating pot or smelling pot. It lowers IQs, it actually contributes to severe psychiatric detriment in a lot of people, and it generally lowers the general output of any society. It is one of the worst things a society could possibly legalize, and it is the business of every man woman and child not to be on some hippie libertarian point of view, but is a direct contributor to any society’s downfall. My position on “pot” has always been clear, but this very good book is the one for our ages. Everyone should read it……………everyone.

When we wonder why there are so many school shootings I would bet all the money in the world that the average school shooter, or any mass shooter for that matter, has had a history of marijuana use. While its true that not every user becomes a detrimental psychopath, there are a percentage of people who do suffer such mental breakdowns after using pot to make the argument that marijuana is a direct contributor to the most severe cases of mental illnesses in our country. And when some loser is sitting around feeling sorry for themselves because they have been picked on by students in a school, or some girl rejected their advancements for mating, and they are smoking a joint while listening to a bunch of depressing “dead head” music then decide they are going to get a gun and start shooting up a classroom somewhere, don’t think for a second that a society that endorses pot use is going to come and take away all our guns to make society safer by eliminating the Second Amendment.

Even for those who don’t become psychopaths while using pot, any sustained use does lower IQs and that is a trait that is clearly seen among our population. Yes the reports have been done on the subject and Berenson did the work of putting them in one place so everyone could read them for themselves. The politics of the matter is that governments have spent themselves into oblivion taking all the tax money they could get legally so they are looking for another revenue stream. And so are get rich quick investors who have signed up to put money into the legalization efforts that are so prominent in our society. Like any drug user they are looking for a quick hit to get more money into their spending pockets. For them its like a consumer with too much credit card dept who takes out another credit card just to by groceries for the week, because all their good money is going to interest. Legalizing pot is the worst thing that could be done because by making it another legal revenue stream to collect taxes on, they are ultimately destroying their good money revenue streams in the future. A society of pot users will not make a state or country’s GDP better, it will get worse, far worse.

There is nothing funny about pot use, or even the recreational use of being stoned at a music festival. It’s all bad stuff. Since it was introduced into our American society primarily during the counterculture movement, America has declined, morally, and economically. While our free market capitalism has hidden the fact from accountants and governments, it is only in the restrictions most countries have economically limited themselves to that has done most of the work in concealing the truth. America could have been doing much better if a major part of our social network was not regular pot users. The lack of social rejection for the product is a direct contributor to our generally poor performance as a country for a number of years now, especially going back into the 1960s. Even my neighbor, the former Speaker of the House, John Boehner is now an advocate of pot. As a former Republican, he would probably still call himself one, but he’s now a lobbyist in Washington for the legalization of the stuff, and people like him don’t want to know what’s in Alex’s book. Because its too inconvenient to those who want the marijuana revenue stream to contribute to their mounting debts, especially in states like Illinois and California. Those recreational marijuana users are not going to go out and start new businesses that contribute positively to the next great GDP contributors. They’re going to be sitting home trying to collect unemployment while laughing at the colors of their room and looking for a bag of Doritos.

And yet we sit around wondering why so many people are getting hooked on opioids and why our general intelligence is lacking in so many categories, and additionally, wonder why mental health has clearly been declining. We have a society that seeks to put kids on any form of drug for conditions like ADD or whatever else a school counselor can think of to make a teacher’s life easier in managing a classroom of kids without having their bored minds lashing out for attention. Just drug them to shut them up is our approach so it should be no surprise that they grow up smoking pot or wanting to. It is really easy for a non-user like me to see in people who are using the drug. The lower IQs are noticeable and that was never the point of public school, to lower intelligence. It was to increase it, but pot only lowers mental ability.

I could go on and on forever on the detriments of marijuana use. And you won’t hear me advocating for alcohol either. I think every attempt at mental impairment is a bad thing to do. But with marijuana there is the additional effects of psychosis that permeate the use. It’s not something we talk about often but we all know people who are just a little bit crazy. Marijuana makes it worse for those people and we aren’t discussing it because in politics they are looking to pot to cover the bottomless pit in taxation that they have created for themselves. That’s ultimately how John Boehner got involved in lobbying for the product. Like any K-Street whore, he is willing to speak on behalf of anybody who pays him. And so is most of the media, especially the entertainment media. However, there is nothing harmless about marijuana. It is bad stuff. I wouldn’t even call it a gateway drug because even if users never moved on to cocaine, or meth, marijuana is bad enough all by itself. In most cases it takes some time to bring about the bad elements, but that doesn’t make it any less deadly. Before I leave you on this subject I would encourage you to read the following little article. Then tell me what you think about the link between mass murderers and pot. While the percentage of people who smoke pot and then turn to psychotic violence is not in the masses, there is enough of an effect to point to the mental illness contributors primarily being evoked by the effects of marijuana use. And that makes it the business of all of us.


Rich Hoffman

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