Transgender Politics was the cause of the Colorodo School Shooting–So Why is Anybody Talking about Gun Control?

This is the trend of how we are all supposed to respond to danger. I wish the kid had survived but what he did is the very American thing to do, when a hostile loser with his hair colored oddly and black finger nails stepped into his school classroom to open fire, Kendrick Castillo Joshua Jones, and Brendan Bialy rushed the gunman and stopped the carnage. Castillo was killed, and the other young men took a few bullets, but the carnage was stopped right then and there, as it should always be. And that is the story that should be and will continue to be told. When there is danger, we always need heroes and it was a wonderful thing to see that a few young people in a Colorado school decided not to be victims. Even better, when gun control advocates tried to politicize the event at a vigil held to memorialize the event, students got up and walked out in protest. There is hope in all this tragedy yet.

The killers were a couple of losers that are quite common these days and were obviously inspired by movies to enact what they thought was revenge for being bullied in school themselves. Devon Erickson and his girl friend Maya McKinney referring herself as a himself “Alec” came into the STEM School Highlands Ranch with a gun tucked away in a guitar case meaning to unleash violence. This is something that has been done in several movies that I can think of and was obviously a fantasy of the two kids. I would go on to say that the two attackers were people functioning in the world created by liberal thinking and were just as nuts as the rest of them, but rather than accept that it was they who were imposing themselves on others, it was the fault of everyone else for their continued failures in life so they sought to kill those they disagreed with. It should be noted that Maya McKinney was one of these transgender people that was going from a girl to a boy and felt obviously entitled to make the transition without any kind of social fall out. Obviously that’s not what happened so the result was carnage and violence—not unexpectantly.

For gun control to even become the first thing out of everyone’s mouth was reprehensible. As many have been saying for a long time, violence like this will always happen. What we need are people at the point of the attack who will stop the violence, which was certainly the case at this particular school shooting, and was the situation at the recent California synagogue shooting where a border patrol attendee had been carrying his gun by the Rabbi’s urging. In all those cases and any in the future, the body count will be noticeably different when violence is confronted rather than avoided. More people die when victims run away than when they attack. That is a fact of life. I would go on to say that such behavior should be expected among Americans who are born free and live in a culture that should respect it. I hate to hear that Kendrick Castillo lost his life in the process but on the other hand, what a great life he lived. It’s better to have such a life cut short than to live for the next 50 or 60 years wishing he had done something when the time arrived. What a good kid.

But let’s stick to the real issue, which has nothing to do with gun control, rather the real need we have which is liberalization control. Both the initiators of violence in this case were messed up kids who obviously were taking liberal positions of gender neutrality and attempting to live their lives as promised by those beliefs which were obviously in conflict with the sentiment of the community. We are all told to turn off our sensibilities to these kinds of issues, such as Devon Erickson and his colored hair and finger nails and this Maya McKinney thing who was a girl wanting to be a boy. And they had worked themselves up into such a froth of victimization that they actually wanted to kill their classmates in a school they were soon graduating from. They were the ones putting their sexual preferences out in front of everyone else to accept yet they felt so entitled due to their hurt feelings at not being accepted that they chose to actually kill people who disagreed with them. That sounds an awful lot like the current Democrat party to be honest. Where do we think these kids learned this behavior? It certainly wasn’t the NRA or anybody in the Republican party. Guns didn’t just jump into that guitar case in a “Desperado” fashion to invoke terror on all the people who didn’t like transgender politics thrown into their faces everyday. Most of those kids just wanted to go to school and live their lives. The real villain is a mental health question, but the specificity of the ailment is the feeding of a liberalized view of the world in conflict with a traditional one. And who has been fueling that fire—liberals.

Then when a school shooting occurs everyone is surprised that a person here and there snaps under the pressure and seeks to get revenge on those who persecute them, because those people have been taught that they are victims, not initiators. What was the point of Devon Erickson painting his fingernails black? Was he looking for acceptance or pushing his beliefs onto those around him? And why was this Maya thing so intent to change their sexual identification? I mean in the bedroom it could be a girl or boy in their sexual context, who the hell cares. But she, he, or it wanted to change the way the world looks at such things, so they were looking for social acceptance by pushing themselves onto the environment around them. Who is doing what to whom?

The heart of the matter is not gun control, its liberal politics and more specifically this whole gender neutrality uprising pushed by that sector of the political spectrum. The instigation of violence by the victims of their own fate is the cause of the school violence, not the access to guns. It was in making the two gunman victims in the social spectrum in the first place than their belief that they had a right to punish those who didn’t agree with them. People like the kids who saved many lives by rushing the gunman decided not to be victims of violence and they engaged at the point of the attack. But the cause was the two loser kids themselves, sexually confused young people who decided they were so self-empowered to impose themselves on the world around them that they decided to kill to maintain their illusion. Ultimately they are the result of liberalism. The desire by Democrats to deflect blame is obvious, so they immediately seek gun control as the means to stop such things in the future. But the real answer is to limit the effect liberalism has on young minds, and that more people need to be armed and ready to stop such carnage in the future well before more lives are lost. Because liberals are a part of our world and to maintain their illusions of mental health, they will attack again.

Rich Hoffman

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